Ritz-Carlton Bali Review: Indonesian Hospitality and Dining At Its Best

Planning an international luxury trip can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, if you pick the right hotel you can leave a lot of that stress at the door. That's why we've taken a closer look at one of Indonesia's most opulent and popular resorts. Travelers have long shared their positive reviews after visiting the Ritz-Carlton Bali. 

So we decided to bring this hotel's many great qualities to the forefront. Keep reading to find out why so many people love the service and amenities here. But we'll also let you know where some folks think it could improve. No resort is for everyone, and we've included a few alternatives just in case the Ritz-Carlton Bali isn't perfect. We're confident that you'll find the right accommodations for your trip somewhere on our list.

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A Little About the Ritz-Carlton Bali

The first thing you'll notice about this hotel is the incredible location. It is situated right on the pristine beaches of Nusa Dua. The view of the Indian Ocean is one of the most brilliant we've ever reviewed.

And that refreshing scent carries throughout the open architecture of the resort. Wherever you go, you'll have no trouble recognizing that you're in a serene paradise. By the time you reach your suite or villa, you're probably already relaxed. But once inside, you'll be greeted with some of the most luxurious amenities and services imaginable.

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

Background About the Ritz-Carlton Bali

You probably already know the hotel's brand. It has become synonymous with incredible luxury hotels around the world. And since the Ritz-Carlton Bali opened, it has racked up similar reviews. 

The list of awards it has received over the past couple of years speaks for itself. So far in 2018, it has been recognized for its scenic setting and beach side restaurant. And the hotel's spa has also received awards -- two years in a row. Then there is the recognition for overall excellence and guest service. A few of the more specific awards include one for its style and another for its event venues.

Why Should You Take a Trip to the Ritz-Carlton Bali?

The primary reason to consider the Ritz-Carlton Bali, of course, is if you're planning a trip. And whether you've decided on Bali or not, we think it makes a great international trip. First of all, you'll be immersed in the Indonesian culture. Local flowers give the air a unique freshness. Hospitality, service and food is undeniably authentic.

Then there is the hotel itself. Once you've decided Bali is right, we think the Ritz-Carlton offers a continuation of that experience. Whether you're on your balcony infatuated with the view or in your room, you're in for a treat. The spa is world class, as are the dining options on the property. And everything you see is constructed with quality and beauty in mind.

Features & Benefits of the Ritz-Carlton Bali

Here's where we get to the all important details. If you think the location sounds picturesque, here are some more of the hotel's selling points.

1. Accommodations

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

Any luxury hotel around the world should have immaculate, inviting suites. But we think the Ritz-Carlton Bali takes that standard to a higher level. It starts with what the resort calls its junior suites. But if you don't require tons of room, we don't think you'll find them junior at all. And from there, the choices only get more opulent and luxurious.

Spacious villas give guests unbeatable views. You can sleep, dine and relax in unparalleled style and comfort. All of that comes without even leaving your room. But just step outside for some of the most incredible sights and experiences of your life. No matter which room you choose, a helpful staff and incredible amenities await you.

Junior Suites

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

For starters, you will receive a few great features no matter which floor plan you choose. So the first few items you see here will be pretty much the same as you can expect in larger rooms. These include plush, high quality bath robes and slippers. The bedding, whether you choose a king or two queens, is on par with the best we've reviewed. Look for easy controls and outrageously comfortable linens. We think it all adds up to an excuse to stay in bed a little longer than usual.

And even the smaller sized suite has plenty of room. With 1,070 square feet, it's bigger than a lot of metropolitan lofts. Plus, you get an actual walk in closet and lots of artistic flair. You'll have your choice of items from the bar and a balcony featuring both dining and lounge furniture. The attention to detail extends to the bathroom, which provides bath and shower with a powder room and two vanities.

