Carrie Bradshaw Looks That Made Great Fashion Moments

Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion icon who wears her heart and style on her sleeve. 

Her unforgettable moments in Sex In The City have gone down in history. Each time she appeared on our screens, there was a new pink, fluffy coat, or sparkly silhouettes. Whether it was turning heads in Times Square, or putting Manolo back on the scene, Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion advocate to whom we can all relate.

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Carrie Bradshaw: Her Three Best Fashion Triumphs

Carrie Bradshaw has become renowned for her fashion because she took risks. Every day was a special occasion, even if she was just out for a coffee. She was notorious for rocking bright colours, tight dresses, and sequin skirts which we hadn’t seen on the screen before. Let’s take a look at her best fashion moments.

1. Tutu Skirt

The opening credits of Sex In The City was where the tutu conundrum began. We quickly became obsessed with how a successful New York writer could rock a short, child-like garment, and make it look sexy. It only cost $5, but became a notorious look for her character.

2. 'Wedding Proposal’ Dress

It wasn’t all that often Carrie Bradshaw wore a simple dress. But the simplicity of her outfit worked perfectly with her dynamic love for Mr. Big. Teamed with blue high heels with a sparkling element, it was a side of Carrie we didn’t always get to address.

3. The ‘Newspaper’ Dress

New York is Carrie Bradshaw’s life, and we loved when she made several appearances in her ‘Newspaper’ dress. We saw her wear this Christian Dior newsprint dress in season 3 when apologizing to Natasha for her affair with Big. Can you remember when she next wears it?

Carrie Bradshaw Is Our Fashion Icon.

If there’s any woman who knows about fashion, it’s Carrie Bradshaw. From patchwork coats to a Dior reunion with Mr. Big in Abu Dhabi, even when she looked bad, she looked good. Simple, elegant, casual, all out and everything in-between, we love the great and bad fashion moments she’s brought to us.

What are your favourite fashion pieces she rocked in Sex In The City? Let us know in the comments.

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