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Toni and Chloe Goutal: A Mother-Daughter Duo Creating Jewelry Fit For a Queen

In the market for jewelry fit for a queen? Look no further than the Toni and Chloe Goutal collection, created by a mother-daughter duo.

The Toni and Chloe Goutal collection launched in 2015 by a mother-daughter pair based out of New York City. The pieces feature a crescent and star theme throughout each unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Toni and Chloe Goutal, the founders, felt inspired by their shared passion for antique jewelry and celestial motifs. While many brands may spend years brainstorming and planning their debut, Toni and Chloe Goutal came about in a more unexpected and unplanned manner. 

The Mother-Daughter Duo: Toni and Chloe Goutal

While on a trip in London, Chloe (the daughter in this jewelry-expert duo) fell in love with a silver moon pendant in an antique store. With some convincing, her mother Toni purchased it for her. Chloe created her own unique jewelry piece by putting the pendant on an old chain she previously owned. People asked left and right who designed the piece. After that experience, the two made the decision to start the new adventure, and Toni and Chloe Goutal was born. 

They weren’t just jumping into a market that they knew nothing about though. Toni worked closely with her sister, late designer Angela Cramer, who created unique pieces for world-renowned jeweler, Fred Leighton. In addition, their immediate family includes late perfumer Annick Goutal and Marie France Cohen, founder of a luxury children’s line, BonPoint. Clearly they are not strangers to the luxury market!

Toni’s design experience, paired with Chloe’s young millennial approach and aesthetic, gives us the brand Toni and Chloe Goutal today. From sourcing the world’s most coveted Victorian jewelry, the first Toni and Chloe Goutal collection of necklaces features stars and crescents in precious gemstones. These include diamonds, opals, emeralds, and rubies set against handcrafted Victorian gold chains. Each piece in the collection pairs with a corresponding historical name from the 19th century.

If you follow celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Madonna, Laurie Metcalf, or Vanessa Bayer, you’ve likely noticed them flashing these unique pieces. The brand's publicity is only expected to continue growing, so you’ll want to snag a piece before they’re gone. We’ve put together a list of six of our favorites pieces, ranging from the crescent moon designs to the swords (yes, that’s right – sword necklaces) from the Toni and Chloe Goutal collection.

Our Favorite Toni and Chloe Goutal Must-Have Pieces

We rounded up our top six favorite pieces, a combination of crescents, stars, and swords. Find one that suits your tastes and try it on!

The Estella is a beautiful piece, and has three different Victorian diamond crescent pendants hung from a silver and black enamel chain. It is the only piece in the Toni and Chloe Goutal collection that has more than one crescent on it. So, if you really love crescents, this piece is for you!

The name Estella stems from a Latin word, meaning “star” (Dictionary). That is very fitting for this collection! The name was further made popular from the novel Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens in the 19th century. Estella is the name of the main love interest (BBC), although she is his unattainable dream.

In the story, Estella is depicted to be a beautiful and graceful woman, and the Toni and Chloe Goutal necklace lives up to that aesthetic. We love this piece because of its uniqueness in the use of three crescents. Unlike many of the items on the Toni and Chloe Goutal website, this piece is still marked as open for availability inquiries – so email quickly!

If you’d like a slight pop of color for your Toni and Chloe Goutal piece, the Juliet is perfect for you. This crescent moon piece is made of diamonds and sapphires that hang on a 16" Victorian-period yellow gold chain. The deep midnight blue sapphires set against the yellow gold chain contrasts beautifully against clear diamonds.

When you think of well-known women from eras past, it would be hard to not envision the name Juliet! Romeo and Juliet is a well-known tragedy-filled love story written by William Shakespeare about lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families (Britannica). The story of Romeo and Juliet has been commonly depicted in music, dance and theater. In addition, the story’s appeal has become a representation of star-crossed love. The Toni and Chloe Goutal Juliet piece will draw from the same emotion and passion as this name is known for.  There is still availability on the Juliet – but you will want to act fast!

Poised and pretty, the Toni and Chloe Goutal Rosalind piece is a stunning necklace. The Victorian crescent shape, filled with a double row of deep rose-colored rubies and diamonds, hangs from a 60” pinchbeck chain.

Shakespeare’s As You Like It literature features a strong and independent woman named Rosalind. She is considered one of Shakespeare’s most delightful heroines, is independent minded, strong-willed, kind-hearted and very intelligent. During the story, she teaches those around her to think, feel and love better than ever (Sparknotes). We hope those qualities automatically translate to the wearer of this Toni and Chloe Goutal piece, the Rosalind.

4. The Iris

The Toni and Chloe Goutal Iris is a breathtakingly beautiful piece. Circular-shaped amethyst pieces are nestled daintily throughout the diamond crescent. The crescent hangs from a 100” antique gold chain. And if you look closely, you will notice stars are engraved into each gold link. That’s some beautiful detail work!

While we had a hard time tracking down iconic women from the Victorian era named Iris, we did find that iris is more commonly referred to as the flower. The iris flower looks similar to an orchid (Flower Expert). Any ideas on what the color is? You guessed it! Purple a.k.a. amethyst. The name matches the color of this piece perfectly! And according to the Toni and Chloe Goutal site, there is still time to inquire for availability and snag this piece up for yourself.

5. The Lula 

Finally, here’s the sword piece you’ve been waiting to hear about. The Lula is a sword crafted out of gold, diamond, and emerald. It hangs on a 36” pinchbeck chain from the Victorian era.

Great attention to detail and authenticity went into making swords during the Victorian era (Brittanica). The Toni and Chloe Goutal Lula necklace sword is no different. While you won’t be able to defend yourself with this sword, your style will definitely be more unique with this gorgeous Toni and Chloe Goutal piece.

Before you get too excited to go buy one, the Lula and its similar counterpart in the Toni and Chloe Goutal collection, the Hallie, are unfortunately both sold out. But keep an eye out for more in the future!  

6. The Clementine

Last but not least, check out the Toni and Chloe Goutal Clementine piece. This necklace is a Victorian open half-moon pendant made up with diamonds and garnets. It hangs from a 14” antique gold chain. To us, it feels more elegant than the other pieces in the Toni and Chloe Goutal collection. Let us know if you agree!  

Clementine Harden was a noted photographer during the Victorian era (Victoria and Albert Museum of London). Her work records the life and interests of an upper-class mid-Victorian family. She liked to use natural light in her studio at her South Kensington home. At the time, that was seen as 'daring'. This was a bold, creative and intelligent woman, and you’re sure to feel the same with the Clementine necklace. It’s still listed as available on the Toni and Chloe Goutal website.

Quality style meets millennial chic with this collection. Add some timeless Toni and Chloe Goutal pieces to your jewelry box before they're all gone! 

With Toni’s eye for good quality design and Chloe’s millennial sense of style and chic, you get the brand Toni and Chloe Goutal. The collection offers a wide array of one-of-a-kind pieces but all stay true to their natural, timeless look. We love the items featured above because they can be worn down or dressed up…perfect for any occasion!

We think you’ll feel like a queen wearing Toni and Chloe Goutal, but what do you think? Is this a brand that you would wear? Comment below and let us know what you think of the pieces featured above!

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