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​TCL Ultra HD Smart TV Review: Much More Than Just A Clear Picture

There are more ways than ever before to enjoy your favorite home entertainment. 

Plus, advances in technology mean the smartest TV brands on the market are cheaper than ever. Combining these trends reveals how impressive a product like the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV truly is. So what can this thin television do that your ordinary flat screen can’t? We’ll get into all the details below, but you might just be impressed from the moment you open the box.

This product is manufactured with high quality materials and its fit and finish is obviously a priority. There are few televisions at this price point and with so many features that also have such a sleek design. But the true test is its ability to perform. And with a bevy of design features meant to enhance the experience, we think you’ll find it exceeds expectations.

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

A Little About the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV

The TCL name hasn’t been around as long as some of the top smart TV brands. But it has shown an ability to enter the market with some great, innovative products. This particular product stands out not only for its long list of features, but for its bargain basement price. You typically get what you pay for in the marketplace. But sometimes you can feel as though you got one over on your favorite retailers.

Purchasing the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV gives you access to state of the art advancements. And it comes in hundreds less than some of its more recognizable rivals. But only you can determine if this brand is right for you. And we’ll give you all the details to make an informed decision.

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

Background About TCL

Even if you aren’t familiar with TCL, chances are you’ve heard of Roku. And the two companies have joined forces to create the best smart televisions on the market. But don’t let the newcomer status of TCL sell your expectations short. Plenty of consumers around the world have already given its products their seal of approval.

You can see the impact in the sheer number of units the brand sells. Over the past year, it exceeded 20 million television sales. And that’s good enough to rank it as one of the biggest brands in the sector. Not only is TCL dedicated to making affordable products, it also invests in innovation. With more than $20 billion sunk into future tech advancement, it’s no wonder this is such a fast growing brand.

Who This Product is Great For

Anyone who loves entertainment is sure to find something to appreciate about this product. The TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV obviously provides all of the TV functions you’d expect. Anything you’re used to doing with a typical flat screen television will be easy work with this one. But that’s just the beginning.

There’s the smart features including built in access to all of Roku’s helpful apps. If you’ve used this interface before, you know how easy it can be to find your favorite programs or movies. But it’s even simpler in this case, since everything is operated out of one device. So if you want to simplify a bit, put all of your features into one screen with this TV. It’s also a great option for cord cutters who are not using cable but love to stream content.

Best Uses for This Product

There are seemingly endless ways to enjoy the capabilities of the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV. For starters, it’s a great size for almost any room. And it’s incredibly thin design will accentuate any space without standing out. When you turn it on, you’ll immediately notice the crisp, clear image. That means watching sports, concerts or big budget films will be in stunning clarity and rich display. 

Then there’s the Roku capabilities. You can access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and so much more. If you like a great experience in home entertainment but don’t want to spend a fortune, check it out. And we’ll get into a lot of the incredible details below. So if you’re interested so far, keep reading to determine if it’s right for your home.

Features & Benefits of the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV

By now, it might be clear that this is not your ordinary television. But why has it become so popular among the crowded field of smart TV brands? That is in large part due to the incredible features packed into its thin frame. And then there is the price point and several other factors that make it a favorite of so many. Here are a few of the benefits we think stand out most clearly from the rest of the pack.

1. Slim, Sleek Design

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

Sure, it’s easy to find a thin flat screen television these days. But not all designs are created equal. And for a newcomer brand like TCL, it is a sign of commitment to quality that it came out so beautiful. We’ll get into the actual resolution of the screen and picture display. But we were impressed that a model at such a low price managed to pack so much into so little.

The frame surrounding the screen is a scant .35 inch border. So you’re looking at almost all screen when you view this television. And the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV is an incredibly sleek .38 inch thick housing. The only exception is near the bottom, where all of the electronics are housed in a small base unit. Plus, a metal construction in rear gives you more security in the quality of the design. A set of removable feet give you an option to display its thin frame in an entertainment center.

The result is one of the most elegant products we’ve seen anywhere near this price. You might expect there’s a bit of plastic in the design. But it does not look or feel cheap and is molded for a great look.

2. Easy Roku Access

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

TCL has teamed up with Roku to create one of the most innovative designs we’ve ever reviewed. From the very start, it is easy to sign into your streaming accounts or any other app. And then you can start binge watching or searching for the next great hidden gem. You can also easily choose some of your favorite channels to save as apps.

