The Superfly GTO 42 Is One of a Kind and Here’s Why

The Superfly GTO 42 is a designer’s dreamboat. which resembles a racing car on water. 

Resembling a racing car on water, the Superfly GTO 42 splashed onto the scene in March earlier this year. Let's just say that it's a one-of-a-kind boat for the wealthy. With this boat you can reach a speed of 50 knots with 430 hp gas inboards. Make travelling a luxury experience with a king-size bed, and exquisite comfort for guests too. The Superfly GTO 42 is a beauty to witness as it glides through water with excellent precision. We've reviewed the Superfly GTO 42 for you, paying special attention to its many amenities and proven performance.

Origin and History of The Superfly GTO 42

This beauty comes from Flying Flipper, which initially started as a race boat project in the seventies. Racing driver and boat constructor, Sigurd Isacson decided to start building boats for those who enjoyed leisure. His infamous boat, named ‘Flipper’, was what inspired the business creation.

Since the mid-eighties, the business welcomed Flying Flipper 30 – a high performance boat. Since being bought by a new owner in 2014, the company have now been flying high designing models for boat enthusiasts.

All of the boats are custom-designed for each individual customer. When you order a Superfly GTO 42, you can choose any colour or materials to make it personal to you. If you need assistance with making your dream boat, their expert term will be on board to assist with any requests.

superfly GTO 42, superfly GTO 42 review

Credit: Robb Report

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Superfly GTO 42

This boat is not for everyone – even those who consider themselves passionate about boating. If you are looking to get onto the boating scene, then this may not be the ideal edition for beginners. Use the below guide to help you before considering to buy a Superfly GTO 42.

Who Is The Superfly GTO 42 For?

If you love to travel in style to your favourite destinations, you are the reason Flying Flipper created this boat. If you already have a boat but are looking for an upgrade, the Superfly GTO 42 has many features. It’s also a great alternative to vessels which lack a high performance and luxury factor.

Due to its limited capacity, this is not recommended for those travelling with large occupancy. You may also wish to refrain from purchasing this boat if you carry heavy, bulky items. It’s been created for an experience, to ride the waves with speed and power.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

superfly GTO 42, superfly GTO 42 review

Credit: Robb Report

1. How Often Will I Use The Boat?

There’s a risk with buying any luxury item. The Superfly GT0 42 is awe-inspiring to look at, but it was created with the driver in mind, not watchers. Take into consideration that if you are busy working, it’ll be parked most of the time. A boat not used is a boat wasted. 

Storing a boat can be costly, particularly depending on your location and the size of the vehicle. That’s not to say that if you’ll use it regularly, it’s not worth the investment, as some commute on water. Look into the rules of your current location. Some areas do not allow boats to be stowed in the neighbourhood.

2. What Are My Needs?

Boats aren’t an essential item to everyone. Many require one for fishing trips with friends. Others prefer slow, calming sailing sessions with friends. What would you use the Superfly GTO 42 for?

Take into consideration the number of people you’d bring with you. The spaciousness of the boat is a huge advantage so you can bring friends along with you. If you are not excited about the idea of a large party occupying you on the water, perhaps a smaller boat is a better option.

3. What Type of Ride Do You Enjoy Most?

This is certainly a boat built for looks and performance. Think about ways you like to enjoy your spare time, or perhaps where you like to voyage. Are you looking for a lot of fun and noise? Or would you prefer peace and quiet?

The GTO 42 is roomy, bright and doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s built for speed and volume. Party animals will adore it, but retired couples might be looking for something a little more chilled and reserved.

Things To Keep In Mind During Your Search:

superfly GTO 42, superfly GTO 42 review

Credit: Flickr, Szymon Simon Karkowski

A car, jet, or motorbike might meet your transportation needs. Not everyone buys a boat for transportation, but rather to enjoy the ride along the way. The GTO 42 is built with cutting-edge design and precision craftsmanship to push the boundaries of sports driving pleasure.

1. Gas vs Diesel

The boat is available in gas and diesel for versatility when driving. For those who are looking for a smoother ride, the diesel drive might be an option for you. However, with speeds of 50+ knots, the gasoline option offers a faster ride.

Aside from speed, it’s important to consider the economical factors when deciphering between the two. Diesel engines have become costly to own and maintain. Gas engines, on the other hand, are less costly. But, in the event there’s a fault with a gas engine, it can cost tens of thousands to rebuild.

2. Ownership and Acquisition Costs

Once you’ve purchased the boat, the costs don’t stop there. Inevitably, it will need refits and upgrades from general wear and tear. Flying Flipper boasts that their products have been made with excellent expertise and care from an expert team.

After 15 to 20 years, the rigging and terminals will likely need updating. Everything with heavier rigging and equipment which has been extensively used offshore will require replacing. This is dependent on how often you use the boat and the natural conditions it faces.

3. The Size of The Boat

The boat can accommodate a handful of occupants, thanks to its spacious design. After time, you can customise and even re-design the boat internally to suit your needs. But, you can never alter its size.  