Looking for some entertainment while you're in your room? There's not only a flat screen TV in the suite, but a smaller one in the bathroom. You'll have plenty of outlets, a DVD player and bluetooth ready sound system throughout the room. And of course you'll have access to both Wi-Fi and wired internet service.

Family Suites

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

There are a few single suites larger than the junior. But the next major upgrade comes with this spacious family suite. You start with everything found in the smaller suite. But this one comes with two bedrooms. There's plenty of space for four adults to spread out and relax.

With 2,630 square feet, this place is capable of hosting almost any type of leisure activity. You can even move things around through an innovative modular system integrated into the walls. You can enjoy a living space completely apart from the bedrooms. And again, the bathroom is a testament to the luxurious fit and finish. A rain shower gives you a refreshing and clean experience. Marble features and accents contribute to a feeling of quality, style and comfort.


ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

Of course, if you want the full experience of the Ritz-Carlton Bali, you'll want to upgrade to a villa. And the massive oceanfront villa is the king of them all. For starters, it's a whopping 7,287 square feet. The most overwhelming features has got to be the private infinity pool. It measures more than 1,500 square feet by itself and includes an outdoor shower.

You won't ever have to leave this palatial space if you don't want to. But we think you will. Especially when you see the private access you have to the pristine white sands of the beach just outside. And a garden right beyond your door is ripe with natural beauty. Take it all in from the comfort of your outdoor lounge. Or really enjoy yourself with a private massage at the adjacent pavilion. 

2. Dining

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

While you're here, you're going to have to eat. And fortunately for guests at the Ritz-Carlton Bali, finding great food is easy. The only problems might be deciding what to order -- and where to eat it.

You can enjoy the ambiance and service of the restaurant in the hotel. Or you can get some of those delicious dishes delivered right to your room. And when you feel like venturing out, there are some incredible options in the surrounding community.

Room Service

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

This could become your favorite option. With the opulence and luxury on display in your room, you might want to spend a lot of time inside. And the staff at the Ritz-Carlton Bali is ready to serve. 

Of course you can order your favorites from the menu. But if you just need something quick you can prepare yourself, the room is ready. There's an espresso machine ready for you. And you can always get tea, coffee or water in your room for free. Plus, there's a daily basket delivery featuring fresh fruit. No matter which way you choose to begin or end your day, room service can make it better.

Main Dining Restaurant

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

There are six separate dining options on the property of the Ritz-Carlton Bali. The dining options are anchored with the beautiful Indonesian restaurant, Bejana.

Then you can head over to the Beach Grill if seafood is more your speed. In the mood for breakfast? Check out Senses. Then there is Breezes, a poolside tapas lounge. You can also find a more casual lounge and bar plus other special experiences as scheduled.

Local Eating Options

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

You could probably enjoy three full meals a day throughout your trip without leaving the hotel. But let's face it, you're going to want to go exploring the surrounding area. That's where it can become even more fun to find your perfect meal. 

Find everything from fine dining to quick casual restaurants in the area around the hotel. Some are within walking distance and others are a quick ride away. But in Bali, wherever you find yourself you won't be too far away from a great dining option. Seafood is a very popular option anywhere in the city. The proximity to the ocean means your food will be freshly prepared and delicious. Of course, traditional Indonesian food is also a major draw. And if you want a great steak, there are plenty of places to find one.

3. Amenities

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

So we've covered that eating and relaxing are easy to do at the Ritz-Carlton Bali. But what if you want to get out and do something? As it turns out, you don't have to leave the property for that either.

There are an array of services available and really capable staff there to meet your every desire. Of course there's an incredible pool and spa. But this hotel does it better than most. Keep reading to find out what keeps travelers coming back.


ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

Sure the pools on this property are beautiful and refreshing. But wait until you learn everything a special Hydro Vital pool at the spa can do. This is no ordinary pool, but five unique zones meant to offer different types of water therapy.

