Artemide Lighting and Why It’s the Luxurious Touch Your Home Needs

If you’re looking for some exquisite lights in your luxury living room, kitchen, or bedroom, you have come to the right place. Artemide lighting creates some of the most appreciated items in the residential illumination sector. The company has gained a world renowned popularity thanks to the light fixtures it designs and distributes.

Made in Italy, the Artemide products have come to mean pure design, fantastic innovation, and unharnessed creativity. The Artemide Group distributes internationally, which means you could visit one of their showrooms in any of the capital cities of the world. Today we plan to take a short incursion in the history of Artemide and then enchant you with some of their most prized lamps and light fixtures.

About Artemide

Founded by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza in 1960, Artemide grew to become one of Italy’s champions in terms of design and manufacturing. With headquarters in Pregnana Milanese, a Milanese suburb, the brand specializes in manufacturing lighting designed by famous artists and architects. Artemide is currently one of the best known illumination brands globally. In addition to its popular philosophy called “The Human Light,” Artemide also prides itself in special skills in innovating design.

The expensive and luxurious Artemide products mix together thorough research and top-notch manufacturing. Over the years, the company has filed many patents on inventions that advanced the development of innovative solutions. For instance, Artemide applied for 10 patents in 2016 alone. In addition, the brand accepted multiple awards for its inventions.

In 1995, it received the Compasso d’Oro award for “Lifetime Achievement.” The Artemide lamps created by architects Herzog & de Meuron and by designer Neil Poulton were also awarded. In 2006, the brand won two “Best of The Best Red Dot” design awards. Besides many other medals and high-quality certificates, the Artemide Lamps are also considered Design Icons of contemporary design.

Permanently displayed in museum collections, the lamps adorn the walls of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Musée des Artes Décoratifs de Montreal and the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome. Partnering with some of the best international designers, Artemide also promotes best young talents through creative workshops.

Are you ready to find your next luxury light fixture? The following items bear the Artemide lighting signature and the creative touch of some of the best designers out there. Scroll down confident that you’re paying for the highest quality. Note: For your convenience, we have included links to the online stores from where you can buy the lamps.

1. Artemide Objective Modern Table Lamp

You know it’s a great product when the actual complexities of design hide under the basic cylinder-shaped construction. In fact, Artemide’s Objective lamp, created by French architect Jean Nouvel, was inspired by the intricacy of camera lenses. The small table lamp addresses the issue of our relation with personal space. The elementary shape divides into three geometrical volumes, creating the illusion of spatial perception with the help of two LED light sources. And just as each camera lens performs a different function, each fragment of the lamp gives off a different light.

The first level emits indirect ceiling light with the help of a smart optical unit. Level two contains the main function of the lamp, displaying the powerful spotlight with its 360-rotation capability. This one can direct light towards your desk or the ceiling. Level three covers the surroundings with soft, ambient light, which you can adjust on a vertical axis. Jean Nouvel uses light as an architectural statement, endowing the small Objective lamp with technological wisdom as well as lighting skills. The overall design allows the asymmetrical light to change as the horizontal axis moves.

2. Fukurou Suspension Light

A combo of mathematics and creative design, this Fukurou suspension light surprises with tis 3D shapes. You could use this unique light in any room of the house, where it would add a certain style. Thanks to the technology it packs, this Artemide lighting emits diffused light in a very interesting way. The designer Issey Miyake decided to mix his artistic vision with the Japanese tradition of light. The white opal polycarbonate for the canopy creates a bright spot to your interior design.

The fixture features the Artemide and IN-EI logo (laser etched). The Japanese “IN-EI” roughly translates as “shadow” or “dark shade.” Issey Miyake and his team at the Reality Lab loves to tap into the conceptual and technological inheritance of the Japanese, especially when ti comes to research and development. Proving that Artemide is all about the quality, the new manufacturing process is the result of a complicated mathematical program.

3. Empatia Lighting

Inspired in equal parts by the glass-blowing tradition and the LED technology of Artemide, the Empatia collection brings a fresh vibe. Glass has plenty of potential expressions, which prompted Artemide to collaborate with the best glass blowers to achieve the best products. The result is a line of light fixtures that taps into the suppleness of Venetian glass, the balance between light and surface, and the subtle transparencies that come with this versatile material.

Whether you opt for the ceiling or the wall-mounted luminaire, you get the best diffused lighting. The light’s base is made of white die-cast aluminum, while the diffuser in hand-blown glass. All in all, the lamps make for pure craft objects, unique in all aspects. Clear towards the ceiling and frosted at the bottom, the Empatia lights reflect light without losing efficiency.

4. Artemide Orsa

The personification of precision, Orsa is a luxury pendant light from the supple top, down to its basic elements. The light it emits gives the impression of a larger volume, but the UV-bonded molded glass cover perfectly contains the light source. At one end, the designer imagined a slim metal stem that flares out and houses the LED. At the other, a glass cover keeps the light source invisible, giving it the allure of a volatile disk of light. The resulting lighting effect and volume are the result of the efforts of the design team at Foster + Partners. They took their time to experiment with various materials, optics, and surfaces. A minimalist yet elegant object, Orsa can be either a single piece of design or part of a more complex ensemble.

5. Artemide Castore

An elegant pendant lamp, the Castore comes with a great hand-blown Venetian glass diffuser. Designed by the famous Italian designer Michele de Lucchi in Italy, this lamp features different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your space. It’s a simple globe-shaped pendant light that stands out beautifully in any interior style. Whether you hang it as a single pendant light or grouped together with other Castore lights, this fixture looks amazing. It comes with a sleek, modern design that matches most living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Made from glass, the spherical ball manages to create a crisp and smooth finish in any room. The Castore Lamp by Artemide also gives off a pleasant light, setting the right atmosphere in your home. Glass pendant light fixtures are all the rage now, mostly because of their versatility. Buy one or five – either way, you can be sure your guests will enjoy their timeless design adn appeal. You can improve any setting – modern or traditional – with this elegant pendant light fixture.

6. Artemide Pirce Mini Pendant

Designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella for Artemide, this Pirce Mini light pendant is a must-have for any modern space. A laser cut, aluminum disc of a strange irregular shape creates the stunning spiral of light. The Pirce Mini is the smaller version of the original Pirce pendant light, perfect for lighting up compact spaces. In addition, the white spirals create a magical illusion as they fall gently downwards. The bulb itself sits in the lower dish of the fixture, casting light upwards. Whether halogen or LED, the effect of indirect light emission is mesmerizing. One of the greatest advantages of this unique, suspended luminaire is that it can double at any time as a piece of art in your home or office. A single piece of slender stainless steel aluminum is the core of the the sleek spiral fixture, providing the amazing overall result.

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