The VanTom Superyacht Sets the New Standard for Luxury Vessels

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Credit: Heesen Yachts

There are a handful of exquisite luxury yacht options available for the truly wealth.

The rich and famous obviously travel and vacation in style. At the top of the heap, however, are those who take passengers aboard their private yachts. And king of that elusive hill is arguably the VanTom Superyacht. 

Of course, that yacht market is incredibly varied. You’ll have some captains of glorified dinghies claiming they operate a yacht. But then you have the real deal. And it’s easy to tell the difference. Even the most beautiful lower echelon boat will pale when you start comparing features.

I’ve gone on great cruises and seen some incredible private boats. Yet the Vantom Superyacht has set an entirely new standard. Newly unveiled to the world in international waters, it’s clear this is a special yacht. Heesen Yachts has produced the VanTom to be the largest, most opulent on the sea. These luxury crafts will spoil you for any other mode of transportation.

Beware of the pitfalls associated with a superyacht purchase.

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Credit: Wikimedia Commons, axou

If you’re looking for unparalleled comfort and performance on the water, there’s no alternative. Superyachts have been an option for the wealthy for generations. Like luxury autos, however, the bar continues to raise with each new model. While the VanTom superyacht is world class now, there’s always the future. So before you decide to add a VanTom superyacht to your wish list, do the homework.

If you’ve already owned a yacht and are considering an upgrade, this might seem remedial. But first time buyers are often struck by the sheer cost of maintaining a yacht. And in some cases, superyachts carry with them super costs. Of course, this is hardly different than purchasing a Bentley or exotic sports car. It is certainly a consideration though.

Maybe you’d be better suited in a charter yacht situation. Or a group purchase with some like minded friends. However, ff you’ve done the research and think a superyacht is right for you, consider this one. The VanTom superyacht really has a lot going for it.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Superyacht

If you've spent time in yachts and are ready to move up, the cost might be secondary. You're probably more concerned about the features. Of course there's luxurious materials everywhere aboard the VanTom superyacht. But there is tech, power and handling underneath the beautiful facade.

Questions to ask yourself before beginning your search:

  • What are my boating needs?

    If you're going to be entertaining every weekend, that might impact your choice. Many yacht owners keep their vessel docked much of the time. This could translate to lower long term costs. But, of course, it means less time out on the water. The VanTom superyacht has a lot of features. Thus, there's a lot that can go wrong. 

  • What features to I prioritize in a boat?

    For many yacht enthusiasts, it's all about the experience. Having a boat is much different than actively boating. And when you're inside your superyacht, you know what you want. Maybe you're looking for a home away from home. All of the electronics and comforts from home can be yours on the sea, too. Or maybe it's performance. You don't have to settle for a speed boat. There are also superyachts for you.

Things to consider before making your next boat purchase:

If you're considering the VanTom superyacht, you should know what you're getting. There are a few competing options, but this new boat has plenty to offer. Determine how much each category means to you. Then stack it up against how the VanTom superyacht performs.

  • Cost

       Of course, as with any major luxury purchase, you probably expect to spend quite a          bit of cash. However, you'll want to factor in the cost of a superyacht beyond the                initial purchase. Consider the cost of fueling the vessel as well as any potential                  repairs that may arise. Additionally, customization may cost more for premium                  features.

  • Craftsmanship

       What good is a yacht that is unreliable? If parts are constantly breaking, or your                vessel is only sea-worthy for a portion of the boating season, it's not a smart                      investment. Be sure to read the reviews from boaters who have experience                        navigating the particular superyacht you're pining after. A boat that is made of quality         materials and parts should serve you for years to come.

  • Performance

        While yachting is a relaxing experience, you want a vessel that can get up and go.             You'll want to ensure the boat's engine has enough power to cut through the waves.           Similarly, ensure that each of the other components is highly-rated and built to last.           A superyacht focused on performance is sure to please those who value this                      attribute  just as much as those focused on a relaxing yachting experience.

  • Luxury

        Yes, performance is important. However, comfort and luxury are equally as important         in such a large investment. Take the amenities aboard into consideration to ensure             that you never miss the comforts of home. With today's customization options, you            can have a mansion on water.

Features and Benefits of the Vantom Superyacht

Now that you know exactly what you need from your yacht, take a look at the features and benefits of the Vantom Superyacht. No need to worry -- this vessel checks all the boxes!

1. Body

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts has created the VanTom superyacht as its newest standard bearer. That mission is obvious from the moment you take a look at its lines.

Dutch and Italian styling

Omega Architects, a Dutch firm, designed the beautiful ship. There is plenty that sets it apart from Heesen's other models. You'll be struck by the darkened window mullions. And the entire design process was monitored by Italian designers. Francesco Paszkowski and Margerita Casprini made sure it retained classic styling.

