Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock: Relax With More Than a Traditional Clock

Waking up in the morning sets the tone for the entire day.

We all know the frustration that comes from a rude awakening at the hands of your average alarm clock. And, let's face it. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed tends to affect your work, interactions with family, and even productivity long after you've left home. Here's the catch though -- your morning doesn't have to be a dreaded experience. In fact, nowadays your alarm clock offers the ability to peacefully wake you from your sleep, charge your cell phone, and even take the role of a lamp. The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock is a prime example of these features. Let’s take a look at its other features and why you need to switch to this device.

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A Bit About Alarm Clocks and Their Uses

We think of alarm clocks as a device to remind us to wake up on time. However, there’s a lot more to these creations than that, as they can help you to wake up feeling refreshed. Without an alarm, many of us would oversleep and end up late for the day. An alarm clock is helpful for keeping sleep schedules regular. Waking up at the same time each day is beneficial for our internal biological clocks. Using an alarm clock supports you in keeping to this schedule to normalize your sleeping pattern.

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Even still, the adrenaline rush of a loud alarm clock isn’t the healthiest way to start your day. Your heart pounds and you’re shocked into opening your eyes. However, we believe that awaking to calm sounds prevents you from being startled first thing in the morning and relaxes your cortisol levels. The last thing you want is to start your day with panic and stress just after waking. The face on your alarm clock also plays an important role in helping you to drift off to sleep. Instead of opting for a bright-face, we recommend a device with adjustable light settings and customizable colours. As a result, you can set a calmer mood in your bedroom to help you unwind.

Who the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock is Great For 

The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock is an ideal product for anyone who struggles waking up and even drifting off to sleep. Perhaps you need a gentle reminder to put your cell phone down at night and get some shut eye. This device is great to use as a night light or bedside lamp when reading or just for some additional light in the room.

Thanks to the sunrise and sunset simulation, this alarm clock is great for anyone looking for relaxation techniques which are simple to apply. It’s also highly-suited for young children who struggle to relax at night, or perhaps they’re frightened of the dark and require some company.

With an attached charger, it’s perfect for technology buffs with cell phones or tablets. The USB charger plugs enables you to charge your device without searching around the house for your charger.

Best Uses for The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock 

The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock is an excellent way to wake up in the morning to a relaxing alarm sound which isn’t a traditional loud noise. Instead, opt for a gentler way to start your head. The sunrise and sunset simulation enables you to spend some time relaxing. Consequently, you can use this device to help you unwind after a stressful day. Treat yourself to a cathartic experience before sleep.

The soothing and natural alarm sounds include birds, sea waves, soft music, forest sound effects and more. This secret recipe is a great way to start your day with little stress. Customize the settings to personalize your wake-up sounds each day. With the additional colour-light feature, you can adjust the brightness and room colours to green, red, blue, purple, orange or indigo. This feature takes it from an alarm clock to a multi-functional device.

Features & Benefits of the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock 

The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock is an excellent option if you find it difficult waking up each day. This device goes beyond just telling you the time and date, and acts as a sunrise and sunset simulator and lamp to help you drift off to sleep and wake up every morning feeling refreshed. Let’s explore its many features and benefits of owning one if you’re looking for a device which goes above and beyond.

1. Alarm Sounds

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The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock comes prepared with six various soothing natural alarm sounds. This includes birds, sea waves, forests, soft music and more. Wake up calm and refreshed rather than with a traditional, loud, boring alarm siren.

Apart from the traditional clock, this has a secret recipe to integrate the FM radio function into the set. You can even listen to the news or music channel in casual time. Alternatively, use as the 7th substitution for the waking-up alarm sounds by setting your favourite channels to personalize the wake-up sounds.

2. Power Options

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We love that this alarm clock comes wits charger plugs and 5V DC USB port. Alternatively, you can insert a Xcr2032 back-up battery. This battery will automatically memorize the time to avoid resetting if it’s accidentally disconnected.

3. Dimensions

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Measuring 7.4 x 7 x 4.1 inches and weighing just 1 pound, this Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock is light and doesn’t take up too much room on your bedside table. Thanks to its slim and modern design, this device looks great on a small table without you having to move your accessories and table-top decorations around. Alternatively, you can put it on the other side of the room as a lamp in your bedroom and still see the time from the bed.

