Top 10 Luxury Living Room Furniture Ideas for a Design That Makes a Statement

For decades, people have tried to create poetry in their homes with luxury living room furniture. We have learned to differentiate styles and we established that a house in which style meets opulence is a living testament to a luxurious lifestyle.

Walking into luxury living room expensive furnishings – whether custom or not – will always match the taste of the homeowner.

Glamour & Luxury

Furniture pieces for a luxury living room often draw their influence from French and Italian designs. Carefully manufactured and designed, they’re the epitome of luxury. For the living room or for another room in the house, the furniture can be customized by color, fabric, size and finish.

A luxury living room would typically feature ornate cabinets, chaise lounges, and glass-top tables, but the sky is the limit when it comes to less traditional and more modern designs. A great addition to a modern set up is a center table made of marble and with neutral colors. For small living rooms, we recommend stools or ottomans that add extra sitting space in style.

Ottomans can accentuate a room through their colors, while also being practical. They’re good for you to place your feet on, but they can also hold a tray. Are you redecorating a long space? Break it up into different sitting areas, separated by the strategic placement of rugs and armchairs. Even if the furniture in a luxury living room looks simple, the details will make all the difference.

Let There Be Light

Moving on from luxury furniture, we must emphasize the importance of the lighting in a living room. In addition to its practical functionality, it also has to be elaborate, as to enhance the design theme. Create a unique atmosphere living room by using accent lighting. A richly adorned surrounding can be easily transformed with lighting only. Use yellow light for a warm feel in your living room, or a neon light for a more modern vibe.

An intricate chandelier design can also make the room elegant and glamorous. It’s also a gorgeous statement piece that turns your living room into a welcoming place loved by your guests. For a dreamy and high end space, use ceiling or pendant lighting. Add brightness with a silver mirror placed strategically to act as a center point in the room.

Light is not just about the artificial fixtures. Curtains can also play an important role in the overall atmosphere of your luxury living room. Sheer and clean drapery will lend your space a sophisticated and classy vibe. Plain windows can be improved by classy ornaments.

The fabrics of the curtains can either color coordinate with the fabrics in the room, or they can contrast them for a surprising effect. Do you want to give the room more of a traditional look? Make sure to add Louis chairs and sofas whose fabric matches with the curtains.

Art vs Monochromatic Design

It’s easy to design the elements once you decide what style you want for your living room. For instance, several items around the room can feature classical friezes as decorative motifs. Greatly featured in the architecture of the classical era, these elements were sometimes carried through the wallpaper friezes.

Rare artwork in a traditional luxury living room can act as the focal point of the room or as a complementary accessory. At the same time, placing a tasteful rug under the center table provides the illusion of a spacious area, especially if it’s coordinated with other pieces of décor used in the living room.

On the other hand, modern living rooms have turned to monochromatic designs to express luxury and elegance. Playing with black and white can yield some pleasing results, but there’s no harm in giving the room a lively look with unconventional colors. Playful colors on various upholstery pieces can help you achieve this effect.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your own living room (and you have the means to do so in style), we hope to inspire you with 10 luxury living room furniture ideas.

1. Airy and Practical

Hanging breathy, translucent beige curtains can do more than keep your living room naturally bright. Pair the décor with a glass chair (by Jacques Adnet and Réne Coulon) and see how beautifully it echoes its lucid nature. Airy curtains will offer you luxury and privacy in your own home, as well as a natural source of light.

2. Bright Motif

There’s something particularly comforting about this luminous living room designed by Nicola Manganello. White and beige are the predominant colors for the coffee table setting, sprinkled with the rich tones of wooden elements. The luxurious monkey pod doubles as a sitting place, but you can also use it as a storage area.  In addition to the large windows that let the natural light in, the white swivel chairs also contribute to the luxurious feel of the entire room.

3. Concrete Floor

Mimicking this living room décor created by LG Interiors won’t be difficult. The rustic feeling of the reclaimed barn beam that serves as mantel shelf is balanced by the functional properties of the concrete floor and the ultramodern feel of the gray Dunbar Bracket Back Armchairs by Edward Wormley. For maximum effect, add these gorgeous marine blue accent pillows for contrast.

4. Elegant Bronze Tones

As we said before, the furniture in a luxury living room may seem simple, but the details of this inspiration design make all the difference. Notice the classy center table and the spectacular console, both of which add superb drama to this neutral-colored setting. At the same time, everything seems to have a purpose in this room, from the golden throw pillows, to the practical Art Deco chairs.

5. Wood Beam Chandelier

Create a beautiful living room atmosphere with exposed wood beams on the ceiling accented with an iron chandelier. The reclaimed wood dining table acts as the statement piece of décor that steals the show, as well as the gorgeous Ikat chairs. You can always go for a faux rustic look by replacing the multi-armed chandelier with a wood beam chandelier with exposed light bulbs.

6. Colorful Patterns

The secret to pulling off a bright-colored interior is to find a balance through the layering of the colors on the furniture, wall, and accessories. The selection of colors in this living room is calculated, offering a pleasing colorful context for all the splashes of white. The accent pillows and gorgeous patterns on the rug complement one another by adding different elements. Innovative interior design is about willing to try new things and create distinctive designs through the smart use of patterns, colors, textures, and materials.

7. Bohemian Scandinavian Vibes

This room designed by Erika Yeaman features strong Scandinavian influences, including the matte black chandelier and the warm yet practical bookshelves. To balance out the sobriety of this luxurious room, the designer added some accented bohemian pillows. The overall effect is that of a simple yet modern space that feels both homey and attainable.

8. Contemporary Living Room

The modern, minimalistic design expresses through effortless simplicity, so it’s no wonder the decorating style continues to flood Pinterest and design blogs. Continuing the theme of bright, pure colors, this luxurious living room setting breathes through its clean lines and practical use of space. The DWR womb chair (available in multiple colors and textures), as well as the DWR tractor counter stool, can help you mimic this style in your own living room.

9. Quirky Elements

According to designer Erika Yeaman, the best advice she could give someone who is redecorating their living room is: “Don’t overthink it.” When you put together the room you’ll be spending your afternoons in, dare to be bold. Add a couple of quirky elements, such as a sofa upholstered in Kuba textile, or a swivel chair covered in colorful fabric. Play with curves and lines towards a living room that represents you and your interests.

10. Neutral Green & Gray

One of the focal points of this living room is the superb accent lighting, a great example of how to use unique light treatments to suggest glamour and luxury. At the same time, the neutral green and gray complement each other magnificently, as well as the subtle tones of beige. It’s an unexpected style blend that incorporates a simple sofa, a comfortable ottoman, and a glass coffee table. It definitely works for us, so how about you?

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