Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Review: Helping Keep Your Home Safe

It can be tough to balance privacy concerns and the benefits of a home surveillance system. But, it can be done.

People of a certain generation grew up (half-)reading Orwell’s 1984 and other science-fiction warnings about the threat of being under constant surveillance. In all the stories, the characters who are in control of the surveillance are very bad. Thanks to the rise of fascism in the early 20th century and the Cold War in the latter half, heavy surveillance became synonymous with a dearth of freedom. Yet, as camera technology grew smaller and cheaper, cameras have popped up everywhere. From stores to public streets, it’s difficult to find a place where you are not being recorded. While one can’t do much to change this, one can draw the line when it comes to their own homes. That’s where the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera comes in.

Thanks to small surveillance cameras, people who’ve been the victims of break-ins or vandalism are able to better seek justice and recompense. Home cameras act like a kind of silent guardian, promising that if someone messes with this house they will be caught. For people conflicted about this, the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera is a perfect middle ground. It is a high-quality security camera that comes packed with features, but it is designed for use strictly outdoors. This way, you can keep the outside of your home watched, safe, and secure, but not have to worry about bringing another camera into your home.

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

A Bit About the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Before we discuss the specific features and benefits of the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera, we’re going to look at who makes it, who uses it, and for what. These can help you determine if this is the camera for you. Whether you care about cameras inside the home or not, this is a great choice for outdoor security.

History of Dericam

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

The maker of the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera is a company based in China. Established in 2010, the Shenzen Dericam company champions their international reputation as a provider of high-quality surveillance technology, specifically cameras. Their products can be found in Singapore, Brazil, Poland, the United States, all over Europe, and online markets.

On their company website, they state that creating quality surveillance cameras is the company’s “purpose and we believe concentration is the only way to achieve excellence.” Ultimately, they hope to take the ever-increasing innovations happening in the video field and apply them to their products. However, they don’t want their products to be price-prohibitive but hope to deliver top-of-the-line tech in a package most folks can afford. 

Who Is the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Perfect For?

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

As mentioned above, people who feel strangely about having surveillance cameras inside their home will love this product. However, anyone in the market for a home security camera for outside should consider this product. If you want to make sure that you can view your entire property with as few cameras as possible, the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera can help. It has a wide range of view, high graphics quality, and can work in most lighting conditions. So, whether you want a camera-free home, on the inside, or are just serious about home security, keep reading.

At its current price, the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera provides many more features than you might expect. For those who want to be economical when it comes to outfitting their home with security devices, this camera facilitates that while still boasting myriad features and high quality. You are able to access the feed from the camera from a number of devices, so if you are on-the-go a lot, you can check in at home anytime.

What Are the Best Uses for the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera?

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

Naturally, the best use for the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera is right there in the name. This device is designed for use outside of the home, stationed in a place where the rotating camera can see the most. Typically, this camera would be positioned by a door or entranceway looking out towards the front or rear of your property. This way, if someone trespasses or does something even worse, you’ve caught it on camera. Whether you are trying to prevent break-ins or your next-door neighbor for letting their dog do its business on your lawn, the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera can help.

Of course, often products like these have many more uses beyond the obvious one. You can use it to monitor your pets while you are away at work, especially if one likes the chew things or get in the trash. You can also use it to watch a live-stream of something, whether it’s your backyard or a family of animals making a home somewhere on your property.

Features and Benefits of the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Now to dive into the specifics of the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera. We’ll look at the technical specs, ease-of-use, and many other factors. It might not seem like this product has a lot of them to offer, but it’s deceptively equipped for such a low-priced home security camera.

1: Top of the Line Tech

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

The company that makes the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera wants to include the most innovative features while keeping the price affordable. In this camera they have reached a good marriage of that. We’ll get more into the camera controls below, but this camera is as mobile as one can be. It works wirelessly, though users report that the service is more consistent if you’re able to connect it to the router. It comes with a five-foot cable, but any ethernet cable would work. It also has removable storage (up to 128 GB) and the ability to save images and video to the could.

Of course, it’s the “camera” part of Dericam outdoor wireless security camera that most are interested in. The camera comes equipped with a four-times optical zoom and auto-focus, so that when it does capture some movement it’s not blurry. As for image quality, it’s not the best on the market but still quite good. The camera itself is a 1.3 megapixel digital camera that shoots video and takes still images in 960p. It’s still high-definition, but not as high of a resolution as some of the other security cameras out there. Finally, you are able to use the company’s proprietary app on your phone, tablet, or computer to view and control the device. If you don’t like the interface, this camera can work with a number of third-party apps like Live Cams Pro, Tinyca, and others.

2: Total Control and Coverage

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

A security camera is only as good as what it captures and the control the user has over it. Luckily, the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera comes equipped with many features you can directly control, specifically what the camera is looking at. The camera can be set up at a fixed point for its vigil. Users can turn on motion detection so that the camera notices when something moves. They also boast instant email alerts for any detected movement. So, you could be out to dinner and your Dericam outdoor wireless security camera might just catch something on its lens.

At dinner, you get an email notification, seeing that it’s a motion alert. You can then access the live feed of your camera to see things in real-time. What’s even better is that you can pan from right to left. The camera rotates 350 degrees, but this provides a pretty clear 360-degree view of your property, except of course for any walls blocking the lens. You can also tilt the camera up or down 80 degrees, which is more than enough to see what you need to. You don’t see anything but an upturned trashcan. You can use the zoom lens to move in closer, discovering instead of burglar it’s just a hungry raccoon.

