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Luxury Travel Blogs to Help Satisfy Your Wanderlust Right Now

If you adore the better things in life, you acknowledge style, polish, and refinement while seeking encounters that emerge from the rest.

You have recognizing tastes, and you are not hesitant to look for further and pay somewhat more, with a particular end goal to have an affair that is totally out of this world. Luxury travel blogs give us a glimpse into the world of high-fashion, exotic travel and lavish living. With regards to expounding on and indexing the luxury lifestyle, there are a few blogs that catch this embodiment. Which luxury travel blogs would it be advisable for you to peruse, keeping in mind the end goal to take in more about advancements and hot patterns in the realm of luxury? Here are the top luxury travel blogs that uncover tips and proposals for stunning encounters everywhere throughout the world.

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Top Luxury Travel Blogs to Follow for Opulent Adventure

When aspiring to the luxury lifestyle, it helps to find advice and inspiration from others who already have what you want. We love that these luxury travel blogs provide insight on the finer things in life. Give them a read or subscribe to appreciate the data and motivation. Read on to find your new favorite bookmarks.

1. Luxury Columnist

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Luxury Columnist

As one of the top luxury travel blogs, the Luxury Columnist seeks to give its readers a peek into what a luxury lifestyle looks like. Suze and Paul share their insight on the best style, dining, and travel tips from their 45-country globe-trotting adventures. You can expect to find beautiful images with unique angles from interesting and cultured corners of the world.

2. Luxury Executive

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Luxury Executive

Daniel Egger founded Luxury Executive in 2015 as a natural response to his jetsetting lifestyle. Today, the blog serves as travel inspiration for the wealthy and affluent travelers of the world. With a focus on hotel and resort reviews, restaurants, airlines, and wineries, Daniel uses his expertise in hospitality management to bring readers expert critique. He and his team go beyond the hype of the company's advertising to reveal the performance and core values of hotels and resorts. You'll find valuable travel intel and an unbiased assessment of world-class luxury.

3. Luxefeed

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Luxefeed

Luxefeed goes above and beyond the call of luxury travel blogs to include topics such as lifestyle highlights, fashion, superyachts, and high-end watches. Established in 2014, the online magazine sought to bring its readers the best of the luxury niche, reporting on all that is lavish, extravagant, and innovative. As for its travel section, you can expect to find recommendations on opulent accommodations around the world, hot things to do, and information on special events. 

4. Italia Living

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Italia Living

As one of the top luxury travel blogs, Italia Living is the foremost authority on Italian luxury. You can expect to find breath-taking images on their social accounts, knowledgeable perspective on the refined Italian way of life, and even recommendations for products made in Italy. If you're hoping to infuse your lifestyle with the touches of Italian sophistication and class, Italia Living is the perfect blog to which you should subscribe.

5. Velvet Escape

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Velvet Escape

This astounding luxury travel blog praises travel encounters that are extravagant, lavish and exclusive. Travel blogger Keith Jenkins expounds on the valuable minutes that travel brings, from tasting the fine wine to swimming in the sea to twisting up in a five-star lodging bed. He has gone to more than 70 nations crosswise over six mainlands and the blog highlights goal guides, travel tips, cooking and inn audits and extraordinary rousing travel stories.

6. A Luxury Travel Blog

luxury travel blogs

Credit: A Luxury Travel Blog

This is another incredible travel blog for the individuals who appreciate the better things in life. From luxury eateries in Singapore to sanctuaries in Thailand to the world’s best top of the line shopping boulevards – this site highlights stunning travel encounters from everywhere throughout the world. The blog is controlled by Dr. Paul Johnson, an individual from the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, and also a group of more than 300 authors and visitor bloggers.

7. Luxe In A City

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Luxe In A City

Luxe in a City is a festival of luxury urban life, offering flawlessly captured city guides which uncover the best exquisite and liberal encounters in incredible travel areas around the globe. The blog is composed by a group of travel specialists, and it concentrates on craftsmanship and culture, form, lodgings, nightlife and a great deal more. The site is beautifully composed, with brilliant photographs and a smooth interface that makes it a delight to peruse.

