HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera Review: Dependable and Discreet

When it comes to home security, new technology means leaps and advancements in the industry, the latest of which is the network home camera.

Today we’re looking at the HawkCam Pro home security camera, a small wireless-enabled camera that can be joined with others to create a home network. These cameras can keep your property safe from prowlers, help you monitor older or younger family members, and help you keep one foot in your house no matter where you go. Today, you can’t visit a retail shop or even many public streets where there isn’t some sort of video surveillance. Yet, despite what science fiction warned us about, the effect on our lives has been negligible. Well, except it has gotten a lot harder to get away with crimes, especially in public or commercial spaces. Yet, on the front lines sits the HawkCam Pro home security camera ready to help homeowners keep pace with the changing tech landscape. 

There are no shortage of wireless-enabled home cameras to use, however some are difficult to set up or require a monthly subscription fee (and sometimes both!). What makes the HawkCam Pro home security camera so unique is that it was a small business founded to deploy this technology for people who want simpler home security. Also, thanks to how versatile and dynamic the features and benefits of this camera are, the HawkCam Pro home security camera can be used for so much more than security.

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

A Bit About the HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera

The home security industry is undergoing a massive shift, thanks to changing technology. Before we talk about the HawkCam Pro home security camera specifically, let’s look at how we got here. From closed-circuit cameras to low resolution webcams to modern home security cameras, the tech is what drives this business.

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

Who Makes the HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera?

The company behind the HawkCam Pro home security camera is known as Falcon Watch, and it didn’t start out as a security company. It was in 2013 that the company’s founders realized they needed some way to monitor their elderly parents. They looked into the companies on the market already, but they balked at the idea of paying subscription fees.

So, they decided to start their own company that would provide this sort of service without any kind of subscription. The idea is to take these cameras and apply the technology that people already have in their homes, specifically a wireless network. Since then they’ve offered their baseline and premium cameras to others who want to monitor family, watch their home while away, or spy on their kids after school.

History of the Home Security Camera

Just two decades ago, the idea of an elaborate home security system, complete with cameras, was just for the really rich or really paranoid. Yet, over the past 25 years, technological advances both with cameras and other smart tech, anyone can have a home security system worthy of the best 1990s movie villains. Only instead of large, boxy closed-circuit cameras today’s home security cameras are small and sleek. These little miracle devices not only hold a high-resolution camera but also can connect to wireless networks and stream the feed right to your phone.

There are a number of companies who advertise on television with snarky portrayals of tech-savvy homeowners confronting “burglars” in the act. However, most of these companies are subscription-based. Yet, the technology exists for you to be able to do many of these services on your own. If you want to have a security subscription for an added layer of protection, that’s up to you. But mostly all your HawkCam Pro home security camera is going to catch is your cats or dogs playing while you’re at work. And while we’re sure there is no price too high to pay for that live-streamed cuteness, you don’t have to. 

What Are the Best Uses for the HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera?

The best use for the HawkCam Pro home security camera is right there in the name. This camera’s small size makes it easy to place in almost any situation, and the versatile stand it comes with makes installing it into place very simple. The camera itself is smaller than a GoPro, so if you are using it to observe employees without their knowledge, it is easy to hide. Of course, we have to say here that you must check your local laws before doing so, even in your own home. You may have to provide notice to employees that by entering your home they may be recorded. If you are going to use the HawkCam Pro home security camera or any camera, really, it’s best to just be open about it.

However, this is more than just a security camera. You can set up the camera to activate when it senses motion and alert you on your smartphone. The built-in microphone and speaker would even allow you to talk to someone on your porch, for example, in real time. If you have older children who can be left alone but still want to keep an eye on them, this is a great option. It also works great if you want to set-up and run a long-term live-stream. Set up one on your property when building a house, and when you’re finished you could have a nice time-lapse video of your home being built. With these amazing tiny cameras, the market hasn’t even finished figuring out all the possible uses for technology like this. 

Who Needs a HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera?

Homeowners and family are the primary users in mind for the HawkCam Pro home security camera. These little HD sentries can be posted on your property and in your house to record what happens when you are away. If there is a home invasion, you will be alerted and the images will be saved both on the local memory and your phone. Of course, it need not be that dramatic. If your kids are old enough to come home from school and do their own thing until you get home, the HawkCam Pro home security camera lets you keep an eye on what they are up to.

