The Best Car Safety Features & Products to Easily Install Yourself Today

The latest cutting-edge technology helps to keep us safe on the roads.

With more people owning cars, your time behind the wheel is more valuable than ever before. However, these are ways to improve your safety thanks to the best car safety features. Let’s take a look at some products you can also purchase to install into your vehicle.

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The Best Car Safety Products to Install Yourself

We searched the Internet for the best car safety products to add accessories and devices to your vehicle. These are a great way to improve the safety in your car if you already have high-quality car safety features. All of these are definitely worth investing in, because you never know when you’ll need them.

Before we begin, here are some quick car safety tips to improve your time on the road. It only takes a few seconds to read these and can save people’s lives:

  • Always keep a safe distance between you and the car in front
  • Remember to check your mirrors, signal and then perform the maneuver
  • Visually inspect your car for a few seconds before starting a journey. Investigate the tyres and if there’s anything hanging off of your vehicle.
  • Obey speed limits at all time, and allow yourself plenty of time before a journey to prevent stress.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and avoid driving if you’re highly emotional or stressed at a particular time.

1. CrashSafe 6-in-1 Car Safety Device

best car safety features, car safety features, new car safety features, car security features

Credit: Amazon

The best car safety features keep you safe in the unfortunate event of a collision. This CrashSafe 6-in-1 car safety device easily plugs into your car’s power port so it’s always within arm’s reach. After a crash, everything happens quickly, so every second counts. As a result, this device is designed to help you in unexpected incidents on the road. We love that it also doubles up as a car phone charger and portable power bank to keep your device fully charged whilst you’re on the road.

The built-in powerful LED torch or flashing red emergency beacon is an excellent feature for night-time emergencies to attract attention. In case you’re trapped due to a flood or fire, the seat belt cutter and window breaker enables you to break free quickly. Consequently, you and all passengers can free yourself without assistance from anyone else. Don’t be intimidated by this device, as it’s there to help you in an unsafe situation when you travel. We love that it isn’t too big to concern passengers, as it looks like a power bank from a first glance.

2. AAA 64-Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit

best car safety features, car safety features, new car safety features, car security features

Credit: Amazon

This creative Lifeline AAA traveler kit has the finest, high-quality and most reliable car features you’ll find anywhere. The 64 pieces included inside act as an emergency kit to keep you safe on and off the road during an unlikely event. If an accident or personal injury happened during your trip, you probably wouldn’t be prepared to deal with it. However, this AAA traveler kit is one of the best car safety features for any situation which requires first-aid. This kit will keep you safe and comfortable whilst you wait for help.

Inside the kit are booster cables and a heavy-duty flashlight; these can reduce the amount of time you’re stranded and attract attention. It also contains a variety of medical supplies which can address a variety of minor injuries to help the casualty be more comfortable at the scene of the event. The jumper cables are the finest components inside this AAA traveler kit. In addition, these essential accessories are suitable for trucks and cars, and are especially important during the summer driving months during road trips, in addition to winter driving when car batteries are most likely to lose their charge. Each kit is packaged in a high-quality bag to keep emergency supplies safe and comfortable. The brand takes pride in selling the highest quality materials to help people in emergency events.

3. LED Road Flares Emergency Lights 

best car safety features, car safety features, new car safety features, car security features

Credit: Amazon

If it’s a flat tyre, a breakdown or an accident, there’s a chance you and your passengers aren’t prepared for the emergency. However, this is one of the best car safety features to prepare you in an unlikely event. A bad situation can quickly become worse if it happens on an unlit road or on a dark highway. This LED Road Flares Emergency kit is designed to protect you and your loved ones in the worst conditions.

There’s no need to search for a screwdriver, as this comes with a keychain screwdriver tool to easily replace the batteries anywhere and at any time. The custom carry bag comfortable fits your flares. It’s extra durable and includes a zippered pocket to store spare batteries too. With a scratch-free back, you can say goodbye to scratched paint. The protected magnet and recessed screws ensure you can stick your flares to your vehicle, without worrying about any scratches.

The seatbelt cutter and window breaker tool helps you to easily escape in the event of an accident or rollover. With the easy-to-use power button, you can simply press it to cycle through the lighting modes or hold it down to power off the flare. With a waterproof feature, your flares can handle almost any weather conditions, and no matter what, it’ll stay by your side. If necessary, you can also use these flares in other situations away from your car. We love the versatility they offer!

4. Blind Spot Mirror

best car safety features, car safety features, new car safety features, car security features

Credit: Amazon

This blind-spot mirror is easy to use and can be applied to universal vehicles both horizontally and vertically. Stick it firmly without leaving any marks, although it won’t tear off on its own. This bind spot mirror rotates 360 degrees and is adjustable with a swivel mountain bracket.