8. Artisans of Leisure

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Artisans of Leisure

The Artisans of Leisure Travel blog offers motivation for luxury, culture, sustenance, style and travel – highlighting many incredible goals over the globe. From Nepal to Lebanon to Kenya to Jordan, there are such a large number of extraordinary travel stories and photos on this blog, and also tips for individual, couple and family travel.

9. The Luxe Chronicles

luxury travel blogs

Credit: The Luxe Chronicles

The Luxe Chronicles contains profiles, meetings, audits and insights on a few parts of the luxury business, and additionally philosophical thoughts on culture, style and stylish. The creator, Helene, has lovely taste and she just posts surveys and suggestions for items and administrations that she is by and by acquainted with and endorses of. This implies if she prescribes something it merits looking at.

10. Pursuitist

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Pursuitist

The Pursuitist is about the quest for bliss and finding and sharing the better things in life. This travel, relaxation, sustenance, and style blog has been included in New York Magazine, New York Times, TechCrunch, Gawker, Gizmodo, Elle Magazine, Hyperbeast, and USA Today. As one of the top luxury travel blogs on the web, it is composed by benefactors from everywhere throughout the world, including England, France, and the USA and it offers suggestions and surveys of the finest luxury items and encounters. It’s an incredibly helpful read for the individuals who cherish the luxury lifestyle.

11. Just Luxe

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Just Luxe

Just Luxe is a luxury lifestyle site for well-to-do purchasers, including data about luxury products, travel, and administrations. There are more than 250 unique lifestyle articles distributed on this site each month, with lifestyle scholars spend significant time in expressions and culture, luxury cars, pontoons and yachts, stylistic home layout, luxurious, land, occasions, travel, recreation and substantially more. Naturally, Luxe makes for excellent wander off in fantasy land material, and you can look at the beautiful photographs for a considerable length of time. Due to its extensive travel section and insight, this is certainly one of the best luxury travel blogs.

12. The Cool Hunter

luxury travel blogs

Credit: The Cool Hunter

Since it was established in 2004 by Bill Tikos, The Cool Hunter has turned into the most-read culture and plan site on the planet – offering entrancing posts on everything unique, inventive, astute and creative. The site gets on the most interesting patterns and revelations, imparting them to an overall gathering of people. While perusing Cool Hunter, you will be at the front line of what is beautiful and energize in the plan, engineering, design, urban living, travel, popular culture, contraptions and a great deal more. It’s an extraordinary approach to get some answers concerning new best in class luxury brands and items, and also cool contraptions and one of a kind outlines.

13. The Luxe Insider

luxury travel blogs

Credit: The Luxe Insider

The Luxe Insider is a free online luxury travel and lifestyle magazine about finest places worldwide, five-star hotels, airlines, events and luxury goods. The purpose is to highlight what the luxury industry has the best to offer, inspiring your next vacation as well as your everyday life. With reviews and must-see places, The Luxe Insider easily earns its spot on the list of top luxury travel blogs.

14. Savionaire

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Savionaire

This is a luxury travel blog that praises the on-the-go fly setting lifestyle. It is an incredible hotspot for getting some answers concerning the most recent luxury must-have items and administrations. The log incorporates six noteworthy ranges: top of the line travel, mold, fund, wellness, elegant living and fun stimulation. Savionaire likewise offers a free e-bulletin, conveyed to your inbox each Friday.

15. Mrs. O Around the World

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Mrs. O Around the World

Ana Silva O’Reilly is the Mrs. O behind honor winning luxury travel blog Mrs. O Around the World, which is currently four years of age and eminent for sharing shocking goals, tips and traps and bits of knowledge into the best places to eat, drink, shop and everything in the middle. Consistent with her mom’s proverb, if she leaves home, it must be better – and every travel encounter starts the moment the leaves home, so everything numbers. Ana has been traveling in style since she was exceptionally youthful and offers an extremely legitimate sentiment on all things luxury travel given experience.