However, beyond homeowners and families, anyone who enjoys an interesting piece of mobile camera technology should look into these devices. You could set one up at a bird’s nest to document the life cycle or use it to check in on your dog throughout the day. The two-way microphone feature means, in theory, you could talk to your dog at work. Every dog owner alive would want that option. Ultimately, these products are great for security but can be used for observation, science, internet content creation, or even art. It’s a fun piece of technology even if you have no real specific need for a camera for home security. 

Features and Benefits of the HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera

Just looking at the product, you’d think we’d be hard-pressed to describe any distinctive features at all. However, the HawkCam Pro home security camera’a sleek appearance and simple façade hide behind it a powerhouse of tiny camera technology. This versatile little device does much more than meet the eye.

1. HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera Works Day or Night

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

If the unfortunate happens and someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, a camera might not do much good in the dark. Luckily, the HawkCam Pro home security camera senses when the light gets too low and switches to night vision. Everything is cast in a greyish-green glow as the ambient light is amplified. Color aside, you can make out very specific details in the images. Similarly, if you were using the camera to track the life cycle of bird’s nest on your porch, the night vision would allow the camera to capture the mother bird as she takes off before sunrise with her eyes on that early worm.

Day or night the camera comes equipped with a narrow angle lens capable of filming 1280 x 720 HD video. Now, don’t be fooled by the word “narrow” here. The lens on the HawkCam Pro home security camera delivers a “wide” image thanks to that lens. Some perception of depth is lost in the image, meaning the room look bigger or smaller than it really is. It also helps to keep the images sharp even when you zoom in. This allows for better camera coverage of the space you are monitoring. Be mindful of where the camera is in relation to sun light, because glare can be a problem, usually as the sun moves into just the right spot to really blind the camera.

2. HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera Motion-Activation

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

Any security camera with its salt needs to be motion activated. A much bigger problem in the past, when videotapes or film was limited, motion activation helps the camera only record what it needs to. The HawkCam Pro home security camera is no different, because it comes with a motion activation system. However, it’s much more than just that. The camera doesn’t just switch on, but you can set it to alert you when it detects movement. Using the built-in speaker and microphone, you can then engage with whomever it is on the other end. Conversely, if you need to, you can contact authorities within seconds in the case of home invasion, fire, or anything else. Using the app, you can establish areas that will trigger an immediate alert if motion is detected there, like say your back door. An alarm will also be sent if the camera detects that its lens is suddenly occluded. 

Think about the possibilities. You could be out at the store, and if someone knocks at your door you could have an entire conversation with them. No one’s time is wasted, and you have peace of mind. Or you could use the HawkCam Pro home security camera to keep a watchful on your kids as they do homework at the dining room table. You can use the two-way microphone to even announce to them that you are on your way home with pizza for a reward. The motion-activation is also great for pet watching. If your dogs or cats get active you can be alerted. You can just tune in for a cuteness break or, if something is wrong, get help. Even though with digital video recording there is no “film” to waste, motion activation is the best way to make sure that you capture everything you need to see.

3. HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera Works Wirelessly

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

Thus far, most of the features and benefits of the HawkCam Pro home security camera haven’t been entirely groundbreaking. Things like motion detection and night vision have been used in cameras before and will be since. Yet, what truly makes these modern cameras something akin to miraculous is how they work with those little miracles we carry around in our pockets. The HawkCam Pro home security camera is able to use your home’s wireless internet network to help you stay connected to your home, no mater where you are. You can view up to four cameras at a time on your smartphone and as many as 64 cameras at once on a laptop. The example for why someone would want to do this is always that someone breaks in or tries the door. But there are other uses for this.

Maybe your daughter wanted to make a big change and decided to go to college halfway across the country. Since you can add multiple users to a camera, she could effectively “drop in” at home any time. When she gets homesick or school gets tough, it could be a huge comfort to just see home for a little bit. Maybe you have an aquarium she loved or the view from her room. You could set this up for her as a constant livestream so she could always get a little slice of home no matter where she is. Sure, this will help you communicate with delivery workers or people casing the joint for a break-in. But using this amazing technology for silly things, like watching the family cats play or pranking your little brother is what makes this really magical.

4. HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera’s Simple Set-Up

The concept of how the HawkCam Pro home security camera and others like it work is pretty easy to understand. The camera records what it does on the Micro SD card that serves as local memory, while also livestreaming it via your wireless network so you can check in live. However, to actually get a bunch of cameras to do this can be a real challenge. In fact, the set-up and troubleshooting are big part of how those other companies convince users to pony up for a subscription fee every month. With this in mind, the manufacturers are perhaps most proud of how easy these cameras are to set up, even if you aren’t that technologically savvy. The whole process is documented in the easy-to-follow video above.

