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Must Have Fashion Trends of Winter 2017-2018

With summer fashion styles and ranges being the most celebrated out of all the seasons in a year, many people forget that winter also features great ranges. Many consider dark colors to be the only option throughout the winter period. But many don’t realize there is much greater styles and ranges out there this time of year. Textures like cordury, flannel, wool and velvet have actually floated around winter fashion on and off for decades. Fashion is always changing and evolving and this includes during the chillier months of the year.

Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Trends You Need to Rock

The recurring themes this winter are around classy, sexy and classical clothes. That help provide a little bit extra warmth. Hence the common trends being placed around jackets and coats.

Maxi coats, for example, provide a long and sleek appearance whilst sheltering you from nature. Combine this with heels or boots to help lift yourself from the ground and adding more height. Although super chic, they also provide high usability and versatility any time during the autumn and winter months. Although darker colors are more common consider trying a lighter color this season.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B009IAJUBS” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”336″]

Another winter trend this year is leather. And not just leather jackets but also leather skirts and trousers. Again providing warmth and very tough materials that provide class and elegance. Don’t just consider going for a black jacket, think about mixing different colors. Such as a red leather skirt with heels and a denim jacket.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00SSZMWLY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”250″]

As with chinos becoming in fashion for men, this provides not just the typical denim jeans but also red, grey and also yellow colors into their option of colors. Much similar to leather. Instead of going for the typical black consider red as suggested or even green.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00LSCLAVM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”386″]

Finally, although you will most likely be hanging up your sunglasses as the key summer accessory. You can celebrate knowing they can be replaced with hats, scarves and gloves. As always these are considered key winter essentials, along with allowing for personalization.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”279″ identifier=”B01C5J0LP2″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”500″]

Chunky knit hats and scarves prove very popular. Faux-fur scarves are also the rage and warm. Beanie hats are also easy to find and prove successful against the cold. Combined with contrasting women’s winter coats can prove a great winter look.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00QPMKSA4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”333″]

Although keeping up to date with current trends is important for those looking to be as stylish as possible. Its vital that personalization can shine beyond this. With adding your own accessories or even mixing up a few styles and colors this winter can really set yourself apart form everyone else.

Remember that high street retailers are providing high quality combined with high speed turnaround, which can match the styles and designers of much more known brands.

Clothes are in many different colors, including lots of rich deep autumnal tones and the staple for this season, black is just about every where. There are also, all sorts of historical references. But what are the key trends for autumn and how can you adapt these trends to suit your wardrobe? Let’s explore some of winter 2017’s trends in fashion both in luxury and street apparel.

Marc Jacobs Grunge Style for 2017-2018

marc jacobs grunge style

Grunge was a trend originally started in the nineties by Marc Jacobs and this autumn, it is back. A really easy trend to wear taking inspiration from catwalk shows of Burberry, Prorsum and Alexander Wang amongst others. To get this look layer fine knits in dark colors add fingerless gloves, slouchy boots or beanie hats. This season grunge is more glossy and glam than first time around so look for luxurious fabrics and slouchy relaxed cut clothes for a comfortable and laidback feel.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00LPCSR1Q” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”455″]

Gothic / dark romance

goth fashion

At the autumn shows, it was hard to get away from the Gothic and dark romance references. With Alexander Mcqueen high necked black lace inspired by Elizabethan costume, Luella’s witch like outfits, black lace dresses and long crimped hair, Yves Saint Laurent‘s identical black haired, black polo neck clad models and Derek Lams black lace veil. Black lace is probably the most popular version of this trend, try wearing it with dark eye make up and red lips or dark red or black nail polish.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”281″ identifier=”B01H7OE304″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”500″]


winter folk fashion

The folk trend was seen at Dolce and Gabbana, Hermes, Gucci and DKNY. It definitely had a feel of seventies bohemian about it. This is a great trend for autumn as it combines rich autumnal colors with black in paisley, ethnic or tartan prints. Short dresses are teamed with black or colored opaque tights and flared trousers teamed with tunic tops, the look was completed with scarves, fringed accessories and faux fur trims.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01K7FQ5M4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”367″]


