Top 9 Yacht Vacations You Should Go on at Least Once

When thinking about luxury yacht vacations, most of us conjure up images of celebrities and billionaires enjoying their summers. However, travel agencies have tried really hard for the past few years to show us that yacht traveling is not just for the rich and famous. Multiple companies now offer seven-day yacht charters for $10,000 or less.

So what is stopping you from renting a boat with multiple bedrooms, call your friends and family, and have the time of your life? You can even sail the vessel yourself, if that’s what you want. If not, hire a captain to guide your unforgettable yacht vacation. Below you will find a list of yacht companies and their offers, as well as the yacht destinations they offer.

1. Yachtico

Have you ever wondered what it was like to embark on one of the sailboats gliding past you at the beach? Wonder no more, because you and your family can now book a catamaran with all the amenities of home and travel the world. Yachtico has some of the best yachts for rent and boats for charter; their fleet rises to more than 16,000 professionally maintained charter yachts worldwide.

Prices vary, with a week along Cuba’s southern coast costing $5,000 or less. At the same time, a six-bedroom, 46-foot-long catamaran to sail along the Dalmatian Coast starts at $4,900. If you would rather have a captain on board, it will cost you an additional $193 a day.

Most Popular Destinations: Cuba’s southern coast, South of France, Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

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2. The Moorings

The Moorings in Clearwater, Fla., is popular among yacht travelers for its impressive fleet of 400 boats in 20 destinations. If you’re on a budget, you can also rent one of the several wallet-friendly models (such as a 38-foot, three-bedroom yacht).  Their yachts are all equipped with air-conditioning, a kitchen, a spacious living room, a flat-screen television, snorkel gear and several outdoor decks. The base price starts at $9,800, and it also includes a captain.

Should you rent a Moorings Crewed yacht charter, you will be offered the comfort of luxury vacations combined with the spirit of adventure travel. You’ll also enjoy the skills of a gourmet chef, as well as the nautical skills of your captain. And don’t forget about the gentle waltz of the water and the ever-new awe-inspiring seascapes. Trips on the Moorings yachts include activities like kayaking, fishing, and secluded walks on the beach.

Most Popular Destinations: The Bahamas, the Greek Islands, Tahiti.

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3. GetMyBoat

An ever-expanding company, the San Francisco-based GetMyBoat now offers around 64,000 boats with destinations in more than 171 countries. For the high-end yacht vacations, expect to pay somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000 for a seven-day charter. However, if you’re not looking for all-inclusive offers, you can also get some inexpensive trips, like a three-bedroom, 50-foot yacht docked in Ibiza, Spain. It rents for $3,290, captain included.

Most Popular Destinations: Balearic Islands

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4. Dream Yacht Charter

With offices all across Europe and the U.S., Dream Yacht Charter boasts a fleet of 700 boats in 42 destinations worldwide. Higher up on the cost spectrum, their yachts cost around $10,000 for a weeklong charter. We feel compelled to mention the notable 30 boats in the Seychelles, each available for under $5,000.

The Crewed Yacht Charters are the pinnacle of all-inclusive luxury. You will benefit from your private floating five-star villa, a gourmet chef who cooks according to your preferences, and an impeccable crew at your service. You can also choose to be the captain on board of the company’s monohulls and catamarans. As far as cabin charters go, they feature a wide array of dreamy destinations, ready to explore on board of luxurious catamarans.

Most Popular Destinations: French Riviera, Croatia, British Virgin Islands, Cuba

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5. International Yacht Charter Group

We all want private luxury and constant pampering when we’re on vacation, but how expensive does it get? You can choose from the many charter yachts that offer a base charter fee and list other expenses additionally. However, there are also charter yachts that offer all-inclusive pricing, which gives you an overall perspective of how expensive your vacation will be prior to departure.

With International Yacht Charter Group, you can rent an all-inclusive charter on a crewed catamaran or sailing yacht, which will include a captain and one additional crew member to prepare the food, provide personal cabin service, and help arrange activities. Therefore, the all-inclusive fee includes food, drink, and the standard ship’s bar.

