Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Our Favourite Contemporary Hotel In Sin City

Sin City has one of the best arrays of high-end hotels in the world. 

From panoramic views of the city to suites with a private Jacuzzi, there’s a reason why millions of tourists visit Las Vegas. Popular names like Caesars Palace and Bellagio offer an unforgettable experience, but our favourite hotel is underrated. Let’s take a look at why the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has made it to our list, and what you can expect on your arrival.

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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Is a Traveler’s Fantasy

Opt for a one-bedroom suite with fountain views for one of their ‘lower-tiered’ rooms -- it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The chic hotel has a modern temperament which is carried through from the lobby to the balconies.

Absorb the city’s amazing views every night from your own balcony and overlook the turmoil of lights at night. By the sunrise, the serenity of the desert mountains has you ready for a day filled with gambling and cocktails.

Venture In Bars and Lounges

Every Las Vegas hotel is a casino, food hall, and shopping centre in one, but the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas does things a little differently. With a larger emphasis on quality food and strong cocktails, every restaurant is world-class. Take advantage of Happy Hour at Holsteins for an alcohol-induced chocolate shake, or unwind at a traditional bar at Momofuku with nibbles on hand.

The level of service at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is unbelievable. Waitresses are readily available when you need them. They’re kind, friendly and warm to tourists, and cater for everyone’s needs. They’ll never let you walk away hungry, without being too pushy. We've yet to hear about poor service in Las Vegas.

Have You Visited Las Vegas?

Sin City is popular with tourists from all around the world, but not everyone leaves with pleasant memories. Many gamblers leave empty-handed with a bad hangover, but budget yourself right and plan accordingly, and you can have the best time ever in a luxury, world-class hotel.

Have you visited Las Vegas? If so, which hotel did you fork out at? Let us know in the comments.

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