16. Solo Traveler

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Solo Traveler

An affection for travel, personal misfortune, and a vacant home – all schemed for Janice Waugh to start Solo Traveler in 2009. Solo Traveler is more than only a blog; it is a group where individuals who share an energy for traveling alone trade tips, proposals, and support. On the blog, Jenice distributes posts on the how, and why of solo travel furthermore includes week by week posts on solo travel goals and photographs liberally contributed by readers. Reverberating with a large number of perusers, the blog rapidly went from individual to open, and the Solo Traveler Project started. Today, it sets itself apart in the realm of luxury travel blogs.

17. Travels of Adam

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam, by Adam Groffman, is the main travel site highlighting novel and individual stories from around the globe, including a mainstream arrangement of Hipster City Guides—from Bangkok to Berlin. Notwithstanding travel includes, the blog sorts subjects individually, covering film celebrations, craftsmanship exhibition halls, LGBT culture and other option themes. Adam is a travel essayist, blogger, and a specialist online advertiser. His work has been included in The Guardian, Vanity Fair, AFAR, Fodor’s Travel Guides and unlimited other travel and LGBT sites.

18. Be My Travel Muse

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse, by Kristin Addis, is about courageous solo female travel (however the young men like it as well!), helping the individuals who need a super cool, immersive travel experience, to do as such autonomously and really. It is about having the sort of experience that you can’t discover in a manual. Kristin is a former speculation financier who sold every last bit of her possessions and says farewell to California for traveling solo everywhere throughout the world while hunting down out of the way experiences. There is nothing she won’t attempt and no place she won’t investigate.

19. LandLopers

luxury travel blogs

Credit: LandLopers

LandLopers, by Matt Long, concentrates on experiential luxury travel and is a distinct impression of how he adores to travel and experience the world. Matt didn’t desert everything to strap on a knapsack, and he is not living off a trust subsidize; rather, he is traveling the world like the vast majority energized just by his voracious interest and yearning to see however much of the world as could reasonably be expected. Matt has been to more than 70 nations and each of the seven mainlands, and he imparts his enterprises to a large number of perusers consistently through his.

20. P.S. I'm On My Way

luxury travel blogs

Credit: P.S. I'm On My Way

P.S. I’m On My Way, by Trisha Velarmino, is about things you will find out about life when you travel the world. On how developed millennial are presently and how they are adapting up to the travel slant. Trisha cherishes culture and dialects, so she additionally concentrates on inundation experiences: on what it feels like to eat, cook, talk and rest in another culture that isn’t yours. If you need to know how to survive growing up and find out about life through traveling, then you went to the ideal place.

21. travelFREAK

luxury travel blogs

Credit: travelFREAK

travelFREAK, by Jeremy Scott Foster, is an acclaimed enterprise travel blog concentrated on sharing impactful stories and beautiful photography from around the globe. Jeremy doesn’t only expound on what to do and where to go, however rather, he discusses the high points and low points and crazy stuff that happens out and about. Jeremy is a travel author, picture taker, and expert explorer. He has been highlighted by National Geographic and Travel + Leisure and travels the world as a digital influencer, blogger, and independent writer.

22. The Blonde Abroad

luxury travel blogs

Credit: The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad, an honor winning solo female travel and lifestyle blog, is a definitive asset on everything female travel, solo travel and travel lifestyle. Having visited more than 50 nations up to this point, Kiersten Rich, can share her life out and about as a completely self-communicated and autonomous lady with the trust that she rouses others, in all phases of their life, to travel and take their interests. The Blonde Abroad blog is highlighting travel tips, form, celebrations, and photography from around the globe.

