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High-end Tips from Top Celebrity Stylist Olori Swank

Have you ever wondered how to stay fashionable and true to yourself at the same time? How to maintain your original style while snatching beauty tips from professionals? Olori Swank, one of the most reputable fashion gurus in the industry, has come up with her own blueprint.

In her new book, 101: The Blueprint for A Swank Life, the electric-blue haired stylist breaks down most of your fashion dilemmas and shares her knowledge of all things beauty, plus some dating, finance, and entrepreneurial advice.

5 Tips from Top Celebrity Fashion Guru Olori Swank

Some Olori Will Get You a Lot of Swank

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When Olori Swank graduated from college she thought that she would walk in the direction pointed out by her parents. She was going to become a neurosurgeon. However, an impromptu assignment as a fashion consultant set her on a very different life path.

Fast forward years later, and Swank’s A-celebrity clientele now includes names such as Lance Gross, Keyshia Cole, Tyrese, Christina Milian, Teyana Taylor, and many others.

Clearly, stylish Olori managed something few of us ever can. She made sure her passion turned into long-term reality. Here are some of her tips on how to achieve that.

 “Jump and build your wings on the way down.”

This is Olori’s advice to those who want to make the jump to another career or life pursuit but find themselves stuck on the edge.

The word “no” means nothing when you’re in pursuit of your goals. Countless times, people will just say no to you out of sheer habit, or momentary impulse. Don’t allow yourself to be deterred by the many refusals along the way. Eventually, somebody is going to say yes.

 “Everybody is so bothered about being relevant. My motto is: Be revolutionary.”

If you accidentally get the wrong hair color – like blue when you asked for pink hair with purple highlights, Olori remembers, go with it. Who knows, maybe hair accidents happen for a reason.

Hers did. It took Olori a while to get comfortable enough to sport that eye-catching electric blue crown of hair with ease and courage.

It was the start of her own revolution – rebelling against her preconceptions, against what she felt should be happening, and paving her own way.

Olori Swank also recommends YouTube as a personal makeup stylist. She learned some of her tricks online in the beginning, and so can you.

 “Fashion is a powerful form of expression it allows us to say how we feel without words.”

Dress as you feel. You never only feel one way, anyway. Put on a pair of scruffy house pants if you’re kicking it lazy that day, or dress up if the mood improves and your route to work suddenly looks like the perfect catwalk.

Your look is a mirror into how you feel, and you have to make sure you always feel like yourself. Outer beauty reflects inner beauty. Plus, visuals run deeper than the physical, Olori says.

 “Every woman should always have a pair of jeans that she loves.“

You know what they say, give a girl the right jeans and she can conquer the world. So with a market saturated with the item, where is our Napoleon girl? The trick lies with the ‘right jeans’, Olori says.

It’s hard to find your fit, that lucky-strike pair you feel both comfortable in and empowered by. Every woman’s body is unique and different.

Olori Swank also points to three other items that are indispensable to a woman’s summer closet. A statement bag, anything made of lace, and that intangible quality you spot among the models strutting down the runway, but can never put your finger on – confidence in the clothes you’re wearing.

”Word of mouth marketing is still the best form of marketing by far. ”

Olori Swank is also the owner of swankblue.com, her own business. A fashion e-boutique where she sells top-notch looks at affordable prices.

So she’s no stranger to the world of marketing. And her main mentor, she said, was Google. There she learned not only how to build a brand, but how to make it stand out from the noise and crowd.

She might be many things at once now, but she started with consistency. Olori Swank built her reputation by specializing in and mastering style. What she repeated to herself every day in the mirror, she now shares with anyone who aspires to be the best version of herself.

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