structured attire

Tailoring for this season is all about structure with collars and shoulders making a big statement. The structure on the top half was balanced with simple and streamlined bottom halves. Trousers were slim legged and cropped and skirts straight and knee length. Structured tailoring was particularly seen at Jil Sander, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs with angular shoulders and upstanding collars that looked as if they may have been constructed by a structural engineer but feminine with it. Look out for exaggerated and rounded shoulders on suits and dresses and big shawl style collars.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00XJ27BRQ” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”385″]


punk fashion winter

Rodarte led this way at the autumn shows with punk styling including cobweb tights and ripped dresses. Marc Jacobs autumn winter had a strong punk theme but this time with a much prettier edge. The main features of this trend are ripped and slashed clothes, fishnets, checks, plaids and mini skirts.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0161HG9QY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”500″]

Military Style


Military style is big news this season with double breasted and closely tailored suits and coats, epaulettes, gold and brass details and buttons and military badges. Alexander McQueen contrasted Navy blue military tailoring with cold trim with a chiffon skirt and gold sparkling leggings. At Temperley, there were white, fitted military style jackets and at Ralph Lauren, red [easyazon_link identifier=”B01KWHXY94″ locale=”US” tag=”luxauthority-20″]military style blazers[/easyazon_link] and berets. This trend has emerged on the high street as differing styles of military coats and jackets.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01KWHXY94″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”326″]

Couture Details


The autumn 16 catwalk shoes have seen a trend for all sorts of lavish couture like details adorning clothes including beading, embroidery, pleating, folding, bows and ruffles. This trend translates very well to the high street for Christmas evening wear. There will be all sorts of elaborate dresses and minimalism will certainly not be something associated with evening dresses this winter.

Winter is a difficult time to look fashionable, especially if you live in a colder climate. However, it is not impossible. To start with you can buy clothing that are made from warmer materials like wool and cashmere, and that also reflect the colors and patterns from this season’s clothing trends. Generally speaking winter fashion trends will relay partially on the timeless winter classics so you won’t need to replace your entire winter wardrobe to stay in style, as long as you know what these timeless pieces are you should only have to buy a few new winter pieces each season to stay in style.

Building This Winter’s Wardrobe¬†

To build a winter wardrobe that follows the current winter fashion trends you will want to start with your footwear. While you may not think that winter boots offer much flexibility when it comes to fashion choices there really are a lot of great options to choose from. However, if you want a boot that will remain in style through several seasons then you can’t go wrong with a black winter boot. Then if you winter budget can stand it, buy a second and/or third pair of boots in this season’s colors and styles.

The next area of your body that you will want to protect from the coldness of winter is the lower half of your body. To stay warm look for pants that have a flattering cut for your body type and that are also made from a heavier material like wool. If you like to wear skirts in the winter then you can protect your legs by wearing colored tights.

To really pull your fashion forward winter wardrobe together you will want to look for top options that really pop. Sweaters, scarves, and fashion accessories can also easily be added to reflect winter fashion trends from this season. For the best clothing options for your body, look for tops that have a shape that de-emphasizes your problem areas and that also have a color palette that compliments your skin tone and hair color.

If your fall and winter wardrobe is a bit out-dated and you are interested in picking up a few trendy new clothing items and some fashionable women’s shoes, then you would probably like to know what’s hot this season. Maybe you have already checked a few women’s fashion magazines but still could use some tips. Here are a few ideas you can use to help you decide what to pick up this year. The top stars in Hollywood are sporting these looks and the clothing styles are now readily available in local boutiques and on the internet

Fall 2017’s Trendiest Colors

Colors seen on the catwalks this autumn seem to reflect the tough economic times as you wills see plenty of dark, deep and nature-inspired color choices. Crimson red, burgundy, brown, tan, black and earth-gray tints are hot as are burnt sienna oranges and deep electric blues. These colors are subtle enough to wear to work which is a nice ‘plus’. You should consider wearing these colors as your key piece of clothing. For instance an orange floral dress worn with a black turtleneck sweater which is covered with a chunky gray cardigan is very ‘in’ this year and would look incredibly fashionable. You can find more exotic looks in Junior clothing stores as there are many dresses being made this year with that feature a metallic shine which does wonders to accentuate the beauty of softer, layered colors in sweaters and jackets.