Most Popular Destinations: The Caribbean, British Virgin Islands

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6. Voyage Charters

Voyage Charters allows travelers to rent sailboats that provide a luxury sailing vacation on board of crewed charters or a bareboat. If you embark on the vacations provided by Voyage Charters, you’re sure to experience a dream getaway in a number of idyllic destinations aboard a crewed yacht. The company’s all-inclusive, fully crewed yachts are equipped with all the comforts of a five-star villa. The catamarans, in particular, are the most popular sailboat rentals, thanks to their privacy, comfort, and space.

What else do you need to unwind than a spacious, luxury saloon aboard a high-class yacht? Choose from the hundreds of yacht charters available in the Voyage Charters fleet to experience amazing ambiences, delicious tropical treats, and smooth sailing. It doesn’t get any better than being able to enjoy the Caribbean sun while chilling and tanning out on the large, comfortable trampolines upfront.

Most Popular Destinations: The Caribbean, British Virgin Islands

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7. CharterWorld

CharterWorld is a private yacht charter specialist which can offer you the complete list of charter boats worldwide. Not only that, but you can rent their yachts at the most competitive prices. One of the most important things when booking a charter trip is matching the right location for you. There are many interesting and diverse places around the world to charter a crewed super yacht, but here are some of the most popular spots.

The Mediterranean is a varied location, offering travelers plenty of beautiful countries to visit, such as Italy, France, Monaco, Sardinia, Croatia, Greece, and more. A Med’ yacht charter makes for the ultimate vacation due to its fine culture, even finer boats and gorgeous, azure waterways. But let’s not forget about the Caribbean yacht charters, which provide luxury charter yachts while also featuring exotic islands and beautiful tropical beaches.

Most Popular Destinations: The Caribbean, The Mediterranean coast, The Virgin Islands, Antigua.

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8. iYacht Club

Choosing to rent a bareboat (un-crewed) catamaran or a crewed catamaran can make all the difference when cruising the Caribbean. Each choice creates a unique vacation experience, even though it’s not obvious at first glance. The costs to rent a bareboat, for instance, are rather consistent; it will cost you about $1,000 dollars a day. On the other hand, an all-inclusive Caribbean Yacht charter will set you back $2,500 a week per person (plus or minus $500). The all-inclusive price covers all meals and beverages.

But there’s a certain attraction to renting a bareboat, too. A lot of people enjoy the independence, even though it comes with responsibilities, as well. You do have to purchase the groceries, prepare the food, and clean up after. You’re the chef, the steward, the crew, the navigator and the deckhand on the yacht.

The crewed yacht charter experience is completely different, as you enjoy your all-inclusive weeklong vacation. For a fair increase in price, the staff is included and they take care of the cooking and cleaning duties. You also pay for a chef who prepares five-star meals that suit your tastes and preferences. These luxury yachts are better than peanut butter and jelly!

Most Popular Destinations: The Virgin Islands, the Caribbean

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9. Luxury Yacht Vacation

Traveling with Luxury Yacht Vacation means enjoying the greatest vacation with the most memorable seascapes. The company prides in achieving this goal by striving to understand the needs of each customer and supplying them with luxurious, clean, and seaworthy vessels. As you choose the right charter for you, keep in mind that you can also enjoy the services of their expert crews – for a price, evidently.

You might need to consult with a broker as you prepare your yacht vacation, so make sure you get in contact with a patient and knowledgeable broker who knows all about the best locations and the yachts available for your dates. Make sure you choose one who is a member of one of the recognized Charter Broker Associations (such as AYCA, CYBA or MYBA).

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What are you waiting for? Most yacht vacations have special discounts for travelers who book them in advance, so February seems like the perfect time to start preparing for your trip. Follow the links provided for each company and their most popular destinations to choose which services suit your needs the most.

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