If you have cable, Roku can still be a big help in finding your favorite programming. And then there are scores of apps you can find as you begin searching. Whether you love independent movies, sports updates or almost anything else, you can find great content. Best of all, it’s all right there in stunning clarity on your TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV screen. The And an included microphone makes it easier than ever to look for incredible shows, movies and apps.

But it’s also easy to hook up any other accessories to the television itself. Anything from surround sound speakers to Blu Ray players has a simple input for installation. And a Roku app on your smart device offers even more opportunity to interact with apps.

3. Crisp, Accurate Display

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

No TV will rank high in customer reviews with a poor display. And we think that might be one of the areas where the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV shines. It’s got a 4K resolution that belies its low entry price. And coming in at 43 inches, the screen is a perfect size for a variety of room sizes. It’s got a display that remains crisp and clear from all angles. 

From stunning colors to clean lines and quick reaction times, it’s really like having a home theater experience. And there’s no bad seat in the house since the picture is great from almost any vantage point. Even if you already have a high end TV, it might not appear much better than this one.

We were impressed with the amount of clear detail seen in images displayed on the screen. True to life colors add to the incredible picture. And you get additional brightness from an effective lighting system from the back. Plus, playing video games can be a refreshing new experience with such vibrant feedback. The included speakers are adequate, if uninspiring. But it provides plenty of sound for the typical viewing session. And sound bars can easily be added to boost the audio.

4. Very Affordable Option

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

There’s certainly a lot going for the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV. But if we’re being honest, you can find the same capabilities in a range of other products. So what really sets this one apart? It’s got to be the price that undercuts competition by a lot — at least in some cases. With a host of premium accessories and features, it is really on par with some Smart TV brands. In fact, a Sony TV with similar specs could set you back $250 more than this one. And even if all things were equal, the TCL might still be the better product. In terms of display and ease of use, it is hard to beat.

What Consumers Have to Say About the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV

Fans of this TV have plenty of reasons to recommend it to others. But what do consumers say in general? We took a look at some of the most common online reviews. Here are the pros and cons we frequently found. 


  • plus Low Price
  • plus Sleek Design
  • plusEasy app integration


  • close Some unintended brightness in display
  • Roku TV not as innovative as Smart TV

Does this seem like the right TV for you? If so, you can have it today for a great price. But if you’re still not sold, read further. We’ll introduce you to a few other smart television we think also deserve some real consideration.

Alternative Smart TV Options to Consider

Here are three other great TV options for consumers looking into this expanding segment. Each one approaches the design in a unique way, appealing to customers with different needs and desires. Find out which is the best fit for your home with our brief reviews below.

1. Toshiba 32 Inch 720p HD Smart LED Fire TV Edition

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

Toshiba has a long history of making high quality consumer electronics. And its line of Fire TV options will hold its own against those of other proven manufacturers. For starters, the smart features work in many ways like the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV. Get access to all your favorite apps and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. And another clever benefit includes using your Amazon Alexa capabilities to control the TV. Find all of the outputs, inputs and ports you need to create an entire home theater experience. Since it comes from a reliable brand like Toshiba, you can rely on plenty of performance to come.

2.Insignia 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR Fire TV Edition

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

Like TCL, Insignia is a growing brand with a short but stellar record of creating great products. And one thing you’ll certainly notice in this product is the crisp and clear images. Vibrant colors give you a great look at whatever you are watching. With the 4K UHD quality, you’ll probably think this is a much more expensive screen. And all of the Fire TV options like Alexa controls are also included in this product.

3. LG Electronics 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV, ​TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV review

We’ll end with a smart TV by one of the most innovative brands of recent years. LG has packed a lot of clever features into this device. One of our favorites is the Google Assistant capabilities loaded into the television itself. The company created what it calls a Magic Remote, which makes setup and use a breeze. And all of the images will come through in stunning detail. Colors shine through accurately with rich hues and incremental gradation. Combine that with incredible sound and lots of extra features, it’s truly an all in one entertainment experience.

Looking for a connected TV can be a fun and entertaining process.

But you need to make sure it offers the features you and your family are looking for. And a wide range of manufacturers are doing their part to offer whatever you might desire. The TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV is a great option for those looking for a bit of everything. 

Have you tried out the TCL Ultra HD Roku LED Smart TV? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this review to keep the conversation going.

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