Hotel Flor de Sarta Review: Quality Nicaraguan Accommodation in Great Location

There are few hotels where you feel luxurious yet surprisingly comfortable. Hotel Flor de Sarta is one of them.

Hotel Flor de Sarta is an often visited hotel in Leon, Nicaragua. But it’s not without reason that it has become a tourist favorite. It is four blocks from Leon Cathedral along Avenida Central. It is known for its warm hospitality, excellent services, and an excellent location.

However, it does have to compete with other hotels in the vicinity. So, if you are wondering whether your stay here is going to be worth it, we go through some of the details on Hotel Flor de Sarta to help you understand what’s unique about it.

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

A Little About ​​Hotel Flor de Sarta

What makes Hotel Flor de Sarta super special is the warm welcome and excellent service at every step of your stay. It exists because the owner and the staff have taken adequate care of the guests and have all the facilities for a comfortable stay without compromising on the ambiance and quiet atmosphere.

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

Background about Hotel Flor de Sarta

Nestled in a beautiful colonial style building, Hotel Flor de Sarta is owned by Benjamin and Sandrien. He and his team are courteous to all guests and are open to the idea of suggesting the best way to go around Leon and enjoy the place.

For any assistance, they are more than willing to go out of their way. So much so, that in the face of any unforeseen circumstance, the hotel continues to provide excellent service without letting it interfere with the guests and their stay. This boutique hotel is centrally located without allowing the noise and heat get to you.

Why should you take a trip to Hotel de Sarta?

Indeed a most often asked question is why to choose Hotel Flor de Sarta. Of course, you are free to go around and check with other hotels. However, there is a distinct reason that travelers don’t mind coming here every time. It’s undoubtedly the reason that tourists don’t mind giving a high rating and leave the place with memorable experiences.

Among the most commonly known reasons are the clean and well-kept accommodation, dining facilities, and amenities that are just right for the weather. We take you through some of the features you can expect on your visit to Hotel Flor de Sarta.

Features & Benefits of ​Hotel Flor de Sarta ​Review

If there’s one hotel in Nicaragua that stands out, it is the Hotel Flor de Sarta for its attention to minute details that make your stay a sure standout among other hotels.

1. Accommodations

The accommodations are spacious and have been designed keeping in mind the adequate space. Of course, the comforting color combinations are soothing and relaxing. You can choose to stay in a double room, junior suite, familiar room, or deluxe suite.

​Double Room

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

The double room has been aesthetically built keeping in mind the color contrast, modern amenities, and comfort. The room is spacious with an excellent quality king-sized bed. Also, one look at the room and you know the well-coordinated curtains, bedding and walls are not a coincidence.

Besides the super comfortable bed, the room has an LCD TV, noiseless air conditioner and Italian bathroom. And, this room for two also has a ceiling fan and mosquito net for some fresh breeze.

​Junior Suite

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

The Junior Suite accommodates three people. As such, it can be three adults or two adults and one kid. Also, the comfortable queen-sized bed comes along with a sofa in the room. It is well-equipped room and has soft colors, ceiling fan, air conditioner if you please. The side table is within reach for a late night read.

Familiar Room

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

The familiar room makes you feel at home. With its two queen-sized beds, or one king sized bed and two individual beds as you please, you can enjoy some family time in this room. Even as it accommodates more people, you will not feel claustrophobic with the spacious room. The well-ventilated room with ceiling fan and air conditioner are inviting. Of course, the television can keep your kids occupied even as you look at your schedule on the desk placed in the room.

Deluxe Suite

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

If you aspire to a private and more intimate place at Hotel Flor de Sarta, you will not be disappointed with the deluxe suite. Sure, you do have the king-sized bed for two and air conditioner and ceiling fans like the other rooms. However, what sets this apart is the walking closet and minibar. Another plus here is the pool is right near the room on the second floor and gives you the privacy you need.   

2. Dining

The dining here is limited to breakfast. However, don’t be disappointed since there are many eating options within walking distance nearby.

​Room service

hotel flor de sarta

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Angel Ramos

The room service is catered with utmost care. Once you arrive, you get a fresh welcome drink that is delicious and refreshing. Room service is prompt. The owners are genuine and look after your needs. Here the breakfast is deliciously aromatic and will leave you asking for more. You are spoilt for choice with homemade salsa, bacon, homemade bread, fresh juice, coffee, tea, and French breakfast if you desire.

​Local eating options

Hotel Flor de Sarta might not have lunch and dinner options, but there are plenty of local eateries located within walking distance from Hotel Flor de Sarta. While there are many restaurants nearby, we have selected the best three for variety. Cusco Collao Ceviche Gastrobar, El Bodegon, El Desayunazo.

Cusco Collao Ceviche Gastrobar

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Trip Advisor

If you are fond of ceviche and fish, then this should be your first destination around Hotel Flor de Sarta. Now, the interiors match a European restaurant even as you enjoy the deliciously cooked food. This highly rated small place has friendly staff and a cooked to perfection dishes.

El Bodegon

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Trip Advisor

With colorful interiors, El Bodegon is a great place to visit. It has lots of fruits and vegetables. Of course, if you enjoy non-vegetarian dishes, you won’t be disappointed. A highly recommended dish is the pork with boiled yucca and onions. Another great feature is the option to have dinner served in six different ways.

