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Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch Review: Luxury Smartwear Has a New Face

If you have a look at the industry in the recent years, you will see that the offer for smart watches has grown a lot.

Starting with the first product released by Apple, the offer has evolved so much that now we can buy luxury smartwatches. Movado, Montblanc or TAG Heuer have already released their own versions of this product. Now it’s Louis Vuitton’s turn to enter the market. As such, today we will present you a Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review to see how their release stacks up against the other rivals.

Here you can see the official video presentation of their watch:

Features and Benefits of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch Review

The smartwatch made by Louis Vuitton belongs to the Tambour series. The collection represents the debut of the company on the watchmaking scene, 15 years ago. Among the features you will find on their release are notifications for emails, calls and texts, a step counter, an alarm, a weather widget and many others. Perhaps its main advantage is its attractive and modern design. The goal of this product is to appeal to the jet setters. It’s meant to be ideal for traveling and for bragging with a fancy smart watch. Let's dive into our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review to find out all the amazing features.

1. Price 

Starting with the defining factor for a Louis Vuitton product and our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review, you must know that the price is truly a luxurious one. If you want your own copy of this smartwatch, you need to pay £2,140. If we look at the competitors on the market, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smartwatch product starts from a price of €1,600 and can even reach £15,000. Another rival, a Montblanc Summit smartwatch costs anywhere from £765 to £915.

You should also know that the charging cable costs £140.

2. Design 

The design of the most recent product released by Louis Vuitton draws inspiration from the analog watches from the same company called Tambour Moon. It sports a large and thick case, measuring 42 mm in width and 12.5 mm in thickness. However, the watch doesn’t look that big, or at least not until you put it on the wrist.

It seems that the watch’s face has no bezel at all. However, the bezel space is smartly used for placing the numbers. The display is a 390 x 390 pixels AMOLED one and it doesn’t present a flat tire beneath it. On the contrary, it’s a perfect circle. Moreover, you will notice that the bezel blends perfectly with the display, which makes the watch appear smaller.

What is to be noticed, though, in this Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review is the fact that the watch has a concave design on the side. This also helps in conveying a slimmer appearance. Besides, it is easier to grab when you want to swipe across it or to press the crown. While asthetics are a major part of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review, it offers much more too.

3. Buttons and Band

Next on our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review are the buttons and band. Speaking of the digital crown, you must know that this is the only physical button you will get (or need) with the Tambour Horizon. It feels soft and hefty, and it seems that the button is pushing into the crown, and not the crown pushing down. Meanwhile, the band is a rubber one, which may not be the most comfortable thing in the world. You have the option of choosing from 30 different bands, so you can customize the product as you wish.

4. Watch Faces

Perhaps the best thing on our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review is the watch faces. You get 9 watch faces designed by the Louis Vuitton team. Most of them resemble the designs used for the analog watches they released, such as Essential Brown, White, and Moon Star Black and White. Though they are very attractive, it is somewhat odd to see an analog watch face applied to a digital one.

The most interesting watch faces are found in the My series section though. They have a very varied design, from replicating the LV logo all over, to stripes heading down, widgets and plenty of colors. Each of them is complete with a second watch face, which is activated when the display goes passive.

You also have a collection called My Line, and out of these, two of the faces are the most attractive: My Classic and My 24 Hours. The Classic one offers you 2 small shapes placed next to the bottom. When you have a notification pending, they light up. Meanwhile, the My 24 hours one shows you little flags belonging to cities in more than 24 time zones. It’s quite tiring visually, but it’s useful if you travel a lot.

5. Accessories

The phone comes together with a luxurious charger as well. We noticed it comes with a leather buckle, useful for wrapping it up. The cable is also covered in a knitted material, so you can be sure it doesn’t tangle.

Regarding the box in which the watch and the charger come in, we saw that it looks like a small cabinet. There are drawers for the charger, paired with some leather key covers with the company logo on them for protection or décor.

What is slightly weird is the fact that the charging cable is a magnetic charging puck that works only in a certain position. It must be lined up so that the power cord is found on the opposite of the digital crown. This is not necessarily a minus on our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review, but it can be an inconvenience sometimes.

6. LV Guide and My Flight

Unlike the regular smart watches you will find, this product does not focus on fitness features. You won’t find a GPS or a heart rate sensor, for instance. Similarly, there is no support included for NFC payment. As we already mentioned in our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review, its purpose is to be a travel companion, as well as a luxury accessory.

So what are the main features you should note in our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review? There are two of them, called LV Guide and My Flight. To use them, you will have to download the LV Link app to connect your smartwatch. The process relies on a QR code technology, so it’s supposed to be easy to use. The downside is that it can be quite glitchy sometimes.

After you set it up and register with an account, you can use the two features. LV Guide is an upgraded version of Yelp, to put it simply. You will receive a guide with interesting places in Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo if you’re in one of these cities. Meanwhile, the My Flight feature reminds you of your future flights. However, the disadvantage here is that you have to email the flight information to an email address they give you.

7. Android Wear Operating System

The next stop on our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review is the operating system. The LV product runs on the Android Wear 2.0 version and it uses a Snapdragon 2100 processor. Moreover, it offers 512 MB RAM and 4 GB space for you to store apps and songs. Overall, the watch is very fast and it works fine. You can use Google Play Store to download the apps you want.

However, it feels rather odd to use different designs and apps for the LV smartwatch. Their watch faces and tools are carefully designed to match the overall looks. For this reason, it is quite strange to use other apps’ interfaces. At the same time, there is a disconnect between the default interface of the Android Wear 2.0 and the luxury customizations brought by Louis Vuitton.

8. Battery Life

A crucial element of our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review is the battery life. Sccording to the official description, the makers offer an average of 22 hours of battery life within normal usage parameters. In translation, this means that you can use the watch without recharging it for around a day. If you don’t use it that much, it can even last for a day and a half. However, the main disadvantage here is the fact that it takes quite a while for it to fully charge. Moreover, the charging process stops if the charger is not aligned rightly, as we previously mentioned.

Our Final Thoughts From the Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch Review -- Is It Worth It?

And so we reach the conclusion of our Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review. Is it worth buying it or not? All in all, it feels good to wear the watch. It has a modern design, and the care for details is obvious. Keep in mind that it is designed for traveling, to support you on your trip from one airport to another. What’s more, you can even match it to your luggage.

The watch is good even if you don’t like to travel. It has a luxurious appeal and it’s extremely fashionable for a day-to-day wear. The price can be a turnoff, but if you want to show off an exquisite product made by Louis Vuitton, it is worth it.

Bottom line, the biggest advantages you get with the Tambour smartwatch are the design, the luxury component, and the watch faces. Meanwhile, the downsides would be the price, the discrepancy with Android Wear and the lack of fitness features. Think well and make the right decision for you.

Do you own the Louis Vuitton Tambour? If so, give us your very own Louis Vuitton Tambour Watch review in the comments below!

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