For better visibility, maximize your view with a wide angle by adjusting the angle easily. With a HD glass which is waterproof, it’s also rust resistant and the glass won’t haze. The HD glass curves for a thin design and helps you to see the next surroundings without passing or changing lanes.

This is one of the best car safety features for a reasonable price. Keep more safety in driving and never have to worry about if there is a car next to you whilst changing lanes. This blind spot mirrors help to provide better visibility for every truck, car, SUV, RV and van.

5. SmarTure Rear View Mirror Dash Cam with Backup Camera

 best car safety features, car safety features, new car safety features, car security features

Credit: Amazon

This SmarTure mirror comes with a built-in crystal clear anti-dazzling white mirror which increases by 30 percent brightness. When the screen is turned off on the mirror, you can hardly see it to improve safety. The rear camera connecting cable measures 36 feet which means it fits almost all vehicle sizes, and doesn’t distract you whilst driving. Featuring a front and rear dual recording system, this seamless link loop records the front and rear of your driving, and automatically writes over the fold footages.

It’s one of the best car safety features thanks to the IPS Screen which provides high brightness and accurate colour from all viewing angles. This is an excellent and safe feature for clear vision in the dark or with blight glares from approaching vehicles. As soon as you get in your car, power on the Parking Protection Mode. This automatically starts recording when an impact is detected, and you don’t even need a power supply to use it.

This is a great way to record any impact which could happen without any witnesses. With the High Dynamic Range Imaging system, it records greater scene details from shadows to highlights. It increases the capacity to view license plates and pedestrians during the day and night. Another of our favourite features of this SmarTure device is the Parking Assistance System. This display single-rear camera image shows guidelines when you reverse to prevent any collisions.

6. Car Dash Cam for Parking 

 best car safety features, car safety features, new car safety features, car security features

Credit: Amazon

A parking camera is extremely useful to help you see what’s all around the car to prevent any unwanted collisions as you’re parking. We all know that when you’re looking right, something can prop up to the left, but you haven’t enough time to react.

This easy-to-install HD car dash camera easily mounts to your car windshield using the included 3M stickers. It easily adapts the exposure precisely and quickly so that it’s able to take balanced and clear videos in different lighting conditions. With the 1080P and advanced Sony sensor, the dash camera can capture clearer videos and photos even in night conditions. It has the best starlight night vision, and experiments show that it can detect license plate numbers clearer than eyes.

Multi-functional and with a rigorous design, this car camera has six layers of glass and a 150-degree wide angle lens which enables it to capture the entire road and roadsides. The lens of the dash cam can adjust left and right, and up and down, for the best video performances possible. It also operates still in extreme temperature conditions and the high-strength transparent sticker holds it securely – even on bumpy roads or in extreme weather conditions.  

The Best Car Safety Features You Need in Your Next Vehicle

If you’re looking into purchasing a new car, rather than focusing on the exterior appearance, look into its safety features. These amazing features improve yours and you passengers’ safety within a vehicle.  

1. Active Cruise Control

Unlike traditional cruise control which only enables you to control your car’s speed without using the pedal, active cruise control monitors the speed of the preceding vehicle whilst constantly monitoring the distance in front of you to maintain a safe distance. This intelligent car feature allows you to set the maximum speed – similar to cruise control – then a radar sensor detects the distance of the traffic ahead. This locks on to the car in a lane and instructs your car to stay a few seconds behind the car in front. You set the follow distance with some guidance from this feature.

This is one of the best car safety features for stop-and-go traffic, especially during rush hour commutes. The distance is measured by a small radar behind the front grille, or underneath the bumper. Some units utilize a laser, whilst some are based on stereoscopic cameras. However, this safety feature works during the day and night, whilst still working under grueling weather conditions such as rain, fog or snow.

It’s especially useful for self-driving cars for the future to improve safety on the roads. Typically paired with a forward collision warning which functions if the Active Cruise Control isn’t engaged, it also comes with other safety benefits. When this is active, your car typically slows down at up to half its maximum breaking potential. In most cars, a red lights flash at the driver and the words “Brake!” show on the head-up display, followed by a loud sound. When it isn’t engaged, it’s still tracking traffic in front of you and will interrupt your driving with a warning alert if there’s potential for an accident.

2. Blind-Spot Monitoring 

It’s not uncommon for drivers to struggle seeing cars, objects or people in their blind-spot. However, many modern cars feature a Blind-Spot Monitoring system. This monitors the blind-spot area and helps you to change lanes safely without taking your eyes off of the road. This is one of the best car safety features if you’re often on the highway or tend to spend a lot of time in your car. It often features a radar on the car or a camera on the exterior of the vehicle. Either way, the area to one side of the vehicle is monitored and the driver is warned when there is a vehicle in a position where it may not be seen in the rear-view mirrors.

