All You Need To Know About Hermes Scarves Before Your Next Purchase

Hermes scarves are classic, functional, and made for all occasions.  

If you are a scarf lover, then there is no greater joy than owning some of the best ones, irrespective of the price. And if you have yet to add Hermes scarves to your collection, then you need to know all about them. We'll explore this legendary brand along with a few of our favorite pieces in the collection.

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

All About Beautiful Hermes Scarves

We have collected the most detailed information you can get on Hermes scarves and present it in an easy to read form. Check out the list of questions and answers below.

What are Hermes scarves?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Generally, a scarf is worn around the head or neck. It stands for religious sentiment, fashion, or to shield against weather. Among all accessories, what makes a scarf standout is its multiple uses. You can cover your head, flaunt it as a style statement, or block out a harsh wind.

With the growing popularity of scarves in the 1900s, most garment manufacturers tried to give handkerchiefs a new dimension. From the little scarf, it took the shape of a stylish accessory that was a beautiful accompaniment.

Hermes scarves came into being in 1937 and have been consistently featured among the best scarves to own. Hermes is renowned for their attention to detail, excellent design, and fashion-forward work. Also popular among scarf lovers is the ample variety and the unique designs that lend an artistic beauty.

The History of Hermes Scarves

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Hermes has reinvented the way scarves are perceived since 1937. The French luxury company began with bridles and harnesses for horses before changing their focus to luxury handbags and scarves.

Robert Dumas designed the first scarf in 1937. Since the prominent customers were the elite, the scarves also took off with celebrities and royalty alike. What’s interesting to note is the popularity among the fixtures such as Queen Elizabeth and also Audrey Hepburn.

This popularity spurned the interest of many women the world over.  Over the last eight decades, Hermes has attempted to cater to this niche audience even while widening its range. This made way for innovative and relevant designs, better artwork, and improved craft driven by innovation.

How are Hermes Scarves Made?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Hermes has been successful in keeping interest alive primarily due to focus on the way the scarf is made.One Hermes scarf is given the due time and diligence of 18 months to finish the designs of hand-artists who illustrate the pieces. It is often also used in artwork.

The design is only the start to this meticulous work. With 27 distinct colors adorning each scarf, it takes awhile to screen paint each of the colors. While originally from France, the scarves' popularity has made it a global brand name.

How Have Hermes Scarves Evolved?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Over the years, Hermes scarves have evolved to include more sizes and varieties. The main dimensions include 16” X 16”, 36 x 36” and 55” X 55”. However, the core process and the shape of a square for all the scarves remains intact.

One scarf is prepared with the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. Even as the designs appear relevant in today’s time, they are inspired by the ancient motifs and illustrations from developing countries. To date, the scarves are hand-stitched at the corners, a feature sought after by Hermes loyalists.

Of course, there are replicas or fake Hermes scarves on the market. Hermes has a unique tag that is stitched to identify the genuine from the fake.

What Makes Hermes Scarves Unique?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Hermes scarves come with the promise of a valuable product that justifies its price. Not only do you get a great product, but also the highest standards.

Because due care has been taken on the quality, Hermes lives up to its name. It has managed to thrive even amongst fierce competition globally. Even today, it is the preferred choice of the elite.

Besides, its intricate work is well known in the industry. Without a doubt, most Hermes scarf owners share a sense of pride in owning one. What makes it unique is the stand-out designs and artistic blend. The beautiful designs carry forward the traditional motifs that are often centuries old. This makes it a rare possession filled with nostalgia and happiness.

Why Should You Invest in a Hermes Scarf?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

If your preferences are limited to some of the best scarves in the industry, then you know that Hermes scarves come with the best brand name. Reliability, durability, and reputation follow Hermes. And it’s for this reason that people keep coming back for more. These scarves receive high recommendations, especially from loyal customers.

Because they are classy, timeless and well-reputed, these scarves are suitable for long-term use. Even if you don’t consider yourself wealthy enough to own one,your sophistication will come through when you flaunt Hermes scarves.

What are the Uses of an Hermes Scarf?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Even when you're in a rush to reach the office, an easy styly statement is to wrap the Hermes scarf around your neck. Another great way is to tie a simple bow with the square-shaped Hermes scarves. Or, if you are late for a party and need to up your style quotient, then wrap it around your waist with a bow or a flower pattern as you please.

Moreover, if you have just landed in a cold place and need to protect yourself while looking stylish, an Hermes scarves can be a lifesaver. No matter where you have been and where you are headed, glam yourself up with your Hermes scarf. The best part? These accessories are not just for women, but also for men or children.

