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LG Electronics Smart LED TV Review: The Best Features Available Right Now

The LG Electronics Smart LED TV is one of the must have products in today's marketplace.

You might already be quite familiar with streaming content on applications like Netflix or Hulu. But if you don't have one of the latest smart television models, you're probably wasting some steps. Because the truth is a product like the LG Electronics Smart LED TV can revolutionize your home entertainment.

We'll get into all of its clever capabilities in the review that follows. For now, let's just say that if you love taking a load off and streaming shows, this might be for you. First, let's take a look at the company and its smart television lineup in broad terms. Then we'll get into all of the specifics that might make it the perfect product for your living room or den.

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

A Little About the LG Electronics Smart LED TV

You can learn a lot about this clever device from its name. First of all, it's smart. That is apparent from the very design. Then when you see the capabilities built into its hardware, there's no doubt about its capabilities. You'll also notice it's an LED television, which guarantees a sharp and clean image. 

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

Credit: LG

Background About LG

Chances are you've seen this brand's logo on a range of electronics devices. From phones to televisions, LG has been making innovative and affordable products for many years. The company has even ventured into the home appliances market with some high tech items. So if you want a washing machine and dryer from this popular brand, you can get that too.

Who This Product is Great For

Common entertainment products like the LG Electronics Smart LED TV remain the company's bread and butter. That's because they are well made and perform their functions reliably. So if you're looking for an easy way to tap into the incredible content available online, it might be for you. Plus, it will achieve all of the functions of a typical flat screen LED TV. A small size makes it a perfect fit even for small spaces.

Best Uses for This Product

Obviously, one of the best ways to use the LG Electronics Smart LED TV is home entertainment. But that is a much wider segment than it was a few years ago. Hook up a Blu Ray player or cable box to watch your favorite films and shows. And you'll also notice the ready to use interface on the home screen giving you lots of options. Sign into your favorite streaming services and download apps of channels you love to watch. The thin and small size also makes it a great addition to kitchen or other tight space.

Features & Benefits of the LG Electronics Smart LED TV

Now let's get to the specific functions that set this product apart from so many competitors. We've identified several factors that we think make this an intriguing option to many consumers. 

1. Incredible Viewing Angles

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

Plenty of televisions give you great performance as you sit directly in front of them. But it is far rarer for the same optimal viewing angles to continue to the very edges. With the LG Electronics Smart LED TV, however, no seat is a bad one. You'll have a great view of whatever the action is on the screen from wherever you're seated. Plus, that display is carried in full high definition. The 1366 x 768p performance is great for a TV this size and shines with bold, bright colors. Sharp lines and deep contrasts will give you a sense that you're right in the middle of the action.

2. Intelligent User Features

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

Even though the smart features might get most of the attention, don't overlook other connectivity options. Find plenty of ports and inputs conveniently located to hook up all of your external devices. It's also easy to mount or display in tight quarters. Place this in a spare bedroom, small den or anywhere else you need some easy entertainment. Then install a video gaming system, DVD player or anything else you like. Bluetooth options and a program called Miracast offer even more clever usability. There's also built in Wi Fi connectivity for easy setup and reliable use of all the smart features inside.

3. Reasonable Price

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

Maybe you've noticed that television prices have plummeted in recent years. And you'll have no problem finding an inexpensive device. But that doesn't always mean cheap, as the LG Electronics Smart LED TV proves. For a product with wireless connection and such innovative features, it's truly a bargain. It might not be the lowest prices option on the market for a screen this size. And it also might not have all of the latest gadgets or functions. But for the money you're spending, you'd be hard pressed to find more for your investment.

4. Slim, Sleek Design

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

A svelte frame accentuates this small television's dimensions. And all of the pieces fit together for a quite attractive product overall. You'll find plenty of places to allow this television to shine. Though it takes up a limited amount of space, it creates quite an impression. And when you turn it on, you can transform even the smallest space into your own personal cinema. And unlike some televisions this size, the picture remains crisp and recognizable. Sure, it won't have the resolution of your typical high end big screen television. But for a product this size, we think it's one of the best representations available on the market.

What Consumers Have to Say About the LG Electronics Smart LED TV

No television will meet every consumer's needs and preferences. But we think this one has many of the common features you're probably looking for. And if you want a small TV without cutting corners, it's a solid option. It will be up to you to decide if it would make a great addition to your home. And we've tried to help you make that decision a bit easier by viewing a wide range of online reviews. There are lots of good things satisfied customers have to say about the LG Electronics Smart LED TV. Of course, it's not all positive reviews. In the chart below, find the most common pros and cons we found in our search.


  • plus
    Low Price
  • plus
    Compact Design
  • plus
    Clever Features


  • close
    Image Contrast
  • Picture Quality

Still not sure whether this television is perfect for your needs? Then keep reading for reviews of several other top contenders. Each one will appeal to unique consumers who want different things out of their smart TV. But the one thing we think they have in common is that they deserve some serious consideration.

Alternative Smart TV Options to Consider

Don't get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options there are in this crowded sector. With some intelligent shopping, you can make the choice that will give you some great performance. We think the LG Electronics Smart LED TV is a great option if you're decorating a small space. But if you want something a bit bigger, or just different, we've got three additional choices. It's hard to go wrong with any of the televisions we've listed and reviewed below.

1. TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

TCL isn't quite the household name of LG and some of its better known competitors. But it put a lot of research and development into this line of televisions -- and it shows. With built in connection to Roku TV, you'll get all of the fun features of that product. Plus, all of the apps included are incredibly useful and user friendly. Pick your favorite channel or streaming service to start watching right away. It's also a beautiful design that belies its entry level retail price. It's not too big, not too small. Plus, the thin frame contains a lot of powerful features inside what appears to be very little hardware. The visual display is stunning and clear. It's great whether you're watching the big game or the latest episodes in your Netflix binge watching.

2. Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

Sony has long been making incredible home electronics. And in the age of smart televisions, the brand has found another opportunity to shine. There are few products on the market with such engaging colors and vivid display. Plus, it is a paper thin design with some of the most elegant features we've seen in a TV. Sound quality is also a major winner with this model and you might not even need a sound bar. Its 49 inch frame will fill up almost any size room without being unwieldy. If you've been a fan of Sony in the past but haven't checked out the brand in a while, give it a shot. 

3. Toshiba HD Smart LED Fire TV Edition

LG Electronics Smart LED TV, LG Electronics Smart LED TV review

Smart TV and Roku TV are some popular versions of the integrated displays we're reviewing. But Toshiba offers a Fire TV option that has some of its own benefits worth noting. First of all, it has all of the functionality you need to access your favorite streaming apps. But there's also the added benefit of connecting with other accessories like Amazon Alexa. You can use your digital home assistant to operate features of your TV without using your hands. Beyond that, count on this device to offer all the inputs and ports for almost any other connection. And it's all wrapped up in an expertly produced product from the reliable Toshiba brand.

Picking the LG Electronics Smart LED TV might be the move your living space has always needed.

But in this sector, there are tons of options in different sizes, at various prices and with disparate features. So choosing the perfect TV could become a very personal decision. But armed with the relevant information, it will be easy to check off all the items on your wish list. 

We hope our guide has helped make the process a bit simpler. If so, share this article with the home entertainment fans in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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