Luxury Hotels Using IoT: Why You Should Stay in These Hotels Tonight

We all aspire to enjoy the best luxury hotels using IoT, irrespective of our budget.

If you are planning a year-end vacation, then getting hold of some of the best deals might be on your bucket list. However, if you are looking for a unique experience (with some great deals), then you must try something new this time. In fact, before booking a hotel, we suggest you look into luxury hotels using IoT. Not only will these accommodations enhance your room experience, but also make your stay worthwhile. Before you have a look at luxury hotels using IoT, lets see how you can benefit from one and how it can make your stay a pleasurable experience.

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with iot

A Bit About ​Luxury Hotels Using IoT

While IoT sounds like fancy tech jargon, it makes your stay super comfortable. And, as a part of the luxury hotels using IoT, the effort is to make you feel welcome and also connected. If that wasn't enough, it's all done in a manner that only requires you to lift a finger to control the room with your smartphone. Let’s dig a little deep into why luxury hotels using IoT are the wave of the future.

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with iot

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is the system of interconnected devices that transmit data through smart systems and share electronic information without human intervention. The IP (Internet Protocol) is the common thread across all these devices which allows them connect to through the computers on the internet. For this reason, you need a robust connection to ensure the smart devices are logged in and work well without you having to monitor every action.

Why should IoT be in luxury hotels?

Since most of us are now used to the concept of Alexa and Siri, it’s no surprise that we expect hotels to provide the same experience promptly. While Alexa and Siri are your personalized assistants, luxury hotels using IoT let you feel comfortable with customized services. For instance, the television might know your personal preference, or the lights may change color as your mood does. And that’s not all! Some luxury hotels using IoT are working towards voice integration with the smart devices in the hotel so that all you have to do is give a command and the room is aligned to your required services.

​How does IoT in luxury hotels improve your stay?

Imagine entering your hotel room and the switches turn on, on their own. Even better, the room temperature is just what you need. The television switches on your favorite show without asking. Simply ask Alexa for services, which are then routed to the service desk. All you had to do was use your voice, without having to move your finger.

And, this is only the tip of the service you can expect. With luxury hotels using IoT, there is much in store for you besides having an ultra-comfortable stay. You get the bells and whistles you might not expect and will be pleasantly surprised with all the attention and personalized service.

Luxury Hotels Using IoT You MUST Book

Luxury hotels with IoT have creative and innovative plans to make your stay unique and yet personalized. Some of these hotels are in the nascent stages while some are on their way to expand their IoT reach. Read on to know more.

1. ​Hilton Worldwide

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with iot

The Hilton Hotel is taking the customer experience to a whole new level with IoT. Among the first luxury hotels using IoT, it's pioneering many innovations.  One of them is the Hilton Honors App where you check-in, choose the room, and unlock the room door all from one simple click. You can also decide upon the ideal number of pillows, how you like the coffee made, and even the availability of your favorite snack -- all much before you arrive.

That’s not all Hilton enables you to do. Across 4900 hotels, you are spoilt for choice whenever and wherever you stay at Hilton. It neatly integrates with Uber and enables you to check for trending local hotspots to decide the places you want to visit before arriving. Besides, if you are around a hip and happening place, you'll get notifications of the offers there on your phone.

Furthermore, if concierge is something you desire, then IoT enables you to check with the Conrad Concierge services as and when you please. Hilton is still trying out the entire spectrum of Connected Room technology, and this is just the start. Next will be the voice technology which will take shape shortly.

2. ​Marriott

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with iot

Marriott’s Innovation Lab is one such place working to innovate through the IoT Guestroom. Here, the guest will have a voice or app interface. So, if the guest expects to be woken up at a particular time, then the smart room will initiate the command on the said time. Additionally, it will work with light and data solutions to give a cost-effective experience to the owners and even an exciting time to the guest. Additionally in the works, guests will be able to schedule a yoga session or setting the shower to a certain temperature. While this is in the nascent stages, it will soon be a reality.

3. ​Wynn Resorts

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with IoT

In a step towards integrating a more seamless guest experience, Wynn Resorts has installed Amazon Echo in all its 4,748 hotel rooms. Being among one of the first hotels in the world to do so, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas is taking steps to have a total guest experience.

The guests of Wynn Resorts will use Alexa to adjust the temperature, open curtains, turn the lights on, and also watch TV. This voice interaction will reduce the layers of communication the customer usually has to deal with, thereby making it easy for a smooth customer experience.

4. ​Accor Hotels

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with IoT

Accor Hotels has realized the power of IoT and believes in creating an unmatched experience for their guests. So, as a step in this direction toward being one of the best luxury hotels using IoT, it lets guests customize the room as per their wish. A part of this includes using Google Home voice assistant and connected tablets.  This allows the guests to control various features of the room like the music, curtains, TV, and headboard on the bed.

Besides that, the voice control lets guests enjoy their favorite song or check the latest shows on Netflix. Another feature is the metronome-like light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally without any medicine. If you are used to waking up in the middle of the night, then the advanced LED system makes the lights go soft.

5. Village Hotels

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with iot

Village Hotels, a UK based brand, uses IoT to align the members with the enhanced features of better connectivity. As such, this includes access across its 28 properties.  It is attached to large gyms, mobile check-ins, and mobile keys to enable guests to gain access to information swiftly and without any hassle.

Even though the cost incurred on implementing the system is higher, the mobile check-in operates more efficiently. Besides, there is a secure security control with better guest information access which affords guests a better stay experience.

6. ​Fontainebleau Miami

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with IoT

Another integration with IoT is of Fontainebleau Miami. This hotel uses mobile data with the reservation and works through a PMS system that alerts the hotel to the entry and exit time of the guests. Thereby, Fontainebleau Miami is able to offer a substantial promo to the guests. These include an upsell, or discounts that are usually not available on the website or discount sites. Because this personalizes your experience and makes you receive a better deal, IoT works well for the guests and the hotel.

7. ​Aloft Hotels

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with IoT

Aloft Hotels from Marriott is another case of an early adopter of IoT. With your smartphone or with Apple Watch, you can use the SPG keyless program and open the door in a matter of minutes. Simply register your number and it sends a text to your number. By doing so, you can check-in and enter your room without waiting.

Another IoT integration is the SPG App for the Apple watch that gives you information about the hotel. Botlr is the in-house service delivery gadget that’s available as and when you need towels, toiletries and room service. Additionally, you can use the Chatbotlr service to request a function to connect to the hotel, front desk, or order your food.

8. The Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel

luxury hotels using IoT, luxury hotels with IoT

​The Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel

Another of the best luxury hotels using IoT is the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel. It is actively using IoT with projected displays along the corridor. It corresponds to the visual imagery which responds to human motion. The living wall interacts with guests as they enter to display local artists and the changing environment.

This experience lets the guests enjoy the local culture within the confines of the hotel and also educated and entertained without having to search for an external source. The Navigator Table in the lobby hosts local experts to help guests revive the culture and also experience it.

Luxury hotels using IoT are stepping up the game for the hospitality industry to deliver an excellent experience with high-tech personalized services.

We hope you enjoyed reading the list of luxury hotels using IoT. While it is by no means a comprehensive list, you should surely try to experience some of these hotels in the near future soon. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments!

For those who have yet to get the feel of a luxury hotel using IoT, share this list with them.

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