These cameras work with a proprietary smartphone application which you can download from your phone’s app store. Once the application is on your phone, you have to pair the camera with both your network and the app. You can usually do this in seconds by simply scanning the QR code that should be both on the box and the camera itself. If this doesn’t work, you can manually enter the ID to add the camera to your network. When you plug in the camera if you see three quick blinks followed by a long one, that means the camera is booting up. This takes about two minutes. A steady, slow blink means the camera is ready to be configured, and when the blue light is just on it means your camera is ready to go.

What People Are Saying About the HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera

The HawkCam Pro home security camera is generally well-reviewed with 75 percent of reviewers rating it as four- or five-stars. What’s interesting is that the things that’re most consistently praised are what reviewers who rated it poorly are angry about. The camera image and functionality all work as advertised. Those who did run into issues rave about the customer support they received, often leading to replacement cameras being sent out. Users were very impressed at how quickly they were able to set up the network of cameras. They also like how easy-to-use the app is, though some Mac and iPhone users struggle where Android and Windows phone users don’t. The customer service effort at HawkCam is led by a man named Ray, who gets by-name shout-outs in some of the reviews.


  • plus
    Super-fast set-up
  • plus
    Responsive, personal customer service
  • plus
    720p video and images


  • close
    Some connectivity issues with specific routers/settings
  • Fatal hardware issues in some cameras

When the HawkCam Pro home security camera works as it is supposed to, it is essentially a flawless product. However, as with any product, some of the cameras don’t work as they are supposed to. In these cases, the customer service team says to contact them for a replacement. Though this customer service team is small, so if rudeness and anger fly in the conversation, there is no hanging up and getting through to someone else. Unless you happen to get a defective product, this camera works as advertised or better. The HawkCam Pro home security camera come with a lifetime warranty, including parts and labor for repair. 

Alternatives to the HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera to Consider

Maybe doing it all yourself and working closely with Ray and the other folks at Falcon Watch’s customer support doesn’t sound good to you. Maybe you understand why some folks might pay a monthly fee for convenience or just want a different product. Below you will find some to consider.

1. Arlo Q Security Camera

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

Whereas the HawkCam Pro home security camera is simplistic and unassuming, the Arlo Q is unique and demands to be looked at. The diamond shape, stark white housing, and futuristic design makes it look like a lovable (by maybe sinister a little bit?) AI friend from a 1990s sci-fi B-movie. The Arlo Q can record video in full 1080p high definition, and it can also pair with smart products like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. If you are willing to pay more, you can even use the Arlo Q to record a continuously all day and night. 

2. Amazon Cloud Cam

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

As part of the recent spate of Amazon smart products, the cloud cam is the company’s version of a home camera. This camera comes with essentially all of the other features as the rest of them. However, what it also comes with that the others don’t have is its relationship to Amazon smart products. Using your Amazon Cloud Cam, you can get alerts or check in on other Amazon devices. For example, if you are using the Cloud Cam as a baby monitor, you can ask your Echo Show to bring up that feed. Similarly, if you are on vacation reading a book on your fire, the Cloud Cam can directly connect to it. If you want all of your smart tech to be the same, the Amazon suite of products is not a bad way to go. 

​3. Nest Wall Mounted Security Camera

hawkcam pro home security camera, hawkcam pro home security camera review

Perhaps your problem is simply that you just need an outside camera and aren’t sure the HawkCam Pro home security camera can withstand the elements. Look to a Nest wall-mounted model. These are smart devices that have many of the same options as the others but in a housing resistant to the worst weather conditions. Also, despite how it looks, this is not a camera that is easy to mount outdoors in one place and then move to another. When you pick your spot, that’s where it will stay.

The HawkCam Pro home security camera does everything you want a device like this to do with no hidden fees or subscriptions.

Living in an age of nearly constant technological miracles can seem daunting. It seems like just as soon as you understand the state of the world, everything changes. The idea of networked cameras constantly-watching your home might seem like something out of George Orwell’s darkest nightmares. If it were the government or some giant corporation forcing them into our homes? Well that might be a different story. But right now, it’s a diverse marketplace full of competitors who let users keep their private video private. However, should something unfortunate happen or should you need to keep an eye on things from afar, the HawkCam Pro home security camera is a game-changer.

What do you think? Share your thoughts, reactions, and experiences in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media if you enjoyed it, so you can get your friends in on the conversation. 

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