4. Light options 

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This compact design comes with changing colours and adjustable brightness settings. It’s not your average alarm clock, as it is stunning to look at and is an alarm clock-lamp in one. It can act as an atmosphere lamp that includes yellow, green, red, blue, purple, orange and indigo for your preferences. The colour-light can be auto converse one by one or stand a loved colour to suit your mood. As it comes with 10 adjustable brightness settings, you can switch to a warm, bright or dim atmosphere. Consequently, it works well as a lamp light while reading or relaxing besides the tables.

5. Sunrise and Sunset Simulation

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The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock enables you to start the day peacefully. Wake up naturally with a gradual increase in brightness from 1-100 percent over a desired amount of time. As a result, you don’t start your day to a bright light, but your body will feel rested and refreshed. This is to replicate as though you really were waking up with the sunrise. This unique sunrise feature works in reverse and gradually darkens the room when you’re falling asleep. You can use this option at night and it’s great for kids who are afraid of the need and need a lighted room to fall asleep in.

6. User Friendly

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We love that the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock considers the user’s eyes. Specifically, the warm, light mode helps to protect your eyes, so you can use it as a night light if staying up light. Teenagers will love this comforting light when working hard as it provides sufficient light.

Designed with non-slip aluminium feet, it securely stands on your side table or desk so there’s no need to mount it on a wall. It easily moves around so you can clean underneath without having to unstick it from the surface. As it’s a simple clock, it features easy-to-touch keys that will let you operate it in a gentle, easy and comfortable way. The wake-up light begins to increase its glow until it’s time for you to wake up, and it’ll gradually dim until off. It also features an LED big digital display which fades to a low level at night to allow you to sleep.

Although this alarm clock features 6 various soothing natural alarm sounds, you can also license it to the news or music channel in not using it as an alarm. Personalise your wake-up sounds with affects you enjoy in order to make your morning even more special.

What People Are Saying About the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock

Amongst the reviews of this product, owners praise the sunset feature and optional light colours. As it shuts off automatically to the timer you set, you can use it before bed to provide yourself enough time to wind down and then sleep when the light turns off. The sunrise simulation slowly brighteners the light before the alarm sounds to smoothly prepare your body for this day.


  • plus
    Provides 7 stunning colours to act as a lamp and mood-enhancer
  • plus
    Useful sunrise and sunset simulations to help you drift off and peacefully wake up
  • plus
    Included USB charger feature to charge your device


  • close
    No date or temperature display
  • No option to turn the alarm off for just weekends

Described by many as a cost-effective multifunctional alarm clock, it’ll surprise you with its many features. Use the clock as a bed lamp whilst reading books in bed, or celebrate its non-invasive colours to provide peace and tranquillity to the bedroom. People love that it comes with a USB cable, so you can charge your cell phone or Kindle whilst sleeping. As it’s neatly organised into the alarm clock, it prevents cords from lying around on your bedside table and making the room look cluttered

Alternative Alarm Clocks to Consider

The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock isn’t for everyone, even if it is one of the best on the market right now. With its wide choice of colours and sunrise and sunset simulations, it’s great for anyone who struggles falling asleep at night. Alternatively, people who love mood lamps will find a lot of use out of this. However, if you’re looking for a simple design which is practical or has more charging ports, we’ve found some excellent alternative devices for you to look into.

1. Sunrise Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock is an excellent alternative to the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock as it offers a few more additional features. This includes four peaceful sounds to wake up and fall asleep to daily. Sounds include white noise, rain, ocean wave and water drops. You can choose the timer among 15/30/60 minutes to conserve energy and customize which sounds you’d like to start your day to.

The eye-care light acts as an LED night lamp with three levels of intensity from warm to white. The multi-functional design comes with an easy set-up guide so it’s also suitable for anyone who isn’t confident with technology. This eye-car setting allows you to easily adjust the brightness to your preference for different occasions. Use it to warm the mood, or protect your eyes whilst reading or relaxing at night.

We also love that this alarm clock features a sleep aid wake-up light. The unique sunset simulation function comes in a reddish orange light which emits a weak light to help you sleep. When the light turns off, it’s a gently reminder to drift off to sleep. It’s safe enough to use as a night light, baby night light and even an emergency light. You can use it indoors and outdoors too, so it’s suitable for a variety of occasions.

