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Calabasas Luxury Motorcars: A Great Place to Start Auto Shopping

You can scan the website’s staff list as much as you want, you won’t find his name. But Calabasas Luxury Motorcars is backed by one of the most iconic celebrity symbols in the world. Scott Disick, the wealthy dandy in Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show and Great Gatsby of Las Vegas host parties is also the president of this luxurious car dealership.

So, considering the Calabasas Luxury Motorcars runs under the protection of a well-established TV reputation, it’s safe to assume you won’t get scammed or tricked in dealing over a Ferrari here, right?

Don’t worry, we will give you more than enough insight into the place to convince you it’s worth to shell out the extra thousands to make a historic purchase in your life. The exotic car of your teenage dreams and bedroom wall posters.

Calabasas Luxury Motorcars – Sifting Through the Pile of Exotic Cars

The engine of the luxury car market is coughing record low sales. The industry is dragging along with the rest of the luxury brands.

Here is where a business like Calabasas Luxury Motorcars comes into play. It is due to the intercession of diligent dealerships, along with a mix of better leasing and loyal customers that purchasing an ultra-high end vehicle can over time become a financially healthy investment.

It pays to pay for extra safety, the most advanced entertainment car gadgets on the market, and high range amenities and options for customization. Not to mention the heated leather seats.

‘One can resist anything but temptation’. Scott Disick must have been aware of Wilde’s witty wisdom words when he charged at the venture of a high-end dealership.

California is not lacking in luxury car enthusiasts, and the entrepreneur and reality show star took an early pulse on the market.

The Calabasas Luxury Motorcars inventory numbers a wide range of luxury brands, prices, manufacturer years, body style, and mileage. From Aston Martins to Ferraris, the allure of owning such a car is undeniable.

Calabasas Luxury Motorcars – A Sample Inventory of Style and Opulence


2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Coupe

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy:

This matte gray vehicle has all it takes to raise a crowd. Or snatch one away from its archnemesis, the Porsche 911.

In the base model, the engine makes 456 hp. The lane tracking package includes blind spot and lane keeping assist.

Price tag: $136,995

2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Let’s raise the price range up a notch and simply indulge. The 2015 Lamborghini should give you a taste of the highway wind like nothing else. This vehicle is viciously fast and furious and big.

The cabin is a cockpit, and you’d better buckle up. The 6.5-liter V12 with 700 horsepower and 509 feet of torque will blast you into car heavens.

Price tag: $395,995

1993 JAGUAR XJR-S Coupe

Red Jaguar Calabasas Luxury Motorcars

If cars age like wine, the 1993 Jaguar Coupe carries a strong bouquet. Not to mention the model Calabasas Luxury Motorcars is advertising comes in a dazzling full bloom cherry red.

It serves to know a little bit of history if shopping for the luxury cars of yesteryear. The Jaguar XJR-S is the signature product vehicle the American brand launched in 1988 to compete with the performance divisions of other European powerhouses like BMW or Mercedes.

The ’93 model is the only one of the Jaguar XJR-S to be sold on American soil, in a limited 50-coupe edition.

Calabasas Luxury Motorcars is a great place to start shopping around for pre-owned high-end vehicles. It offers down-to-earth and class-distinctive choices.

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