Fashion Podcasts to Follow Right Now for News, Quick Tips, and Advice

Fashion podcasts are generally overlooked, but can teach us lessons and knowledge about the industry.

Thankfully, designers, bloggers and journalists started off this trend. Now, brands are adding their own content into the podcast world. If you scroll through the many stories on this topic, they’ll leave you laughing, shocked, and questioning what you previously knew. In this article, we’re looking at the best fashion podcasts to follow and reasons to acknowledge them.

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The Best Fashion Podcasts to Follow Today

There are many benefits of listening to podcasts. They make the content more personal and fun to listen to, rather than reading it from a book. As they’re easy to listen to and obtain the information, you can listen on your commute. Or, in the bath. Plug in your earphones and educate yourself without troubling anyone. By listening to them whilst you’re in the middle of other tasks, you save time whilst improving your productivity.

We also love that this form of technology enables you to become in control of what you listen to. You can subscribe to certain podcasts which excite or challenge you. Perhaps, you get more information from one host than another. The options are endless and you can always subscribe to multiple ones to really expand your knowledge.

Here are our recommendations for the best fashion podcasts to learn about the fashion industry. Tune in, forget about the world, and leave comments under their posts to continue the conversation.

1. Fashion is Your Business

If you’re looking for fashion podcasts which are informative, educational and fun to listen to, then Fashion is your Business is a great place to start. This light-hearted weekly show is hosted by Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco, and Nataliya Makulova – plus other guest hosts. This podcast features useful in-depth interviews with industry leaders. It’s an ideal podcast to listen to in order to gain a platform for your business. By helping you to announce milestones, initiatives and adapt your creativity, it offers all the advice and assistance you could need. Also, it makes necessary insight into business and technology. If you feel that fashion is your passion, but want to learn more about the industry, then you’ll gain entertaining, meaningful and accessible information.

2. ​SHOWstudio

SHOWStudio is directed by Nick Knight – who is recognized for pushing the boundaries of communicating fashion online. This award-winning fashion podcast and website first stepped onto the scene in November 2000. By announcing ground-breaking projects, they demonstrate fashion in a new light. They’ve pioneered fashion film and are now recognized as the leading source to this industry. By offering a platform to nurture and encourage fashion conversations, they’re also engaging with moving images in the digital age.

Working with the latest technology, SHOWstudio often broadcasts live fashion shows, events and shoots. As a result, an international audience can watch fashion events they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to access. This brand opens up the studio of designers and artists and allows everyone to witness the creative processes involved in fashion. Also, they encourage individuals to respond and contribute creatively to evaluate the overall results of each fashion piece.

Furthermore, SHOWStudio collaborates with contemporary fashion figure. In the past, they’ve worked with John Galliano, Kate Moss, Rick Owens, Comme des Garçons and Alexander McQueen. As well as these famous names, they support and nurture upcoming talent too. By offering new designs a change to creatively express themselves, they’re showing their support for the fashion world. SHOWStudio is also one of the best fashion podcasts to listen to because they’ve worked with pop culture icons beyond fashion. For example, Brad Pott, Lady Gaga and more celebrities have contributed to the content and research on this fun podcast.

Since its inception, SHOWstudio has worked with the world’s most sought-after filmmakers, writers and cultural figures to create visionary online content, exploring every facet of fashion through moving image, illustration, photography and the written word. Finally, they’re constantly changing and not afraid to push boundaries. Ensure you keep up to date.

3. ​Fashion Hags

Another of our favourite fashion podcasts is Fashion Hags. This presents itself in a bi-weekly discussion about everything fashion-related. With casual swearing and strong opinions, it’s an entertaining podcast to get into. The hosts all studied Fashion Design together in Vancouver and now work collectively and locally in the business. However, they don’t consider themselves experts incredibly passionate about the multi-facted fashion industry. When you listen to their podcasts, it’s evident that they truly care about fashion. Their podcast is informative, but there’s also a blog which coincides with each episode.

4. ​You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This is another of our favourite fashion podcasts. This is a storytelling podcast about the secrets and tricks of the forgotten histories of Hollywood fashion’s first century. It’s a podcast which is the brainchild of Karina Longworth. She writes, narrates, records and edits each episode which airs. Guest stars often include actors, comedians, journalists, producers, screenwriters, and more. Each of these share tricks and secrets of the fashion industry.

Since April 2014, this fashion podcast has become of the top ones around, and continues to remain one of the most popular choices. By sharing conflicting reports, conscious and unconscious approaches to fashion, the trust and expert knowledge comes out. Longworth began her career as a film journalist before launching one of the best fashion podcasts. She is also the author of books on George Lucas, Al Pacino and Meryl Streep, and she has lectured at the undergraduate and graduate level, most recently at Chapman University. Currently, she’s writing a book about the many Hollywood loves of Howard Hughes.

5. ​'Unravel: A Fashion Podcast'

This fashion podcast started in 2015 by fashion scholar Jasmine Helm and her textile conservator Dana Goodin. The intentions of this podcast are to fill a gap in the understanding and conceptions of fashion. As a result, they want to educate the public about the important of fashion in history and daily life. Also, to inspire conversation, debates and discussion within their digital platforms.

The presenters create content for their listeners and readers with multiple goals. By collaborating with experts in the field, they expand the conversation. Also, they speak beyond the canon of traditional fashion media and history. Finally, they intend to become the frontline of solidifying fashion history as a serious topic to study and learn. Furthermore, their main purpose is to help others understand the meaning of fashion and its place in the world in the past as well as where it’s heading.  

The hosts are educated in all areas fashion-related. Dana is a host and researcher for this podcast and works as a fashion and textile conservator and archivist. She’s committed to researching, communicating and preserving the material culture of underrepresented communities. Also, unable to focus on one thing, she’s currently researching Comanche fashion and media history, reality TV and fashion, and new developments in textile conservation.

6. ​Pop Fashion

Pop Fashion offers weekly discussions on fashion, business, retail, trends and even fashion crime. The writer and producer – Lisa Rowan – covers retail and consumer affairs topics. As a former full-time freelance writer and shop owners, she thoroughly understands the business market. Also, her degree at Georgetown University, where she studied the challenges of American apparel manufacturing, helped to build her knowledge.

Another host on this podcast is Kaarin Vembar. She has a degree in Journalism from the University of North Caroline. Having worked in television news, a museum and then becoming a wardrobe stylist, she has years’ experience in a variety of fields. Also, she shopped and worked in client’s closets for nearly 10 years before deciding to focus on freelance retail writing.

7. ​Spirit of 608

Spirit of 608 is one of the best fashion podcasts if you’re new to this form of listening. It’s evident that the team are obsessed with all things fashion-related and want the best for the industry. They uncover the basics of fashion and the most advanced areas to help every listener learn something. If you’re looking for a podcast which offers easily-digestible content, then this is an ideal option for you.

By regularly keeping you updated on the industry, they’re often researching the area to share information with others. Finally, we love that this fashion podcast shares business tips to aspiring fashion designers and such alike. You can learn about the industry and find your way to the top – even if you have no prior experience.

What Are Your Favourite Fashion Podcasts?

We hope you enjoyed reading the descriptions of the best fashion podcasts available to everyone. These are all dedicated to providing honest and high-quality information to every listener. Tune in to hear the best fashion tips and news. Alternatively, share intellectual insights on current issues affecting the fashion business.

Whatever your reasons for listening, you’ll become drawn to this new hobby. What are your favourite fashion podcasts? Share your recommendations in the comments to inspire others.

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