2. AIAI Alarm Clock Charger

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This alternative alarm clock is easier and quicker to set up than the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock. It comes with four levels of LCD dimming on a 4.3-inch LCD large font display for easy readability during the day or at night. We love this feature because it’s well-suited to anyone who struggles to read the time in the middle of the night. It’s also a great alternative for anyone who’s looking for a basic alarm clock without flamboyant, colour displays.

It’s more focused to charging devices simultaneously as acting as an alarm clock. The backlight of the screen with illuminate all the time just like a bed lamp, which is a useful feature if you often wake up in the night or feel the comfort of light in your room. The USB charging port can charge an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone and tablets by the wall outlet. It also comes with 3 x AAA batteries for help to ensure accurate time during a power failure, or if the cord breaks.

This 3-in-1 charging cable is included for charging your Android/Apple device. This alarm clock comes with the option to adjust the backlight setting so you can choose the brightness when you want to see the time in middle of the night. As a result, it doesn’t affect or damage your eyes like phones can in contrast to dark rooms.

3. Homtime Alarm Clark with a Wireless Charger 

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We love this alarm clock because it’s designed by Homtime – a company established in 2000. This clock offers full lines of alarm clock radio with a charging function, Bluetooth speakers with a USB charging port and a MFi certified iPhone docking station. We love that this product also acts as a Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock and radio which can meet all of your daily requirements. With a built-in powerful, high-quality speaker, you can enjoy listening to your favourite music every day.

The wireless charging point is a great touch for charging your cell phone, and it’s even compatible with the iPhone X and 8, which some of the other best alarm clocks aren’t. With a wireless charging function, it means you don’t need messy cables lying around, but you don’t have to worry about your device running out of charge. The Bluetooth connectivity means you can play music from your cell phone or tablet wirelessly. The hands-free function enables you to answer phone calls freely, without removing your cell phone from the alarm clock.

If you own two devices, don’t worry, because this alarm clock comes with a built-in USB charging port on the back of the device for charging two devices at the same time. With a built-in surge protection, it protects against overcharging, surges and overheating, to ensure the delivery of steady power output to your device(s).

4. Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

hassh sunrise alarm clock, hassh sunrise alarm clock review, hassh sunrise alarm, hassh sunrise clock

Designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, this alarm clock is an excellent alternative to the Hassh Sunrish Alarm Clock for a handful of reasons. We love that this stylish clock doesn’t contain plastic parts on the front or sides and no buttons to offer a stylish character. The voice or hand-clap control function is highly useful to customize the alarm clock to your lifestyle. It also offers more functions such as the temperature. The LED lights glow through the wooden finish and it’s always off unless you clap or tap the clock. This is a perfect setup if you’re sensitive to light and want a dim-dark setup at night.

This clock is also designed with practicality in mind. That means the dimensions are small enough to fit anywhere and large enough to see from across the room. The bright, large LED display isn’t just attractive and contemporary, but a great way to see the clock without hurting your eyes in poor lighting.

You can programme up to three alarms to ensure you always awake on time. This is also a great feature for people who wake up at different times of the day. Unlike the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock, you can turn off the alarm(s) on the weekend easily. Simply press the SET key for three seconds to enter the setup. Use the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys to adjust and navigate according to the chosen day.

5. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

 hassh sunrise alarm clock, hassh sunrise alarm clock review, hassh sunrise alarm, hassh sunrise clock

This alarm clock incorporates waking up naturally with a coloured sunrise and wake-up light. Inspired by nature’s sunrise, this light uses a unique combination of light therapy and sound to wake you in a natural way. The morning light colour adjusts from soft dawn reds to warm orange to bright yellow. We love that this is designed by sleep specialists and over 100 years’ lighting expertise to make your morning even more peaceful.

Although this only features 5 calming wake-up sounds, this device is clinically proven to help you wake up more refreshed and energetic. You can also tap to snooze the alarm. However, we doubt you’ll need this feature as you’ll awake ready for the day.

This Philips device also features a back-up alarm for at least 9 hours in the event of a power failure. By maintaining an internal clock setting, you don’t need to worry about a power-cut making you oversleep.

The Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock promises better sleep tonight and a happier wake-up tomorrow.

With so many amazing features, it’s hard to define in a few sentences why you should purchase the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock. However, we love the sunrise and sunset simulation to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling bright and refreshed. The changing colours is also a great feature to alter the mood in your room.

After reading its features and the advantages of owning one, would you purchase the Hassh Sunrise Alarm Clock? Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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