23. Nomadic Matt

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Nomadic Matt

Roaming Matt, by Matthew Kepnes, is a remarkable asset for individuals who need to travel on a financial plan. The website concentrates on both rousing and educational posts that people plan and spending plan for their experiences furthermore dive into travel hacking, instructing, landing positions abroad, blogging and different things that can make traveling reasonable. Matthew composed the New York Times best-vender, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. His compositions and counsel have been highlighted in The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian UK, Lifehacker, Budget Travel, BBC, Time, Yahoo! Back and endless different distributions.

24. I Am Aileen

luxury travel blogs

Credit: I Am Aileen

Despite it's recent establishment, has officially developed a noteworthy following. She continues developing notoriety by being highlighted on enormous sites, for example, BBC Travel, National Geographic and then some. All things considered, it is in this stage Aileen keeps on aiding and motivate others through her itemized articles as she demonstrates to others that a travel lifestyle is conceivable. She demonstrates that regardless of what your life conditions might be, regardless of the possibility that you hold a restricted third world international ID and irrespective of the possibility that you originate from a non-rich family (simply like her), your fantasies are never that inconceivable in light of the fact that they are entirely achievable. At 21, Aileen Adalid quit her corporate employment in the Philippines to travel the world and take after her fantasies.

25. Travelling Buzz

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Travelling Buzz

Traveling Buzz, by Maria Stoyanova, is a travel blog about the experience and moderate travel in Europe. Maria is from Sofia, Bulgaria and she adores climbing, mountains, finding new places and taking beautiful pictures en route. Traveling Buzz gives pragmatic data about all sort of exercises and goals in Europe and significantly more information about the little unfamiliar Balkan diamond that is Bulgaria.

26. Travel With Bender

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Travel With Bender

Meet Erin Bender who has been on a roaming venture since 2012 crosswise over 65 nations by her significant other and two youthful youngsters. They exited their home in Perth, Australia in 2012 and had been traveling the world restlessly from that point forward. They investigate the globe searching for experiences with a specific end goal to share those energizing stories and supportive tips on her blog. It’s an open-finished, spontaneous, round-the-world trek finding astounding spots for families. They have remained in inns and 5-star luxury resorts, traveled on bikes and luxury ships, hit the dance floor with leprechauns and abseiled cliffs. The Benders will make your next family occasion astounding with direct aides and master travel tips.

27. Camels and Chocolate

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Camels & Chocolate

Camels and Chocolate, by Kristin Luna, plans to share individual travel stories in a true, story way. It is a personal travel and lifestyles blog implied more for motivation and yearning than fundamentally advising people what to see, eat, do, savor every city they visit. She trusts that you don’t need to be a perpetual migrant with no home base to have a satisfying life rife in significant travel encounters. Kristin has worked in the magazine world for over ten years, adding to such productions as Travel + Leisure, Afar, Newsweek, Forbes, PEOPLE, Glamor, Redbook, Real Simple and numerous others.

28. Ordinary Traveler

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Ordinary Traveler

Ordinary Traveler takes after the undertakings of Christy Woodrow and her sweetheart Scott, two picture takers who spend a decent segment of their lives in or close to the sea. Their concentration is to give trip thoughts to individuals with restricted get-away time and to present out of the way goals that you may not discover on other luxury travel blogs. They need to move everybody to travel the world, regardless of the possibility that they work an all day work. Individuals who need a family, a home and a gutsy life are the “conventional” people they endeavor to associate with and motivate.

29. Just One Way Ticket

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Just One Way Ticket

Just One Way Ticket, by Sabrina Iovino, is a travel and lifestyle blog highlighting amazing pictures and shocking recordings from the best places everywhere throughout the world and urging individuals to travel more. Sabrina is a travel essayist and picture taker from Berlin and has been traveling for over seven years to more than 60 nations. Her most loved place is the Philippines.