Accessorizing for Winter 2017-2018

Feminine and dramatic prints are also hot this fall and winter. Accessories and other details are being featured quite often which include ruffles, lace, ethnic patterns, florals, big zippers, chains and studs. The tunic, one shoulder top is back as is the asymmetrical dress that hangs on one shoulder. Tight-fitting jeans are still the rage as are open back tops and shawls. The key to pulling a look together is to balance your outfit. For example, a drapery-style cardigan looks great with a plain t-shirt and jeans. If you want to amp up this look, consider adding a pair of super chic, women’s dress shoes with spike heels.

Even if you are busier than you ever thought it was humanly possible to be with your twin or multiple babies or twin toddlers, that doesn’t mean twin clothing fashion has to take a back seat when dressing your adorable multiples or twins. The year’s hottest baby and toddler children’s wear trends can easily be adapted to twin clothing or multiple clothing. We’re calling it “twin chic.” Just tear a page out of these five key fall and winter children’s twin clothing fashion trends to take you and your twins or multiples from the holidays through the entire winter in fashion.



Anything grey continues to be the major color story in the baby and toddler fashion world, but in a big change, last year’s predominant soft rain cloud grey palette expands into more grey family tones. These new shades vary from a soft sandy grey to light smoke grey to heather tones or even to deepest anthracite or charcoal grey. Joining the grey story is a subplot: fuchsia continues strong for children’s wear, either on its own or a great accessory color for paring with more neutral shades. More breaking news: in the fuchsia/ purple family, a brand new shade pops on to center stage — a soft rosy blush lilac that perfectly complements almost any neutral.

Twin that Trend.


Turn fashion trends into twin clothing trends. For the latest, fashion-forward trend, coordinate the various new grey hues with flashes of color in the accessories — socks or hats in this season’s must-have lilac (this year’s purple), or the new baby soft mint green.For example, pair matching grey t-shirts (smoke, or sand-grey) with new trendy complementary colors, as lilac or light mint, For a cute brother-sister look, stick to the grey t-shirts, but alternate sock colors s with lilac or softest pink for one, and navy blue socks for the other. Or try for the show-stopping “mirror” twin look — one twin with a soft grey T-shirt, and, for example, fuchsia socks, and the other twin wearing a fuchsia T-shirt with light grey socks. For multiples, you might want to “paint,” from light to dark tones, stepping from the lightest, softest grey t-shirt all the way up to charcoal grey for the final multiple. All perfectly coordinated, of course, with matching socks or hats in a complementary color

Snowflakes and reindeer.


Coming on strong this year in the adult fashion world, traditional Nordic design elements – reindeer, snowflakes, fox faces, and evergreen pines — are popping up all over designs for babies and toddlers. Go all out with the ‘full Nordic” look, layering chunky knits l over cotton patterned cotton fleece reindeer sweaters, or just add just one snowflake or reindeer design to evoke the soft snows and deep woods of a winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a profusion of patterns, colors, and fabrics — a hallmark of this style — sometimes even in just a single garment.

Mixed prints. 


Last year’s stripe and polka dot explosion bursts over into this year’s fall and winter look, with new star patterns for added excitement. Everything from “business baby” pinstripes to wide broad nautical, sea-faring stripes and polka dots in all colors set the trends. For maximum excitement, pair stripped leggings with polka dot or start patterns. Pull together the look, by keeping it in the family — the same color family, selecting “clashing” patterns in the same or lighter or darker hues. And looking ahead to next year, dots are expanding to large circles of different colors in different sizes — taking off on the emerging trend of matching large blocks of color in a single garment.

