Halloween Men’s Leggings You Need Right Now From Kapow Meggings

Who says leggings are only for women?!

This year, our friends at Kapow Meggings delivered some seriously funny Halloween meggings to my friends and colleagues, Derek and Jon. After all, leggings are great for ghouls and guys! Let's take a look at these seriously awesome Halloween men's leggings.

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Our Favorite Halloween Men's Leggings

Luckily for guys who are interested, Kapow Meggings makes ample styles, colors, and designs. These meggings aren’t just super fun. They also are functional and can be worn for way more than just Halloween. The polyester and spandex blend is comfortable for yoga class, wearing to Burning Man or just kicking it around the house. And, with a variety of dope patterns, you can find a style that matches just about any personality.

halloween men's leggings, men's leggings, leggings for men, meggings

Women have been rocking the comfort and style of leggings for years. It’s about time that guys got in on that action! Read on to find our favorite selections.

1. Merman Meggings

halloween men's leggings

Derek chose a nautical style for his meggings costume. Originally, he was going for a “merman costume” where he was going to incorporate glitter in his beard and have a trident in his hand (reminiscent of Ariel’s father in The Little Mermaid.) But after watching some glitter beard tutorials on YouTube—he quickly realized that might be a messy situation. After all, glitter is the herpes of makeup… So he simply threw on a shirt with an anchor pattern to complete his aquatic themed ensemble.

2. Mr. Bonejangle Meggings

halloween men's leggings

Jon wore the skeleton meggings for a super classic Halloween look. The only bone to pick with this outfit is that guys can’t wear these fabulous men’s leggings more often!

Previously, we had had some fun with the solid gold meggings.

halloween men's leggings, men's leggings, leggings for men, meggings

The scariest part of these looks? —How comfortable they are!

Don't delay in ordering a pair of Halloween men's leggings today from Kapow Meggings. Not only will you look super fashionable, you'll also be comfortable. You can steal their look right now! In Europe, you can expect them to arrive in 3-5 business days and in the rest of the world, they arrive in less than 10! 

Guys - let us know in the comments below: would you try Halloween men's leggings from Kapow meggings? Why or why not? And, be sure to share this article with your fashion forward male friends!

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