30. Goats on the Road

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Goats on the Road

The honor winning travel blog, by Dariece Swift and Nick Wharton, intends to move individuals to transform their travels into a lifestyle. They demonstrate to perusers proper methodologies to carry on with an area free lifestyle, and offer exhortation on profiting out and about, and sparing cash while traveling. Dariece and Nick are full-time travelers and advanced Wanderers, who share a week by week video from their life and make individuals excited for the goals they live in/travel to. Both Nick and Dariece are traveling to off-track goals since 2008, their energy for culture and experience has driven them to discover various approaches to profit out and about so they can proceed with their life of full-time investigation.

31. Two Monkeys Travel Group

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Two Monkeys Travel Group

Kach and Jonathan Howe, the traveling entrepreneurial couple behind Two Monkeys Travel Group, began in 2013 with an objective to share tips, stories and encounters, additionally to indicate other individuals how it is conceivable to carry on with a humble life of travel. That is, to have the capacity to continue traveling the world while being efficient in the meantime. One thing that sets them aside is the means by which rapidly they figured out how to motivate different travelers. These days, Two Monkeys Travel Group is not only a blog but rather to a greater degree a group travel site with more than 20 motivating travel scholars around the globe.

32. Wanderlusters

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Wanderlusters

Wanderlusters, by Charli Moore, is a dynamic experience travel blog sharing goal guides, travel photography, and motivating stories from over the globe. Concentrating on remarkable encounters that will take you out of the way, as you flick through the posts on this appealing blog, you will soon yearn for your next taste of travel and experience. Charli is an enterprise fan who has been area free since 2011 and had an affinity for adrenaline highs.

33. Uncornered Market

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market, by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, is a group, a development of aware travelers who inhabit the crossing point of more profound travel encounters and administering to our planet and its kin. The blog doesn’t directly cover great travel goals yet rather concentrates on different goals that are frequently misjudged – places like Iran, Ethiopia, Central Asia – that still have such a variety of stories yet to be told. Daniel and Audrey are the couple narrating group behind Uncornered Market. Toward the end of 2006, they exited their protected office employments to travel the world. More than nine years and 90 nations later they are as yet going… and still wedded.

34. Going Awesome Places

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Going Awesome Places

Going Awesome Places, by Will Tang, is a travel blog that enlivens every one of those out of the way goals you’ve needed to go. The motivation goes past craving for new experiences as the blog’s objective is to give all of you the data you have to arrange your one of a kind excursion that will make your companions desirous. Through nitty gritty agendas, photographs, tips and traps, will probably help you travel more affluent, less expensive, and more quick witted.

35. Jones Around the World

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Jones Around the World

Jones Around The World, by Dave Anderson, is an independent spending travel blog that will touch off your enthusiasm for extensive investigation. You can get lost for a considerable length of time investigating the helpful hiking guides, travel agendas, beautiful photograph papers, music celebration records, travel hacking assets, and rousing blog entries. Dave is a ceaseless migrant investigating the world one mainland at once. He acted as a visit manage in Europe, burned through 15 months bouncing around South-East Asia, and his next hiking enterprise will be in Latin America.

36. Don't Forget to Move

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Don't Forget to Move

Don't Forget To Move, by Jules and Christine, is an asset for the individuals who need to travel further than the normal hiker course. It’s a site for free, courageous travelers that affection to get off the beaten track and experience genuine wherever they are. They demonstrate to their perusers industry standards to have the most epic, real and critical encounters while regarding the nearby culture and environment and highlight courses for travelers to give back through volunteering, sustainable tourism and neighborhood group ventures.

37. Flirting With The Globe

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Flirting With The Globe

Flirting with the Globe, by Karisa Klee, takes into account those travel fixated souls who are constrained to two, three or four weeks of yearly excursion time and compelled to “tease” with goals. If you want to travel, you will locate by far most of her posts valuable paying little heed to what kind of traveler you are. Karisa got the travel bug at an early age, but since graduate school is a long way from shoddy, the greater part of her travel has occurred since turning into a lawyer in 2009, and she has now traveled to about 40 nations.