Where Will You See Hermes Scarves?

Fashion Month

Credit: Modalisboa, Wikimedia Commons

Luxurious Hermes scarves are not just a part of our daily lives, but they also make themselves known in many elite events. Some of them include fashion shows, club openings in major cities, and luxury store openings. This is fitting because the beauty of designing silks is an essential part of the fashion industry. Because these events and shows attract a lot of positive attention and excitement among fans and well-wishers, it gains a massive following in a brief time.

Why Do Women Love Hermes Scarves?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Often, women love looking up to new power symbols. You may have noticed influential women pairing accessories with suits and shoes. In recent times, women are trying to balance this power symbol with a soft touch. Hermes scarves achieve this perfectly as they help women feel more feminine and stylish.

Hermes scarves are seen on many well known corporate women, making it a vivid accessory. They create a feeling of likability, good choice, and refined taste. And it doesn't have to be limited to just yourself, as Hermes scarves make a beautiful gift. 

How Do Men Use Hermes Scarves?

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When it comes to Hermes scarves, men don’t need to rely on the artistic design for femininity. Instead, Hermes has an entire line just for men. You'll find options in cashmere, wool, silk force, and centrifuge Hermes scarves.

Often, men like to wear Hermes scarves either with a sweater or inside the jacket. The 140 square centimeter size can be beautifully worn as a replacement for a tie.

Among other aspects, men also like to flaunt their style, even if it is subtle. And this makes it interesting because Hermes scarves go along well during office hours and in a casual setting too. Patchwork designs, bike designs, and abstract gear and chains are sure to please even the most fashionable man.

What About Kids and Hermes Scarves?

 Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

While Hermes have many items for kids including baby blankets, bibs, bath wraps, place-mats and many more, there is no reason that you cannot use your Hermes scarves on kids.

If your scarf has been lying in your closet for a long time, pull it out to play dress-p with your kids. Or, use it to shield your babies from harsh weather. Alternatively, if you have a mature kid who is extremely fond of silk, then an Hermes scarf is an investment piece sure to last for years.

By gifting an Hermes scarf to your children, you leave behind a legacy worth sharing. Most kids will love showing off their new possessions to their friends. 

What are Some Fun Ways to Sse Hermes Scarves?

Before you go shopping for the best Hermes scarves, check out these fun ways to use your favorite Hermes scarf.

  • Try the classic pull through or the rolled loop.
  • Braid it, use it as a shawl, or a knotted shawl.
  • Indulge in a double-sided twist of flaunting it like a French knot.
  • For a no jewelry look, do the knotted necklace. ​
  • Go for a more polished look by draping it over the shoulder with unequal sides. ​
  • Loop the longer end twice around your neck in the same direction.​

Whichever way you decide to wear the scarf, you cannot go wrong with one of the most luxurious brands around your neck.

The Best Hermes Scarves for You

Now that you know all about Hermes scarves and how to rock them, it's time to explore a few of the most beautiful options. Additionally, we'll teach you how to care for your investment to ensure years of quality wear.

1. L'Esprit de la Foret

Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

L'Esprit de la Foret scarf 90 is made in France with a size of 36 inches X 36 inches. It is of silk twill and feature hand rolled edges. It goes with any outfit and can be worn in a variety of ways.

2. Les Nouveaux Amoureux de Paris 

  Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Hermes scarves

Les Nouveaux Amoureux de Paris scarf 90 is 100 percent silk. It is a Hermes accessory which goes with any outfit. Wrap it around your neck or even your waist.

How to Preserve an Hermes Scarf

  Hermes scarves, Hermes scarf, Hermes women’s scarves, Hermes scarf price

Because the Hermes scarves come pre-washed, there is no immediate need to wash it once you buy it. Hence it comes with a velvet and matte touch with a perfect vintage look.

However, if you have to wash it, ensure you put the washer and dryer in delicate mode for a slow cycle. If you are a Hermes scarves collector never ignore these critical points.

Please look at the instructions carefully. Avoid rough wash or rubbing the scarf while washing. Don’t squeeze the water out. Instead, keep it on a dry towel to draw the water out. And if you have to iron, avoid high heat. Avoid storing your accessory in damp places.

Hermes scarves are a stylish personal companion that leaves a legacy behind. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best information on Hermes scarves.

If you own Hermes scarves do share with us your experience on it. And if you are yet to introduce Hermes scarves to anyone else, we do hope you will share this post with them!

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