Six Senses Fiji Review: Unmatched Luxurious Views of the South Pacific

Six Senses Fiji is a one of a kind luxury boutique hotel with smart technology, breathtaking views, and plenty of activities to keep you engaged.

You could be a new traveler or an experienced nature lover, but everyone has a bucket list that secretly boasts of the top five or six destinations you’ll fall in love and never want to leave. Six Senses Fiji is one such place that should be on your bucket list. The name evokes excitement, refreshing cool breezes blowing in your hair, and cherishing the life-long memories of your stay.

Many places try to match up to Six Sense Fiji, however from the raving reviews and enchanting imagery we can’t stop dreaming of being there. Let’s take an in-depth look at the many factors that shape Six Senses Fiji and how it fairs on it.

Things to Consider Before Booking Six Senses Fiji

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Credit:Six Senses Fiji

You would agree that it’s difficult to stay disconnected from social media and you’re mobile on holiday. The anxiety of missing out can ruin your holiday. But with latest amenities and technology at your disposal, Six Senses Fiji makes it an ocean lover’s delight without having to miss out on nature’s beauty.

Luxurious stays can at times disrupt the ecological balance. Six Senses Fiji has recognized the pulse of the modern traveler and does not rest on its enchanting laurels. It has been careful about its action on the ecology while also adopting smart technology.

If you are skeptical of using smart technology and would instead want to try some peaceful island without any gadgets, then you can check other resorts around Fiji if it suits your taste.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before All Else:

As an individual or a family of 4 or more, it becomes crucial to understand how well your journey can be a pleasurable experience. A few well-thought points can lead to worry-free travel that ends well.

1. How much am I willing to spend?

It’s a treat to enjoy nature without having to forego your daily dose of technology. At times, it does come with considerable cost. For the budget traveler, it means it is essential to know what entails in your travels. Factor in the cost of your plane tickets, lodging accommodations, food, and fun.

2. Where do I want to vacation?

Consider the impact of the location and climate on your folks. Would it be fun to travel the distance and enjoy the warm weather? Or would you instead prefer cool climate? Consider geography and culture as well when mapping out your next destination.

3. What do I expect of my travel destination?

If you would instead soak yourself in a rainforest than eye-catching, jaw-dropping scenic oceanic view, then that’s the catch here. Take essentials and other amenities into consideration to make the stay comfortable. Check the resort or hotel's site to be sure.

  six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit:Six Senses Fiji

Why We Love Six Senses Fiji:

Who doesn't love a tropical paradise?! Especially Six Senses Fiji, which checks all the boxes! If you still aren't sold on booking a flight though, here are only a few of the reasons we love Six Senses Fiji:

1. Location

Nestled in the beautiful Vunabaka on Malolo Island, Six Senses has 24 villas and ten residences anchored by two marinas. Its strategic proximity to Nadi, the international airport, makes it easy to reach Six Senses via a 20-minute ride from Port Denarau followed by a 35-minute relaxing ride in the Six Senses speedboat.

2. Climate

Embraced with the consistent warm tropical weather; Six Senses Fiji is a paradise lover’s delight all year round. February and March could be a bit warm with the tropical climate in the air. However, there is a respite with the peak season from July to September which is dry and welcoming.

3. Geography

Six Senses Fiji, the luxury boutique hotel is situated in the heart of the Vunabaka development. With 10 acres and 650 meters of beachfront, it’s beauty abounds with the protected bay, white sand beach, and crystal clear water along with tropical forests.

4. Culture

Fiji holidays are a treat to all. So, if you have special occasions don’t miss out on timing it with the many events that make the stay special. Turtle breeding is a delight from Mid-December to Mid March. Six Seasons Fiji has lined up sports activities for those who seek adventure. Fishing is encouraged in the first four months of the year. As an avid diver or surfer Six Senses Fiji does not let you down with yearlong activities to keep you engaged.