A Passive Blind-Spot Warning System comes as a mirror. Many car manufacturers offer you this alternative to put a special mirror in the corner of your external rear-view mirror. Consequently, you can see into areas where normal rear-view mirrors can’t access. If you don’t have one of these car safety features, you can purchase one and install it yourself in a few minutes. These mirrors don’t blink or flash warning lights at you when something’s in your blind-spot.

Many users of this warning system actually prefer it to the radar because it prevents you from getting distracted or suddenly alert by a loud noise or flashing light. It also enables you to easily monitor your blind-spot area yourself without twisting your head and taking your eyes off of the traffic in front of you. For such a small price, this state-of-the-art technology is one of the best car safety features to prevent collisions if you switch lanes.

3. Lane Assist

Lane Assist is another of the best car safety features and is the future of road safety. It’s improving safety and enabling drivers to become more self-aware and more prepared to prevent an accident before it happens. Lane Assist systems warn drivers if they suddenly stray out of their lane into another, in an effort to reduce the number of collisions caused by this action. With a variety of sensors used to alert drivers, each car is different. However, the most common feature is a wide-angle camera placed in front of the rear-view mirror. These systems identify where the lanes are and monitor if your car is staying in the correct position of them. If it detects that you’re about to swerve into another lane unintentionally, it’ll send an audible warning or vibration through the steering wheel.

This system works particularly well with inattentive drivers who ignore the warnings they receive, which means they receive notification about the impending accident before it happens. These systems gently steer your car back into its own lane before a collision happens. Also, this system generally deactivates if it detects that you aren’t holding the wheel. Systems which steer the car for you during these events typically use the electronic power steering system to apply a steering input to direct the car back into the line again. Alternatively, some cars use the brakes to steer the car back into its own lane. This comes as part of a safety pack, meaning it’s bundled up with other options. If safety is one of the most important concerns to you, this is one of the best car safety features to invest in – even if you purchase it as an optional.

4. Pre-Collision Safety

Pre-collision Safety is designed to assist you in slowing the car down or bringing it to a stop if it detects a car, pedestrian or object in front of you. If the system detects that you fail to stop, it will apply the brakes on your car automatically. When this system is activated and if it detects that you haven’t applied the brakes hard enough, it’ll increase the braking force automatically. This system functions by monitoring your speed in relation to an object, person or car in front of you. The Pre-Collision Safety can also be activated if the system detects that there’s a possibility of an upcoming collision.

It’s a complicated safety device which is one of the best car safety features we’ve seen in today’s vehicles. Generally, it works on a radar system. This emits invisible radio waves which move faster than sound. The pre-cash systems include small radar detectors, which are placed near the front of the vehicle or within the grille so they’re hidden. However, these consistently release high-frequency radar waves to keep your safety its main priority. These waves smack off the nearest obstacles and bounce back to the sensors to always analyze its surroundings. This works by evaluating the distance and time travelled by the signals. As a result, it immediately determines the car’s position, speed and distance, and if there’s a potential threat, it warns you about a potential crash or incident.

5. Electronic Safety Control

Electronic Safety Control is one of the newest innovations for car safety and it’s an amazing piece of technology which works to keep your car safe on the road. It also keeps you in control and continually heading in the direction you want, without swerving into lanes. As you steer, brake or accelerate, sensors monitor your car’s movement and transmit data to a computer. This then compares what you’re doing with how well your car is performing. For example, if you’re steering right but your car is continuing to move forward, the computer will recognize that your car isn’t listening to your instructions. Consequently, it’ll instruct the Electronic Safety Control to step in and assist you.

This safety control comes with a dedicated dashboard warning light with two skid marks beneath it. With this warning light, it’ll flash if the car is at the edge of grip and the system activates. This is highly likely if you drive on a slipper surface, and so the computer will step in to help you gain control and back to safety again. To keep this feature in the best condition possible, it’s important that you keep it in working order. Therefore, if you notice any flashing lights, take your car to a garage immediately for a check-up.

What Are Some of The Best Car Safety Features You’ve Experienced?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the amazing products and technology available on the market to improve our time spent on the roads. It’s amazing how a device can think quicker than our brains can, because in an incident, every second counts. Take your time looking through the products above, and invest in them if you’re often behind the wheels.

If you took something away from this article, please share to promote car safety. We’d also love to hear about the best car safety features you’ve experienced, so feel free to share your story in the comments.

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