The folklore look.

folk fashion

Taking off from last year’s hippie look, ethnic is in, incorporating velvet pieces, and drawing from Russian, African tribal and other patterns. This ornamental style is marked by passion for decoration, including frogged or toggled coat closings, and all matter of trims and braiding in swirling figure eights decorating sleeves and hems. Mix and match rich patterns with abandon, for a layered, Russian look for your little Ivans and Matryoshkas (Russian nesting dolls)

Eco-clothing and sustainability.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01N3LSRJX” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”luxauthority-20″ width=”343″]

Not so much a fashion as a way of life, soft clothing made from sustainable, all-natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, merino wool, and or silk is going mainstream, with almost all leading children’s clothing designers and brands offering an all-natural options. The look is recognized by soft prints, colors and dyes or graphics made with non-toxic, sustainable dye transfer prints.

Makeup Trends Winter 2017-2018

With it comes a whirlwind of parties, nights out, and a number of chances to wear more varied clothes than we normally do in summer. In short, the winter is the perfect time of year to show off and make a style statement. Hence, it is no wonder that there is a winter fashion to look up to and dress up in exotic winter wears to dazzle in social gatherings that are common in this season. There are fashionable winter dress materials and accessories that people of all ages would like to own, wear and enjoy. If you’re looking to update your personal style with the latest fashion trends, you can go through the short list compiled by us. After reading, pick the one that suits you the most.

1. Vamped-up Lips: Since time immemorial, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00AEYGIR6″ locale=”US” tag=”luxauthority-20″]red lip[/easyazon_link]s have fascinated the guys. However, the proper shade of red color needs to be chosen to suit the boxy color and texture to look appealing in parties and social get-together.


2. Cat-eyes: Although there is a dip in the number of people who like to see the cat eyes, there has been a very recent resurgence in its number. Hence, the cat-eyes are making a comeback in latest fashion trends. Knowing this trend, the designers are using both [easyazon_link identifier=”B0031NNE56″ locale=”US” tag=”luxauthority-20″]eye-liner[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link identifier=”B00L8D8YZG” locale=”US” tag=”luxauthority-20″]eye-shadow[/easyazon_link] methods to create cat-like eyes. With cat-eyes, women and young girls can become cynosure of everybody’s eyes.

cat eyeliner

3. Cozy Is Finally In: The current trends point out to the usage of cosy sweaters, turtle necks and quilted coats by the party revelers. You can choose the best combination that best reveals your personality.


4. Large Eyebrows: The pruning of eyebrows has been either considered as relief or annoyance. Those who considered this too painful and uncomfortable, there is good news. The big [easyazon_link identifier=”B00UYY2GUO” locale=”US” tag=”luxauthority-20″]eyebrows[/easyazon_link] have become steadily popular since some time ago. To make the large eyebrows visually appealing, they have to put into shape. They add shape and depth to the face and help draw attention to eyes in general.

large eyebrows

5. Metallics: The threads in silver and gold colours are also trending with clothing when it comes to party season in general. You can drench your eyes in deep bronze or gold or silver to make the visual appeal. These are few things that can make to get dressed-up for the occasion. We need to avoid making really bold and shiny makeup as it might not sync with the occasion.

metallic nail polish

This Winter’s 3 Top Fashion Movements

For those who want to be on top of this fall and winter’s fashion trend, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the following three fashion movements. They are the Victorian Charm, Sophisticated Classic, and Military Style. They’re also our main focus for the upcoming seasons. These trendy fashions have been previewed on the runways of Milan, London, Paris and New York City by some of the most famous and popular designers of our generation.

Sophisticated Classic


The gratuitous use of velvet and suede, two of the most elegant and stylish materials created, gives the Sophisticated Classic collection its charm. These materials are particularly popular on coats and business suits. Dark purple and dark blue are the prevailing colors of choice by clothing designers who use them to set a classy and romantic tone. To add a more dazzling attitude, designers like John Galliano include a touch of bright yellow in his dark blue collections. This intense color contrast creates a fabulous and stunning effect. A brightly colored handbag can also give you the same alluring effect throughout the fall and winter. In addition, lime green, remains a very popular color for the upcoming seasons and can be the perfect accent accessory.