Our Favorite Features and Benefits of Six Senses Fiji

Now that you're familiar with the surrounding area, let's dive into Six Senses itself. Between the accommodations, dining, and amenities, you'll wish you could stay year-round! 

Let's Begin with Accommodations

As you begin your search, you cannot help but notice why it can be difficult to choose. With villas, suites, and residences, you're sure to find a lodging option to suit your needs.

One-Bedroom Pool Villas

A one-bedroom pool villa with a freestanding garden and beachfront location competes with the 2-5 bedroom accommodations in grandeur and design. Again, in a one-bedroom pool villa, a hideaway pool can be equally as comfortable. With a super cool beachfront pool villa, you'll feel pampered 24/7.

Hideaway Pool Villa

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Credit: Six Senses Fiji

You enter with the cool breeze blowing as you enjoy the green space that surrounds the private pool. The indoor rooms open up to the posh outdoors through large bifold doors for a refreshing dip in your private pool. If your mood begs for an outdoor bath and dine, there is a daybed and dining table along with outdoor bathroom and tub.

Hideaway Pool Suite

  six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Six Senses Fiji

These spacious villas open up to the private pool through bifold doors. Surrounded by lush greenery, your private deck becomes a home away from home. Sit in the chairs to sun yourself while enjoying the relaxing scenery.

Beachfront Pool Villa

  six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Six Senses Fiji

Bask in the private pool as you look across the clear beach water. Soak in the Fijian sun on your sunbed while you relax in the large outdoor deck. If you feel inclined, the beach is only a few steps away for a dip in the ocean.

Multiple Room Suites

With a private garden, marina, and beachfront locations, the multiple room suites and residences offer the finest services with enticing views.

Two-Bedroom Hideaway Pool Suite

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Island Escape

If being discreet is your style, the two bedroom hideaway pool suite is the ideal setting. Two bedrooms, bathrooms, and separate decks with their own pools complete this accomodation. It combines the best of the Hideaway Pool Suite and Hideaway Pool Villa.


Booking an extended stay? You might want to try one of these chic residences to ensure your utmost comfort.

Marina Pool Residence 2 and 3 Bedroom

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Six Senses Fiji

With friends for company, the Marina Pool Residence with options for 2 and 3 bedrooms, invites panoramic view of the yachts and private boats. Sit at the edge of the marina and have sweet conversations laced with delicious treats prepared in your fully equipped kitchen.

​Ocean View Pool Residence 2 and 3 Bedroom

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Six Senses Fiji

Prepare for a breathtaking view of sunlight peeking through your room even while you take in the heights and beauty around you. The smell of barbecue makes for a perfect setting with family and friends as the sun sets to make way for sparkling time with your loved ones.

Beachfront Pool Residence 2-5 Bedrooms

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Six Senses Fiji

These multiple room beachfront pool residences are the perfect option for groups and families to soak up the culture and warmth. As you rise for the day, walk out to the private pool or to the beach. Surrounded by white sand and vivid ocean views, you'll love sipping cocktails and integrating yourself into a luxurious lifestyle.

Next is Dining...

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Six Senses Fiji

As the sunlight brightens up your morning, dig into the breakfast that’s part of your room rate. Indulge in local Fiji delicacies prepared from the hand-picked, locally sourced organic raw materials. Pick your choice from international cuisines. Enjoy the meal at the top of the resort or opt for private in-residence dining.

Allow yourself the happy moments of feeling the white sand beneath your feet while you taste the best food made by the resort chefs. If you please, prepare some lip-smacking treats to show off your culinary skills. Impress others and leave a forever mark in the dream location in Fiji.

​Amenities & Activities

One thing is certain, you won't be short on relaxation, rest, and entertainment while staying at Six Senses Fiji. You can expect a well-rounded itinerary comprised of the following:

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: PxHere


Different from your traditional spa, the Six Senses Spa Fiji welcomes you with stepping stones that take you to the arrival lounge. Customization is encouraged with the presence of the Alchemy Bar. Spa experts suggest ways for a healthy mind and body through contemporary therapy and practices.


