Wheel Witness HD PRO Review: A Must-Have Dash Cam for Road Safety

Your road safety lies equally in your hands, as well as in the hands of other vehicles on the road. The Wheel Witness HD dash cam monitors other vehicles to keep you safe.

Most often, road accidents occurr mostly due to the reckless attitude of drivers on the road, more so than yourself. Thereby, if you have taken all the necessary precautions to secure your car and its passengers, it’s time also to take it a step further. You'll want something that looks around for other vehicles or drivers who might be a threat, or on the brink of causing an accident. Enter the Wheel Witness HD PRO dash cam. Because road safety is critical this device is a trusted companion on the road.

The Wheel Witness HD PRO is a dash cam that lets you record all that goes on outside your car. In fact, it enables you to check on the red flags even while you drive. But, if you are wondering if this is the best in the market and if it is worth it, then this Wheel Witness review is for you. We bring you facts on why you cannot ignore the need for a dash cam, how it protects you as you travel, and its pros and cons. Finally, if you wish to consider other dash cams too, we present three options to look into for a safe driving experience.

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A Little About ​Wheel Witness HD​

The Wheel Witness HD PRO has a resounding track record for living up to people’s expectations both concerning its quality and its user-friendly features. And, it’s not without reason that it has reached this milestone. We check some facts on the company before we take you through the highlights.

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

Background About Wheel Witness HD

Wheel Witness HD was established in 2014 and has rapidly grown to become a crowd favorite when it comes to dash cameras. Because they have understood the immediate need to let customers safeguard themselves on the road, the dash cam is a complete package. With excellent features and also an easy setup, it’s a breeze for anyone new to this concept. The company works from New York and has created a strong customer base in a short time.

It’s evident that Wheel Witness HD has done a credible job of understanding the market well. They thrive on keeping up with the times. Because their dash cam is well-equipped with all the necessary features, the product has high innovation, creativity, and quality to ensures customers keep coming back for the product and also promote it in their circle.

Wheel Witness HD is known to be the best in the market for their high-quality dash cams. The high popularity among those stuck in accident claims and their quick resolution is a key highlight. Many have vouched for its quality, authenticity, and durability. It is also known to give an accurate picture of what’s going on. The Wheel Witness HD dash cam has superior performance and excellent features that make it a perfect dash cam for your car or truck.

Who is the Wheel Witness HD Pro Great For? 

If you drive long distance often or have ever been in a car accident with the blame on you, then you know it’s a difficult situation to get out of. Without valid proof, you cannot prove your innocence. And with insurance coming into the picture it becomes even more vital.

Not to mention, with drunken drivers on the road, it is essential to secure your car from a collision with such people. Because you need to have a validation of your actions, a dash cam saves you and your money from a whole lot of trouble. Thus, it’s not without reason that most car owners don’t mind investing in a product that can save them time, money and also prove their innocence on most occasions.

What are the Best Uses for the Wheel Witness HD Pro dash cam?

If you have recently purchased a car then you know saving it from any damage is as important as keeping yourself safe on the road. And, if you wish to do that a sound investment in a dash cam, it can save you a lot of headaches.

Or, perhaps you wish to keep track of your young teenager with a new driver’s license. This gadget helps keep a watchful eye to ensure they are safe and also securely managing the vehicle on their own.

Along with this, if you are loaning your car often then its safety is paramount. Even as you trust people you know with your car, it cannot always be foolproof. For a long-term solution, installing the dash cam saves you hours of trouble of siding with the right person in case there is any untoward incident.

Features & Benefits of ​Wheel Witness HD

There are many reasons to have the Wheel Witness HD on your dashboard. In fact, it is the many features and benefits that make it a perfect fit for any type of car

1. Resolution

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

What’s unique about the Wheel Witness HD dash cam is the premium high-resolution with 2560 x1080 / 2306 x1296P super HD. That means you not only get a high definition picture, but also get the details of any little object that may often not be visible to the naked eye.

Another advantage of this high resolution is that nobody can deny claims if the clarity is excellent. In turn, this leaves you with little scope for ambiguity in case of an accident or emergency. Additionally, the high resolution of the feed on an alternate system is clear, making it easy to detect any discrepancies or issues in the feed.

