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The Most Expensive Water to Keep You Hydrated In Luxury and Style

There are many reasons to drink water, but you might not think luxury is one of them.But if you've ever tried any of the...
Water droplet falling

Iceberg Water: The Story of the Purest, Most Luxurious Water

Svalbard has become a pretty famous location along with the rise to fame of the Svalbardi company.It’s the name of an archipelago found between...
water cleaning methods

Water Cleaning Methods to Try On Your Next Vacation to Far Flung Areas

Not all populated parts of the world have access to clean and safe drinking water.And in most—if not all—of these places that have a...
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Custom Line 112 Next Yacht Review: The Benefits of Travelling On Water

Are you planning on travelling to a new destination on water as opposed to road or air?There are so many yachts to choose from...
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Yacht Accessories to Make Your Water Experience More Pleasurable

There are umpteen reasons to own a yacht and take it out for a cruise. Additionally, there are plenty of essentials you need to have...
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Lampuga Boost Review: Every Water Lover’s Dream Come True

Surfing is an excellent experience for your health, mind and fitness. It’s been scientifically proven that spending time in water makes you more relaxed. But...

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