Juliette Has a Gun: Possibly the Most Luxurious Perfume Brand You Can Find

It’s a strange name for a perfume line and that’s fine. Juliette Has a Gun has established itself as a niche fragrance line relying on its sensual and complex scents. It’s a brand that doesn’t click with everyone, but there is plenty about this fragrance that appeals to the female demographic. The cover image of a faux-surly teen model mimicking the classic photos of Yves Saint Laurent’s le smoking suits, the praise of the ‘modern’ woman, the mix of citrus and gourmand notes – there’s something for anyone interested.

Nina Ricci’s grandson, Romano Ricci, is the brain behind the Juliette Has A Gun fragrance project. Founded in 2005, the innovative perfume line launched women’s fragrances based on rose scent. The inspiration is the classic rose – the best gift a man can give to the woman of his heart. It also references Shakespeare’s tragedy icon, Juliette. Even though modern Juliette is armed, the gun is a metaphor for perfume, which makes her equally romantic.

About Juliette Has A Gun

JHAS has intrigued the world. Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearian heroine has gone wild. She lives her short life while experiencing as many pleasures as she can. The Gun, her weapon of seduction, is meant to symbolize the liberation of women towards men, and if it sometimes tastes like revenge, there’s nothing wrong with that…

The concept behind Juliette Has A Gun is also highly influenced by the romantics. The result is a modern version of the classics, encouraging the reinvention of femininity in an ongoing quest. Created and designed by young Romano Ricci, Juliette Has A Gun is an independent brand with almost a decade of experience. According to the company’s philosophy, the creators are looking to approach perfumery as an art, which also inspired the limited distribution in concept stores, department stores or specialized perfumeries.

The original collection contains ten scents, a bullet-shaped Universal Purse Spray, and a line of 3 candles. However, JHAS plans to release more weapons of seduction, all under the brand’s motto: “Luxury, in its spicy and singular version. For women only.” The earlier Juliette Has A Gun edition was designed in 2006; the newest is from 2016.

Even though it started as a perfume brand, the independent designer also sells scented candles and accessories. Read on to find out some reviews about the most popular Juliette Has a Gun products, whether perfumes or other luxurious items you have your heart set on. For your convenience, we have added links to the JHAG store.


Starting off with a wave of bitter, woody citrus, this fragrance seems to distance itself from the traditional eau de cologne. Things get only more interesting with the emergence of something soapy-clean for the middle tones. But do not worry; if you’re not a fan of shower-fresh scents, the story goes on. Gentlewoman’s base tones evolve into a contrast between crisp, green citrus and soft, fuzzy almond. The result is a nice balance of coolness and warmth which doesn’t diffuse as fast as you would expect. In fact, Gentlewoman has very good staying power for a cologne-inspired fragrance.

Miss Charming

Didn’t we say Juliette Has A Gun has a little something for anyone? Miss Charming is the only scent in the collection that is somewhat “girlish,” but only at the first sniff. What starts with lots of light flowery notes and a little fruitiness quickly turns into something much less innocent. In fact, the perfume is both elegant and sensual, docile and provocative. It’s like a rose with spines, a fragrance that perfectly combines ingenuousness and lucidity. For the main ingredients, Miss Charming features Moroccan rose, musk, and red fruits. It’s the perfect gift for women who like to think of themselves as Holly Golightly or love Miss Dior Cherie, but want something less mainstream.

Lady Vengeance

Think of this scent like the big sister of Miss Charming. While it’s still pretty and floral, Lady Vengeance adds a deeper level, with a strong rose smell and a vintage feeling. The result is a perfect balance between richness and sophistication, relying on a surprising expression of femininity and confidence. The fragrance of Lady Vengeance is not just divinely sensual, it’s also enriched by the very elegant but thorny Bulgarian Rose. The patchouli, vanilla, and lavender are classy and contemporary. Buy it for yourself if you adore rose perfumes, and prefer fragrances with a vintage feel, like Shalimar.