2. GPS

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

The front view of the camera allows you to track the vehicle even as it moves. Moreover, you get to use the Google Maps screen while on your journey to see where you are going. Besides the 170 degrees, the extra wide angle gives you an additional full view of all things that are often difficult to notice with the bare eyes.

3. Technology

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

The technology that powers the Wheel Witness HD Pro dash cam is the wide dynamic range (WDR) technology for the best night video. Even if you are driving in the dark, it can give you amazing clarity. Another advantage is that it focuses on the camera with clarity, even if you are driving in the early morning with the sunrise right in your eye. The technology supports the camera and equally compensates the light and dark that comes in the frame of one shot.

4. Free MicroSD Card

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

The recording of the video goes in a continuous loop and continues to do so until the microSD card is full. Once full, the oldest files get deleted and replaced with the new one. And it means that the playback will be fully autonomous with continuous playback. The camera is also reliable and does not overwrite any new video, thereby keeping your recording intact.

5. Multiple Mounts

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

Another benefit you get with the Wheel Witness HD Pro dash cam is the three mounts along with it. It comes with two sticky mounts and one suction cup. Once the microSD card is in the slot, all you have to do is plug it in the cigarette lighter outlet, and the recording will begin. Because of its small size, it can fit in the dashboard comfortably without blocking your view. And, even if the car is moving at high speed, the camera does not move but instead stays sound, recording on the go.

What ​Users Have to Say About ​Wheel Witness

Most users claim to have been saved from a disastrous or wrongful claim due to the presence of the Wheel Witness HD dash cam. Overall, there has been a positive response to the features and benefits of the Wheel Witness HD. We present some pros and cons below.


  • plus
    High-Resolution Camera
  • plus
    Continuous recording
  • plus
    Evidence in the case of an accident


  • close
    No Wi-Fi in the dash cam
  • Only front, left and right view in the camera. It cannot record passengers.

The cons might make you rethink if this is the right dash cam. While there is no Wi-Fi and it is not equipped to record passengers, this dash cam option provides the high-resolution and continuous recording that protects you in court. The features and benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Alternative ​Wheel Witness HD to Consider

If you wish to consider some other options to the Wheel Witness HD, then we have three others which have also attract the attention of potential dash cam users.

1. Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

This dash cam comes with a dual lens camera that records front and rear footage too. Additionally, it adjusts to fully tilt up and down. With 1920x1080P at 30FPS, it gives a 150-degree view as compared to the Wheel Witness HD which offers a 170-degree view.

The highly sensitive night vision gives you clear vision even in dark and inclement conditions. There are electronic safeguards that trigger with the ignition, beginning the recording with the start of the ignition and stopping it when the ignition is off.

Also, there is G-sensor that triggers crash vibration recording. Furthermore, the audio on/off record and parking mode detects if there are any concerns about your vehicle 24x7.

2. KDLINKS Full HD Dash Cam

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

This dash cam comes with full HD 1920x1080 resolution. Tthe 165-degree wide angle is less than the 170 degrees of Wheel Witness HD, although it still comes with an 8 GB  micro SD card. WDR technology, like Wheel Witness HD, powers the superior night vision. You can also use the built-in GPS module to record the movement of your car.

And, the emergency lock button and accident detection locks the video file to protect its contents. The high-quality battery can sustain any weather, thereby safeguarding the video recordings. Additionally, it comes with a one year warranty in case of any hardware issues.

3. Vantrue T2 24/7 Surveillance

Wheel Witness HD, Wheel Witness HD Review, Wheel Witness, Wheel Witness review

With the presence of the superior capacitor, the contents of the video are protected in any weather. It also does not drain the battery and keeps it in good condition. With a 160 degree view of the road, you get 1920x1080 @30fps. Also, this allows easy capture of the license plate or any minute detail you would want.

And, the Wave Guard Indicator is easy to detect distances and also consumes low power.  In case of any sudden break, the built-in gravity sensor captures the contents and locks it to protect the contents from any damage. GPS tracking means you can track your car wherever it is as on the road or in case it gets stranded anywhere. It does come with eighteen months warranty. 

dash cam can be a lifesaver in the event of an unexpected road accident.

We hope you liked reading all about the Wheel Witness HD Pro dash cam and how it can resolve any road rage incidents or handle disputes without getting you into severe problems.

Lets us know if you have used any dash cam before and what has been your experience. Share it with us in the comments. For those who are always in the middle of a road accident, it’s time to share this post with them!

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