There is a serenity zone meant to relax your muscles with air bubbles. Then the reflex zone gives you focused air jets right on the soles of your feet. Move over to the rejuvenation zone for the same air jets over the whole body. Stressed out? Add in the de-stress zone with a waterfall and swan neck shower to give your tense muscles a break. And finally, relax the whole body with a water massage in the relaxation zone.


ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

Maybe you need something to transcend even the relaxation of the refreshing pool and spa services. If yoga is what you're looking for, then look no further than the Ritz-Carlton Bali.

The incredible part is that many of the classes are complimentary with your stay. These include sessions in the Hydro Vital pool. But there are also options in the yoga studio on site and at the Chapel Lawn. And if you want even more, there are a couple of sessions you can add on to your stay. These include Fly High yoga and privately led yoga sessions. 


ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

It might go without saying that guest service is a priority for the staff. But we'll say it anyway. As a result, concierge services cover a wide range of needs and wants. Plus, the butler service is always available to get you just about anything you can think of.

What Travelers Have to Say About the Ritz-Carlton Bali

You're likely to agree with many other travelers in describing this hotel in glowing terms. But no hotel is perfect, even if it does seem very close. There are many reasons fans of the Ritz-Carlton Bali say you should book a room. We've also identified a few of the perceived shortcomings. 

After searching through reviews and recommendations by those who have been there, here's what we found.


  • plus
    Modern amenities
  • plus
    Incredible views
  • plus
    Great dining options


  • close
    Complicated check in
  • Low key decor

You can find plenty of reasons to recommend this hotel. And plenty of folks consider it their go-to resort while in Bali. But the Ritz-Carlton Bali isn't for everyone. If you're still not convinced, keep reading for some other great options.

Alternative Luxury Hotels in Bali to Consider

Whether you're looking for something a bit simpler or even more extravagance, Bali has you covered. Here are a few of our other favorite places to stay in the region.

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

A bit further inland is this incredible luxury resort. You'll find a surrounding that blooms with native plants and greenery. And on the property itself, there are breathtaking views from opulent villas.

Staying here makes it easy to unwind. Whether you're looking for spa treatments or just unrivaled luxury, it's easy to find. The Royal Kirana spa offers some of the most relaxing treatments available. And like the Ritz-Carlton Bali, you won't have to leave the resort to find mouthwatering meals.

2. Karma Kandara

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

There is perhaps no more luxurious stay in Bali than the villas of Karma Kandara. And when you start looking at the upgrades available, it might seem overwhelming. A pair of massive villas sit atop a cliff with a remarkable view of the surrounding beauty. The largest of the two is an absolutely over the top property called Karma Villa Maria.

It spans nearly 13,000 square feet and offers almost any amenity imaginable. Start off with five large bedrooms. Add in your own private spa room complete with a sauna and steam room. There are a total of five private pools available. Two are for swimming and three provide water jets. Then you can relax in your private cinema or work out in the gym. No matter which room you pick, you really can't go wrong. And with all the luxury features, you might find the view is your favorite.

3. Viceroy Bali

ritz-carlton bali, the ritz-carlton bali, ritz-carlton bali review

We'd describe this resort as a luxury hotel mixed with a first class wellness spa. You can get pretty much any treatment you can think of right there on the property. And then head back to your opulent villa. Some of its competitors offer more palatial and spacious rooms. But if you're looking for authentic service and amenities, look no further.

Its presidential villa gives you a great two bedroom experience. You'll find it is a bit different than the floor plan at the Ritz-Carlton Bali. But it's an inviting space that will make you feel right at home. Whether you're looking for nature, relaxation or luxury, the courteous and knowledgeable staff aims to please.

You might already know that Bali is packed with luxury resorts and hotels.

But we hope our review of the Ritz-Carlton Bali helped paint a clearer picture of one of the best. Whether those accommodations speak your travel language or not, you're sure to find the right hotel. All of the options in this article get high marks from travelers for a reason.

If you found our reviews helpful, share this article with the luxury travelers in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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