Vengeance Extrême

Launched in 2011, Vengeance Extrême is a Chypre fragrance drawing its intensity from a surprising dosage of Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli, and Madagascar Vanilla. The scent suggests an evident sensuality, which is quickly followed by a zest of provocation. Available in 100 ml only and definitely not made for innocent tastes.


Anyway is an original formula featuring fifteen ingredients. It’s JHAS’ way of going right back to basics, keeping only the best of the best. A blend of woods, musks, and citrus notes, Anyway leaves a bright, subtle and persistent trail. And it’s not just another anonymous scent; Anyway is a signature fragrance, ready to blend in the feminine with the masculine. According to Romano Ricci, the new fragrance brings a breath of simplicity, freshness, and carefreeness. Unlike previous editions, Anyway’s Juliette doesn’t see men as pray but as partners in the big adventure of life. The main top notes include lime and neroli and, while jasmine dominates the heart. The base contains musk, and ambrox molecules.


Quite an onomatopoeic name for a perfume this new fragrance is both surprising and exciting. Packed in the classic brand bottle, Mmmm features a mouth-watering hint of red, enticing women who look for something strong and provocative. Mmmm… was launched in 2016 and became an instant hit. Among the main ingredients are sandalwood, vanilla, and orange blossom. Mixed together, they create a perfume with a strong staying power with a desire for more.

“MMMM… I was thinking about this indescribable onomatopoeia when I created the fragrance. Behind that sound, that murmur, pronounced almost internally, lies a world of hidden pleasures that goes beyond words… A gourmand accord of Vanilla and Neroli. An olfactive sweetness that regales the senses and provokes immediate pleasure. MMMM… is a forbidden fruit, advised, recommended even,” said Romano Ricci.

Not a Cofret

Not a Cofret is a special edition gift set that you could buy for your loved one knowing for sure they will love it. It contains the famous fragrance “Not A Perfume” and a travel spray. In the shape of a bullet (matching Juliette’s gun) and delivered with a funnel, the universal purse spray is perfect for when you’re on the go. Refillable with any fragrance, this tiny jewel is also practical, elegant, and the size of a lipstick. They say great things come in small packages and Juliette Has A Gun tends to agree.

Calamity J.

A serious fragrance sans the flowery or fruity notes, Calamity J. is a masculine fragrance dedicated to women. It’s dandy yet sophisticated. The soft woody top note of Patchouli becomes increasingly sensual with iris and amber at its heart. Although an eau de parfum, the fragrance only develops its volume once in contact with the warmth of the skin. Unlike the first three fragrances of the collection, Calamity J. is not based on rose. The new J comes off quite differently, adding a strong touch of musk in its base.

The fragrance has a fabulous presentation; it comes in a darker flacon painted with the characteristic rose with thorn and leaves in subtle nuances. Calamity J. is available in both 50 and 100 ml editions and can be the ideal gift for someone who loves men’s cologne, but wants something sexier. Don’t forget the cinnamon and nutmeg which mix in a delicious liquid gingersnap.

Citizen Queen

A fragrance for an edgy lady, both glamorous and intimidating. A woman that is a Beauty on her own, quite impossible to describe and utterly fascinating. That’s the inspiration for Citizen Queen, a perfume that is as mysterious as is addictive. Juliette is back and she warns Romeo that she’s more uncatchable than ever. With its aldehydes, leather accord, and labdanum tones, the fragrance is the perfume embodiment of a dominatrix. It’s not traditionally feminine, but oh so attractive! Makes for the ideal gift for women who love Chanel Cuir Russe or the smell of English Leather.

Hopefully, our humble reviews of some of the best Juliette Has A Gun perfumes have enticed you and encouraged you to pay the price for a bottle of Juliette Has A Gun. Whether you’re looking for something darker or more flowery, the JHAS collection hopes to cater to any taste. Happy shopping!

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