Top Luxury Pet Car Seats for the Pampered Pet

Once you get yourself a pet, you have a responsibility towards it. In this case, if you travel in style, your puppy, cat, or why not, guinea pig should as well. A luxury pet car seat will prove to your faithful companion that you can return the favor and be a pet’s best friend, as well.

Obviously, there are some compromises you need to accept if you decide to purchase one of these comfortable traveling armchairs for your pet. For one, you won’t have your pooch flapping its tongue and ears in the wind while passers-by take photos of the ‘cute smiling puppy in the car’. On the upside, you could afford a breath of fresh air from all the fur and scratches imprinted on your leather car seat.

The Best Luxury Pet Car Seat to Travel in 2016

Snoozer Luxury Lookout Console Pet Gear Car Seat

Why our first pick? It’s because the Snoozer allows your pet to sit comfortably next to you. Its most important feature is that it straps between the two seats, thus permitting another passenger to sit in the front. Plus, this may very well prove to be a life-saver, as some pets tend to get anxious in moving vehicles. Feeling the owner nearby will calm your puppy’s spirits and make the ride smoother than otherwise.

The padding is a firm but comfortable foam form and the interior is made of Sherpa, a soft and thick polyester fabric that resembles sheepskin.

Have you ever thought about why they call it the ‘Lookout’? If an image is worth a thousand words, then you’ll find a clue right here. Scouting the horizon from the tall, lamb-wool basket, your pup looks just like a moving head. The elevated back keeps it from jumping out.

Of course, the snoozer comes with all the safety straps to secure the pooch to its allocated seat. Just in case it feels like chasing after the neighbor’s roaming cat. $113.95

Valentina Valentti Luxury Pet Car Seat Carrier

A three-in-one carrier, this lux model is fit for any type of traveling. If you feel like walking your puppy Paris Hilton style, you can throw the Valentina Valentti pet carrier over your shoulder. Once you reach your car, the bag morphs into a car seat, then booster seat without so much as a sweat over it.

The model has wicked pedigree features, like ventilation mesh, storage compartment for your pet’s essential travel items like toys and snacks, and inside tether with zippered pockets and leash attaches. Made out of nylon, it can carry up to 8 kilograms of terrier, poodle, lhasa, cavalier, shih tzu, mini schnauzer, and more. Check the company’s list for ‘pre-approved’ dogs.

Kurgo Skybox Rear Dog Booster Seat for Cars with Seat Belt Tether

Safety does come first, but your dog shouldn’t be deprived the beautiful scenery. More of a glorified bed than your simple deluxe pet car seat, the Kurgo model’s low walls tend to be more trustful in your dog’s ability to stay put and not get jittery.

The design must feel comfy and generous in space. There’s no elevated fortress to constrict your pet’s movements. Meanwhile, an integrated seat belt ensures no sudden brakes will see your pooch flying around in the car. As a plus, the reversible pads attached to the luxury pet car seat are the perfect solution in case of a mess.

Price on $75,51 plus a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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