El Desayunazo

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Trip Advisor

El Desayunazo is known for an overall excellent experience with excellent service, good food, and even more gracious staff. Also, the moderately priced menu is easy on your budget. You will be happy with the large portions and lip-smacking breakfast.

Another plus is that you will find not only tourists but also locals who come to enjoy the tasty breakfast. Along with the pancakes you can also enjoy bacon, eggs and hash brown on a leisure day with some excellent company.

3.  Amenities

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Hotel Flor de Sarta

Besides the excellent food, the Hotel Flor de Sarta has many facilities. Some of them are a 24-hour front desk, free WiFi, garden, terrace, shared lounge, and laundry.


If you love enjoying some time in the pool, Hotel Flor de Sarta will not disappoint. As the pool is well-maintained, clean and beautifully kept, you will enjoy the place. It is usually a quiet place for guests to relax and chill in the hot Leon weather. Of course, this cool relaxation gets even better since the management allows pets in the hotel. Once out of the pool you can enjoy a relaxed time with your pet.

Free Parking and Airport Shuttle

Another advantage of staying at Hotel Flor de Sarta is that you get free parking. So, if you are driving and coming to Leon, you can be assured of a safe place for your vehicle. The airport shuttle is another advantage of staying at Hotel Flor de Sarta. It lets you travel safe and in time without having to search for a shuttle at any time of the day or night.

What ​Travelers Have to Say About ​​Hotel Flo​r de Sarta

With all the great things about Hotel Flor de Sarta its does appear that it is equipped and well-maintained to give you an excellent service. However, to be sure that we give you the right details, we have searched for online reviews and Hotel Flor de Sarta and there were no surprises. Hotel Flor de Sarta has indeed made a remarkable impression on guests for an overwhelmingly positive response.


  • plus
    Excellent and consistent service
  • plus
    Delicious breakfast
  • plus
    Free parking and pets allowed


  • close
    Dinner and lunch not served on premises

Even as you contemplate whether the walk for dinner or lunch is worth it, we can suggest a healthy two-minute walk to a nearby restaurant. You will cherish the memories in this quiet and serene place of Leon.

Alternatives to Hotel Flor de Sarta to Consider

It’s possible you are looking for more amenities or something that might not be there in Hotel Flor de Sarta. Do check these hotels nearby Hotel Flor de Sarta if they are your ideal stay location.

1. Casa de los Berrios

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Trip Advisor

Located in the center, Casa de los Berrios is close to all tourist places. And, like Hotel Flor de Sarta, Casa de los Berrios is also a family run business. The owners are friendly and go out of their way to make you comfortable. You can avail of excellent breakfast and stay in a well-made room.

The rooms are clean and have all the essential amenities: air conditioner, free WiFi, free parking, pets are allowed, and you also get the laundry service. It is also moderately priced thereby making it a budget-friendly hotel for you in case of a short or a long trip. Most visitors have an excellent experience at Casa de los Berrios and would love to revisit the place. 

2. Hostal Casa San Jose

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Trip Advisor

Hostal Casa San Jose is a well-made hotel with all necessary facilities. If it’s your first time in Leon, they have many amenities to make you feel at home. They include free parking, free WiFi, a family room and non-smoking rooms. Also, they have facilities for disabled guests. Since the nearest airport, the Augusto Cesar Sandino, is 84 km from Hostal Casa San Jose, the airport shuttle is a blessing. It means you have one less thing to worry about.

Like Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Casa San Jose has well-equipped rooms with a flat-screen television, private bathroom and air conditioner with a desk in the room. Also, a patio and overlooking garden makes for a scenic view of the hotel. However, unlike Hostel Flor de Sarta, Hostal Casa San Jose does not have a French-inspired breakfast. Instead, you can enjoy an American breakfast in the beautiful confines of Hostal Casa San Jose. 

3. Hotel Cacique Adiact

Hotel Flor de Sarta, Hotel Flor de Sarta Review

Credit: Trip Advisor

Situated in Leon, Nicaragua Hotel Cacique Adiact is an ecotel with a two bedroom apartment with large beds, air conditioner and private bathrooms which are clean. Enjoy the breakfast in the private balcony overlooking the large swimming pool.  There is a beautiful garden that goes with the quiet surroundings.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced hotel, this is just right for you. Along with free WiFi, free parking, you also have breakfast included in your package. Also, the hotel is within walking distance and easily accessible to all places for a quick bite or for a lavish lunch or dinner in the nearby restaurants. 

Hotel Flor de Sarta is a surprise package if you haven’t been there. Once you stay at Hotel Flor de Sarta, you leave with memories and a desire to visit again.

The Hotel Flor de Sarta is something you rarely get to see for hotels. Not only is the service excellent, the reviews are overwhelming. It is something we all aspire to have for a holiday.

​We hope this review has helped you learn about Hotel Flor de Sarta and will inspire you to take a trip to Leon soon. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments!

If you know of someone wanting to experience the beautiful Nicaragua, share this Hotel Flor de Sarta review with them!

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