12 Italian Cars to Satisfy Your Need for Speed

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Italian cars epitomize the essence of living luxuriously.

We've long known that when it comes to certain things -- pizza, love, and fashion -- Italians have an upper-hand. Their passion and zest for life infuses each and every fiber of the country's culture. Thus, it's no surprise that this unparalleled quality and craftsmanship extends far beyond the stereotypical associations that come to mind when one mentions Italy. In fact, perhaps no other industry permeates and crosses international borders more so than the influence of Italian cars -- particularly in the luxury sector. To celebrate the sleek horsepower you've come to expect of Italian cars, we've compiled some of the hottest Italian cars on Instagram right now!

Alfa Romeo

Despite being manufactured in Italy, this world-renowned "Italian" brand, actually began as the brainchild of Frenchman Alexandre Darracq. Established in 1910 in Milan, Italy, the brand has been racing since 1911 and developing sporty vehicles ever since. 

This silver bullet not only looks sleek, it also hugs the road.

Call this aerodynamic baby, "White Lightning"! Although built for racing, this model is undeniably perfect for sunset drives.


Based out of Maranello, Italy, Ferrari got it's start with Enzo Ferrari in 1947. 
Best known for their sports cars, Ferrari embodies the qualities of Italian luxury and craftsmanship.

Each curve gives a new emotion. #Ferrari #812Superfast #fastcar

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This car is bright and loud, but makes no apologies! A product of the Ferrari legacy, this Italian car is fond of the road.

Follow @noahg_fitness - Stealth Ferrari 488 ? Photo: @_jackdeane

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Next in our collection of Italian cars is this 00-stealthy! With a penchant for speed, this car is what shiny Ferrari dreams are made of. 


Founded in 1899, Fiat has stood the test of time. You likely recognize these Italian cars as the compact, sporty vehicles that have gained increasing popularity in the United States. Here are some of our favorites:

This statement Fiat is perfect for those in search of Italian luxury, yet who do not want to sacrifice functionality. Fiat delivers with this cross-over.

No matter where you roam, this hatchback from Fiat is sporty, stylish, and efficient. You can have it all!


Created in 1963 by way of  Ferruccio Lamborghini, Lamborghini has come to specialize in luxury supercars, sports cars, SUVS, tractors, and more. These Italian cars encompass the ideals of attention to detail and performance. 

This Tron style, Aventador is all lit up! Futuristic, fast, and fun -- Lamborghini checks all the boxes for Italian cars.

This galaxy wrap has us star-struck! Universally appealing, this Italian car is a match made in heaven. 


Since it's founding in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia, these Italian cars have faced a winding journey. The brand embraced the Fiat Group umbrella in 1969 before officially becoming Lancia Automobiles in 2007. Make no mistake though -- Lancia's Italian cars give competitors a run for their money.

This classic, red beaut from 1970 proves that Lancia lasts through the ages. Who says you can't teach an old car new tricks?

Lancia's small hatchback model shows an evolved side of Italian cars by offering a compact and functional version of its ultra-luxury peers and counterparts.


Maserati's Italian cars ooze luxury. Founded in Bologna, the company continues to live by its mantra of,  "Luxury, sports, and style cast in exclusive cars".

Maserati's Gran Turismo is a full-bodied glass of performance, style, and class. 

The Gran Cabrio celebrates everything we love about Italian cars. This model proves that it's down to ride! 

Italian cars are everything you need to get your from point A to point B.

What did you think of our round-up of the hottest Italian cars on Instagram right now? Drop us a comment below.

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