3: Very Convenient Access and Storage

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

You may have wondered how our hypothetical homeowner above would be able to view the live feed and control the camera. That’s because the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera is a fully-linked device. Using the company’s app or a third-party security camera management program, you can tune in to your camera’s feed at any time, from almost any device. The company app supports all the popular browsers, Chrome, Safari, and others. There are apps for iOS, Android, and Windows users, which can be run on phones, tablets, or laptops. If you have a connected device, chances are your Dericam outdoor wireless security camera can connect to it, somehow.

This particular camera comes with 32 GB of internal storage via Micro SD card. The manufacturer says that this is enough to record about 90 days of events. However, the camera can accept other Micro SD cars up to 128 GB in size. If Dericam’s 90-day estimate is correct, this means that the largest memory card can hold five days shy of a year’s worth of recordings. Of course, you don’t have to just trust local memory. The Dericam outdoor wireless security camera can also upload video and images to a cloud server, so that you don’t have to pull the memory card. If you do have to pull the memory card or even turn it over to the police, you can back up your videos on the cloud first. 

4: Easy Set-Up and Plenty of Support

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review

The most difficult thing about using a home security system is the set-up. There is a reason that the biggest names in home security were companies who did all the installation and set-up work for you. With the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera, set-up is relatively easy, but you do have work cut out for you. The camera can connect to your network and your preferred app in just a few minutes. It’s a relatively automated process with few hiccups or snafus reported. The company promises a one year warranty but life time customer service and support. Though, after that first year, that support might come at an additional cost, especially if repairs are needed.

The biggest problem with set-up is the actual placement of the camera. Designed to fit on the corner of a wall outside the home, you will need to drill into the wall to mount it. In fact, you might want to consider giving the camera its own post, so that its view isn’t blocked by your house. Though, placements wholly depends on what you want to watch over. While this is a wireless security camera, it’s not foolproof. The further the camera is placed away from a router can impede its effectiveness. You might want to get a dedicated router just for the camera. You might also consider directly connecting it to a router so as to ensure there is no signal interruption.

What People Are Saying About the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Nearly three-quarters of the user reviews for this product on Amazon are four-stars or higher. Usually one or two of the features are most helpful to users, such as those who rave about the motion detection or camera mobility. We’re very spoiled when it comes to high-resolution digital pictures today, so the picture quality does get mixed reviews. Still, a number mention that the images were crisp and clear, especially the night vision and infrared modes. Those who waited some time to file their reviews mostly say that the camera works without issue for them, withstanding harsh weather and other troubles. A number of users praise the customer service they’ve received from the manufacturer.

dericam outdoor wireless security camera, dericam outdoor wireless security camera review


  • plus Easy to connect
  • plus Camera motion is great
  • plusExcellent night-vision images


  • close Can be difficult to mount outside (if you’re not handy)
  • Connectivity issues the further from the router you get

A number of the negative reviews of this product seem to deal with defective units and customers unhappy with the manufacturer’s response. The company offers a full warranty for a year but may charge for repairs or service after that. Be specific when asking them about it. The other major problem is that people report connectivity issues because the camera location is too far from their router. The solution is to move or get a second router, or (even better) use an ethernet cable to plug the camera directly into the router.

Alternatives to the Dericam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera to Consider

Perhaps you don’t like the design of the camera or want one that’s a bit more versatile. In that case, you can take a look at the myriad other options on the market. These cameras are designed for outdoor, indoor, and all sorts of other uses. If the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera isn’t for you, one of these might be!

1. The Nest Wall Mounted Security Camera

The Nest wall mounted security camera is another camera designed for use primarily outdoors. It’s very similar to the Dericam outdoor wireless security camera, except it’s not wireless and the camera is fixed. If you don’t really have a need for pan, zoom, or tilt, this camera might work for your needs. A wired camera, there is no wireless option. However, if you don’t want to risk signal interruption, this might actually be a benefit. You can learn more about this product in greater detail by clicking this link.

2. The Wireless Spy Camera

This sneaky little device can be used both indoors and outside, though it’s not exactly weatherproof. Designed to look like an innocuous piece of tech or maybe a plug-in air freshener, this little camera hides a lot. It has a wide-angle view, and the best part is that no one will know it’s a camera. If you want to keep your surveillance camera a secret, this is a good option for that. If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of this spy camera, click this link.

​3. The Amazon Cloud Cam

As part of the recent spate of Amazon smart products, the cloud cam is the company’s version of a home camera. This camera is designed mostly for in-home usage, such as monitoring kids or elderly relatives. However, what it comes with that the others don’t have is its relationship to Amazon smart products. Using your Amazon Cloud Cam, you can get alerts or check in on other Amazon devices. For example, if you are using the Cloud Cam as a baby monitor, you can ask your Echo Show to bring up that feed. Similarly, if you are on vacation reading a book on your fire, the Cloud Cam can directly connect to it. If you want all of your smart tech to be the same, the Amazon suite of products is not a bad way to go.

The Dericam outdoor wireless security camera is an excellent choice for people who want the advantages of surveillance technology outside their home only.

Home security is a serious issue, but so is privacy. If you want to keep all your surveillance technology outside of the home, the Dericam wireless security camera is a great choice. However, it’s also a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a camera that supports panning, tilting, and zooming outside of their homes. It’s a quality product made by a newer brand, but one eager to make a good name for itself in the industry. So long as you are able to ensure a good quality connection to the internet and can handle installing it outside, this is the camera of your dreams. It’s as fun to play with as it is a responsible choice for any homeowner serious about security. 

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