38. The GypsyNester

luxury travel blogs

Credit: The GypsyNester

The GypsyNester is the home of David and Veronica James; two dynamic Baby Boomers set on observing the whole world. They share their unusual perspective of their undertakings through narrating, photography, and video that is as fun as it is connecting with and enlightening. David and Veronica are encountering the impact of Baby Boomer and Empty Nester. After sending their most youthful out into the vast, wide world, they set out to break the void home principles by offering everything and taking off. En route they started composing posts for their prominent blog and rediscovered the couple who became hopelessly enamored years prior. They’ve been full-time travelers since 2008.

39. The Traveling Light

luxury travel blogs

Credit: The Traveling Light

The Traveling Light, by Katie McKnoulty, is a manual for traveling the world a little differently; it concentrates exclusively on these lesser-known, amazing, profound spots to visit on the planet, avoiding the run of the mill visitor locales through and through. This migrant consultant writer, by and by encounters, photos and expounds on each place you see on the site. The Traveling Light people groups to associate all the more profoundly with the world they live in.

40. Girl Tweets World

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Girl Tweets World

Girl Tweets World, by Jayne Gorman, is a standout amongst the most influential luxury travel blogs in the UK and won the British Travel Press Award for Travel Blogger Of The Year. Jayne is a British expat in Sydney, and the blog is a window into her life of traveling, tweeting and making a web-based social networking based living. She adores to expound on a la mode goals, sustenance (particularly early lunches) and flying, and also share a little knowledge into what goes into running a blogging and online networking business.

41. Luxe Tiffany

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Luxe Tiffany

Tiffany Dowd is an all around perceived luxury travel master and the Founder of Luxe Tiffany and Luxe Social Media. Her blog is about travel motivation and the interesting encounters that she finds all through her travels. As a lodging insider and trusted influencer, Tiffany showcases her interests, tastes and tips inside luxury travel and lifestyle. She has as of late been named one of the 25 Best Digital Experts to Follow (#4) and one of the Top 5 Best Luxury Travel Blogs on the planet in light of Klout score and social impact.

42. Dream Euro Trip

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Dream Euro Trip

Dream Euro Trip, by DJ Yabis, is about beautiful experiences the world over. DJ Yabis expounds on the best gatherings, shorelines and goals in Europe with a classy turn. He additionally people groups arranges a Euro-trip, the spending plans their travels and helps them get the feared Schengen visa and flight booking for visa application. He cherishes sustenance treks and music celebrations as well. You'll be impressed much like we were, which is why Dream Euro Trip earns a spot on the list of top luxury travel blogs.

43. Packing My Suitcase

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Packing My Suitcase

Packing my Suitcase, by Allane Milliane, is the uncommon place where she shares her enthusiasm for traveling (and her arranging fixation) while rousing individuals to travel by taking them on a social voyage far and wide. With helpful travel tips, changing from plunging to traveling with a canine, it’s likewise a place where perusers get to be close to home companions. Allane is a Brazilian who has lived in 5 nations and in the wake of becoming hopelessly enamored with a German, moved to Munich where she right now lives. Today, she operates one of the best luxury travel blogs to expand on her experiences.

44. Luxe Adventure Traveler

luxury travel blogs

Credit: Luxe Adventure Traveler

Jennifer and Tim appreciate insane travel experiences amid the day and luxury and wine around evening time; their blog demonstrates to consolidate the best of both universes. The creators share amazing tips on adding enterprise to your sumptuous excursion and making an astounding knowledge. As such, this is definitely one of the best luxury travel blogs.

The best luxury travel blogs offer the unique opportunity to gain insight through their helpful tips, reviews, and reports.

If you're seeking to expand your horizons or simply need some new reading materials, these top luxury travel blogs are perfect. 

Do you subscribe to any luxury travel blogs? If so, did they make our list? Let us know your favorites in the comments below. Also, be sure to share this with any of your friends looking for classy reading material.

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