Victorian Charm


Lace, the focal point of in this design, is widely used by many popular designers. For the “Victorian Charm” effect, silk floral laces are used in abundance to embellish the neckband and the sleeve cuff on for dresses and blouses. Mixing and matching is the key to wearing laces. In this season, designers will match lace blouses and dresses with cowboy jackets, military coats, leather caps and jeans. Mixing and matching adds a playful and casual touch and it also preserves the glamour of the Victorian era.

Military Style


Although the military style was already popular on last fall season, it is still a big hit this coming fall. However, designers this year are trying even harder to reduce the cold military feeling. For example, in Burberry Prorsum collections, you see military style coats that come with simple metal buckles and smaller collars. You will find this fall season’s military style collections are more feminine than those you saw last year. One thing to notice, buckle on jeans seems to be a big hit in the world of fashion this fall.

Style Inspiration from the Catwalk

Our cold and depressing winters need not mean dull and lifeless fashion. The Winter season is a great time to update your wardrobe with clothes that will keep you warm but also make you look and feel great. So what has been featured on the catwalks this season?


One of the key trends which has dominated shows in Paris, New York and London this season is texture. We saw a variety of textures being combined, from tweed blazers with suede patches to chunky jumpers and cardigans. The biggest come-back on the catwalks, particularly evident in the Milan Fashion Week, has in fact been the much loved velvet. A seasonal collection by Giorgio Armani presented velvet blazers and coats which can be worn for a smart or more casual look. Burgundy and navy velvet trousers are great alternatives to the normal wool mix or cotton fabrics and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Other fabrics which were featured in many shows this season were the classic tweed and the stylish faux fur.

Another main feature of catwalks this season is the men’s military jacket, or better said, military-inspired jacket. These feature the obvious military details such as the front pockets and snap buttons over the zip and are normally available in shades of dark green, grey or navy. The jackets have also been popular amongst the male celebrity world, with Kanye West and Chris Martin sporting their very own military jackets.

Shearling is also a must-buy trend for men this season. It’s popularity has grown rapidly over the past two years and was a key feature of the Copenhagen fashion week. Shearling-lined jackets appear to be equally popular amongst men and women this season, although they do come at a price. That said, both Jack & Jones and Zara are offering shearling-lined jackets for the lower budgets. The jackets are ideal for the winter thanks to the sheer warmth they provide and their soft touch also makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

In terms of colours, the classic grey is one of the major trends for autumn/winter 2017-2018. The colour is loved by many designers as it can be worn with black or white as well as in combination with bolder colours. Neutral tones worn with splashes of bolder hues have also been featured in many collections.

So when kitting out your winter wardrobe, have a look on the high street for any military or shearling style mens winter jackets and look our for this season’s hottest velvet blazers and trousers.



Fashion Checklist For Winter 2017-2018:

1. Top Color Picks: when its winter, you don’t bother about colors. You can go for the colors which always work like black, brown, beige, white, dark blues, muted greens, and dark shades of purple. Or who can take out the funk in you by going for bright oranges, blood reds, and hot pinks.

2. Jeggings: this word being a culmination of jeans and leggings, makes sure you get a generous doze of both. The comfort of a legging and the style of jeans. Pair it up with a dressy tunic, or a sweater and ankle boots and you are ready to rock.

3. Boots: high boots, low boots, whatever it may be, but boots are always a rage every fall. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts and almost everything. It adds a tough of glamour and the hiking boots are very fashionable this season.

4. Parka: the parka is back in fashion and how! A parka is for people with practical fashion sense. You can oft for the casual parka or a dressier version. The hood is sure to keep you safe in wild weather changes.

5. Chunky Knitted Sweaters: a sweater is the way to go this fall. You can choose from the different lengths available, like a waist length, mid-length, or even calf-length.

6. Biker Jackets: if you can afford the original leather version you must buy it, for the less fortunate, there are various varieties of faux leather version of biker jackets available on the stalls.

7. Faux Fur Jackets: when original animal furs are a strict no no. There’s always the faux fur to your rescue. Go for the trendy faux fur coats and jackets and you will make heads turn wherever you go.

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