Focus on the waterline length for an indication on how much space you have. The Superfly GTO 42 has an 11-metre waterline length. This is important to consider as longer boats tend to sail faster and smoother.

Features and Benefits of The Superfly GTO 42

Before buying any boat, we recommend investigating its features. There are many reasons to own a boat – such as living a carefree life and choosing to sail wherever. Many are raving that the Superfly GTO 42 is the best boat to have come onto the scene in 2018, and here are some features which set it apart from its competitors.

1. It's Boat Design on Another Level

The ergonomics and design of the Superfly GTO 42 have shaken up the boating world. It’s a luxury boat with the added elements of speed, performance, and comfort. Flying Flipper have combined the consumer's desire for elegance, space, and motion performance.

2. Bar Counter

If you like to host parties on or off the water, there’s a bar counter in the cockpit for cocktails. It’s the perfect space for entertaining guests and celebrating with beverages. It’s equally versatile to make a kitchen area for relaxing meals. You get the best of both worlds.

3. Spacious Interior

Thanks to the open-plan living area space, there’s enough room for a full-sized high-tech kitchen. This is a great area for hosting parties or making a delicious meal. The carbon fibre counter top and dinner table are in-theme with the luxurious ambiance and provide a preparation point.

You can quickly transform the cockpit into a dining area for seven people. Or perhaps you’d rather utilise the cockpit for a sociable area to relax and entertain in any weather conditions. It’s at this point you’ll find a spacious U-shaped sofa with forward seats for take-off points.

The bathroom is roomy and bright and has everything you could want and need whilst on your travels. In the forward cabin, there’s a king-size bed with plenty of storage. No matter which area of the boat you're in, you will never feel confined or cramped.

4. Light and Airy

Designed with an experience in mind, you can enjoy an excellent view of the stars at night from the sunroof. The big windows and skylights give it a sociable and light feel no matter the weather. You can always have peace of mind and feel safe and secure whilst moving on water.

5. Comfortable Driving Experience

The emphasis isn’t just on the guests, but the driving experience. Thanks to the design of the dashboard and driver’s seat, the driver can also enjoy the views. Despite a top-speed of 50 knots, it is not noisy alongside the coast. Powered by Volvo or Mercury, the name has a racing history and the boat lives up to it. Elegant and powerful, you can feel in safe hands picking up speed quickly and comfortably lapping the waves.

What Do Boaters Have To Say About The Superfly GTO 42?

We scoured the internet and uncovered some user reviews of the Superfly GTO 42. We aren’t surprised to find it doesn’t disappoint as a luxury boat.

Some reviewers loved the new sleek design of the earlier edition and how it has so much power without effort. The comfortability factor whilst driving seems to be the most popular pro of this boat. Though, some reviewers felt a little disappointed that there isn’t a hybrid version of the Superfly GTO 42. If you’re conscious of the environment, this might a disappointment. Even still, Flying Flipper are constantly evolving their models, so there could be potential in the future.


  • plus
    High-performance when on the water
  • plus
    Spacious interior for guests
  • plus
    Excellent steering control for parking up


  • close
    No hybrid version of the boat
  • Costly to maintain

Alternative Luxury Boats To Choose From

Not everyone will desire a boat with such luxury interiors, or perhaps a high-performance like the Superfly GTO 42. As those who purchase a car have different needs and tastes, the same goes for a boat purchase. We’ve searched the internet and found three alternative boats to help you decide.

1. Princess Yachts 40M

Princess Yachts offer a tri-deck with breathtaking views and an elegant style. For those who are looking for a boat with more luxury amenities, Princess Yachts has an excellent selection. Offering sunbathing retreats, a spa bath, and even beautifully proportioned dining spaces, it’s the perfect getaway with friends and family.

Across all decks, it’ll be shaped to your lifestyle and needs thanks to the bespoke refinement. With a friendlier attitude and more decks to choose from, you can bring more people along. Plus, each deck is like settling into a completely different realm.

2. Azimut S7

The Azimut S7 differs from the Superfly GTO 42 in that it has better fuel efficiency, making it cheaper to maintain. The active trim control also helps to deliver trouble-free handling, without leaking oil or creating corrosion.

The built-in control panel enables you to analyse the driving data and additional information easily. From here, you can see the tank levels, bilge and water discharge pump information, and engine data and alarms. This helps to give you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

3. Fairline Targa 48

The Fairline Targa 48 is effortlessly beautiful and streamlined for a smoother journey. The easily retractable sun roofs are larger and provide pure open sky views during the day or night. Plenty of guests can enjoy the heat from the sun whilst lying down comfortably and relaxing.

The lower deck has enough space to accommodate two guests in separate beds, though you can upgrade to a larger version to suit your needs. The sheer elegance and simplicity isn’t easy to come by at such a great price either.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Superfly GTO 42?

There are so much luxury brand boats available to the public, and we hope the above features helped to make up your mind. If you’re looking to venture often with friends and family, the Superfly GTO 42 enables you to set sail. There are few options that come close to this edition, while still offering such high performance too.

Check out the product for yourself, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you know someone looking to purchase their next boat? If so, be sure to share this article with them!

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