First-Class Plane Cabins Everyone Needs To See and Experience

Not everyone is a huge fan of flying, which is why cruising in style can make the experience more pleasurable. 

Being on a plane can be brutal – uncomfortable seats, plain food, and little room are just a few reasons. There are so many luxurious hotels to visit in the world, but let’s look at getting there. Here are the best first-class plane cabins you’ll probably ever see. These cabins eliminate the stress, hassle, and discomfort that we usually associate with flying. You'll never have these problems in these first-class plane cabins.

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First-Class Cabins You’ll Fall In Love With:

Emirates is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, but there are others too. We’ve searched the Internet for the two most comfortable suites, roomiest seats and tastiest foods you can get. We’re all skeptical about flying, but with luxury, it can help you to enjoy the flight rather than fearing the journey.

Singapore Airlines: Airbus A380

When you’re travelling in their Suites, you get your own personal space. Your cabin has its own sliding door and window blinds for ultimate privacy. It’s spacious enough to allow you to stretch your legs and feel comfortable too.

If you’re travelling with a partner, they’ll convert two adjacent suites into a double room. What a great experience to share with someone else! The upholstery is finished in high-quality full grain leather with diamond stitching. You needn’t be worried about space, as they’re 35 inches wide.

Say goodbye to boring plain food with delicious meals prepared by notable chefs. Before you fly, reserve a main course with a wine to match the food flavours. There’s even a restaurant setting on-board with full table service to really help you fly in style.

Etihad Airways: Airbus A380

Flying with Etihad Airways is an experience. It’s not just extra room and comfort, but your own apartment in the sky. Set inside their Suite and relax in a comfortable leather seat with a 6-foot-8-inch flat bed. Each First Suite has a personal wardrobe and a refreshments cabinet to keep you organised and hydrated.

Be waited on hand and food with a meal prepared for you by their inflight chef. Choose to relax in your own private space, or invite a traveller to join you to experience this luxury. Unlike most airlines, you can get a good sleep by utilising the ‘do not disturb’ button. The airline will provide you with a night-time beverage, sleepwear, pillow mist and pulse point oil to help you relax. The bed is comfortable and luxurious with all-natural mattress, duvet, cotton sheets and pillows.

How Do You Fly?

Flying first-class is an unbelievable experience you’ll never want to end. It’s a much quieter environment which enables you to get some rest before your vacation. Or, perhaps you’d prefer the choice of a luxury vibe in the air. If so, there are plenty of airlines which also have a bar in the sky to cure your boredom.

Do you have a favourite airline to fly first-class? If so, let us know your preferred features about them in the comments.

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