If you prefer gym over the spas, you might spare some time to explore the jungle gym. The fitness center has state of the art equipment. Besides it, sits a yoga and meditation place for those looking to revitalize their senses.

Water Activities

Immerse yourself in the hallmark water activities in Fiji. Take a stunning capture of the Hauraki Adventures that include water sports, excursions, diving, and PADI certified courses for different levels from beginners to advance.

Land Activities

If water activities are not your type, there are several land activities to create beautiful memories. From the hill-top hike activity to random walks to the nearby resort farm, your experience is heightened. Let’s not forget the sustainability efforts which guide you to create your private recycling hobby.

What Other Travelers Think About Six Senses Fiji:

There is a lot of noise online. You can at times get a bunch of positive reviews or several negative ones making it difficult to know what’s real. So we have compiled the reviews and made a note of why Six Senses Fiji should be the choice for your next trip. Take a look.


  • plus
    ​Eco-friendly stay
  • plus
    Use of smart technology
  • plus
    Breathtaking visuals
  • plus
    Water and land activities
  • plus
    Wide variety of cuisines


  • close
    Shared helicopter rides for >2
  • Luggage limited to 15kg per person

Perfect and strategic locations to enjoy breathtaking views, lush greenery, smart technology, and personalized service with tasty treats are the hallmark of Six Senses Fiji. Some aspects you need to arrange in advance include booking the speedboat a day before arrival; and arranging group activities, as a helicopter ride is limited to two at a time. More than two will require a shared ride. Keep in mind the luggage allowance is limited to 15 kg per person.

Alternative Places to Visit

Six Senses Fiji might not be your priority. In case you do have your favorites, it is worth checking if they match up the other resorts in the area.

1. Four Seasons

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: Four Seasons

Four Seasons has villas and suites like Six Senses Fiji but lacks the private pool for each accommodation. The cost of staying in overwater bungalows range from $600-$1200 per night. A package could cost anywhere between $5000-$8000 for 5-8 days depending on your choice as compared to $8000-$25000 at Six Senses Fiji. If you are looking for a beachfront hotel with Wi-Fi and the best amenities at a reasonable price, Four Seasons is the ideal choice.

2. InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies

Credit: IHA

The average rates range from $280-$544 per standard room as against around $750 at Six Senses Fiji. A budget stay at InterContinental is ideal for a budget traveler with child-friendly activities, fitness center, beachfront, spa, pool, and golf course. The staff is friendly, and the school tour is fantastic. With breathtaking views and hospitable amenities, you won't be lacking the comforts of luxury.

3. Radisson Blu Fiji Denarau Island

six senses fiji, vunabaka fiji, 6 senses, six senses fiji vacancies


The spacious apartments and a clean environment are inviting, and the staff is courteous. A prominent location with convenient pool and water slide, Radisson is ideal. Unlike Six Senses Fiji which gives the vibrant vibe yet quiet solace along with water and land activities, weekly activities like dancing, frog racing, drum lessons, etc. define Radisson. If you have plans with family and friends for some fun activities, you can choose Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island for a thrilling experience.

Six Senses Fiji is refreshing and luxurious.

In recent times, being away from technology is not an option. Instead, balancing the act of holidaying and being on par with social media and technology means you are well-connected and don’t miss out on anything in your absence.

Six Senses Fiji provides soothing ambiance along with the presence of smart technology. The premium destinations promise mesmerizing views that leave you spellbound. A perfect fit for all luxury travels, you become one with nature while enjoying the many perks of your stay.

Are you ready for your next holiday? Check out some more reasons to pick Six Senses Fiji for your next holiday.

Over to you. Did you find the Six Sense Fiji review useful? Let us know in the comments.

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