2. Interior

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Heesen Yachts

If you weren't impressed by the size of the VanTom superyacht before, just step inside. You'll have plenty of room to take 12 passengers out to sea. And the on board accommodations are all presented in absolute luxury.

The beautiful owner's state room is its crown jewel

There are a lot of reasons to recommend the VanTom superyacht. A look at where you'll be staying as its owner, however, might be its biggest selling point. The full beam state room is exquisite and a great fit for this yacht. Don't worry, your guests will also be staying in the utmost luxury. Additional accommodations on board include a full beam VIP cabin, two double guest cabins, and two twin guest cabins. 

3. Exterior

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Heesen Yachts

Beyond the stunning lines and expansive size, there's much more to the exterior. The style and functionality of the interior extends to the outside. 

The expansive sun deck is a perfect getaway.

Keep heading up when you reach the immense upper deck for the real hidden gem. The sun deck puts you at the top of this beautiful ship with tons of space to soak up rays. There are decks all over this thing! The VanTom superyacht gives you and your guests more than enough space to congregate. And the storage factor is huge outside, just as it is on the interior.

4. Amenities

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Heesen Yachts

Beautiful materials and a great layout makes it easy for some travelers to visualize themselves aboard. But if you're going to stay on the VanTom superyacht, it had better have amenities. And it does, indeed. Of course, you'll want to customize your yacht to your specifications. The VanTom superyacht gives you that capability.

Make it your own.

From its very platform, this Heesen boat is made to be customized. First, it is built with the latest in a long line of design and tech advancements. Heesen has set the mark other yacht makers strive to reach. Secondly, a reworked process has led to lower overall costs. A superyacht is an expensive purchase, no doubt about it, and so is this one. But if you've already decided to take the plunge, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. You might find you have even more cash left over to really make it yours.

5. Power

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Pixabay, q1000101

Unless you plan to do all of your entertaining at the dock, you'll need to know about the engine. And the VanTom superyacht has the stamina to get you where you're going. Plus, it has the power to get you there in time.

A range of 3,100 nautical miles

Set off on whatever adventure you choose under the power of the VanTom superyacht. With two MTU 16V 4000 M73L engines, this cruiser can reach a top speed of 23 knots. And at 12 knots, you can expect a transatlantic range of 3,100 nautical miles.

What VanTom Superyacht Passengers Think So Far:

This is a new model for Heesen, the latest of five in this class of yacht. That means results are still coming in from owners. But what information we already have points to a world class vessel. After searching for reputable reviews, here's what we can tell so far.


  • plus
    Quiet, capable engine
  • plus
    Beautiful cabins
  • plus
    Can easily be customized


  • close
    Less deck space than larger models
  • Hull is aluminum, not steel

Even the cons on this yacht could be seen as selling points by some buyers. Maybe you don't need the massive outdoor space of a 65 meter Heesen. And a lightweight hull does make for lighter weight on the water. So it's clear that the VanTom superyacht offers plenty to the right customers. But this is hardly the only game in town. There are several other luxury yacht models vying for your attention.

Alternative Superyacht Choices:

The VanTom superyacht is unquestionably a contender in this market. But you need to be aware of all your options to be an informed consumer. Here are a few other great boats giving the new Heesen yacht a run for its money. The options below are each in roughly the same size category as the VanTom superyacht.

1. Majesty 155

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Majesty Yachts

This Majesty yacht was named Best Asian Built Yacht last year. It is high on both quality and opulence. Step on board and notice all of the luxurious details and features the Majesty 155 offers. Impeccable touches like the sun deck fountain make this a clear contender.

2. Rossinavi Endeavor II

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Rossinavi Yachts

This 50 meter yacht provides a light weight aluminum hull. Cruise at a top speed of 16 knots under the power of electric and diesel engines. Like the VanTom superyacht, the Endeavour II is understated luxury. Maybe even more so, this Rossinavi is geared toward this principle. The deck space can be customized and includes great outdoor entertaining space.

3. Christensen Chasseur

vantom superyacht, hesesen vantom superyacht, heesen superyacht, heesen vantom, vantom heesen, vantom heesen superyacht

Credit: Christensen Yachts

The Christensen Chasseur offers a modern design and beautiful interior. Windows all around give those on board a clear view of their surroundings. Deck space and amenities abound, even though it is a bit smaller than some of the others. Plus, a full height bar on the sun deck is a great added touch.

Is the VanTom superyacht right for you?

We've attempted to give you a good idea of what to expect with the new Heesen superyacht. As with this and any of its top competitors, the real test will lie with potential buyers. If you're serious about luxury and want to be in command of your cruises, start here. The VanTom superyacht offers a great cross section of what today's yacht market has to offer. And if you decide you want something a little different than what Heesen provides, that's fine. There are plenty of other luxury yacht builders ready to compete for your business.

Are you in the market for a superyacht? Would you consider making the VanTom superyacht yours? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to share this with your boating buddies!


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