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13 Popular Haircuts For Men

These trendy haircuts are cool looks for men that come with a fade on the sides and back with stylish longer hair on top. Modern men’s haircuts are versatile and fresh styles that look classy, masculine and sleek. Whether you want a new look or just need some inspiration, these trending haircuts for men can help you change up your style.

Trending Men’s Haircuts

French Crop

The French crop is a simple, modern style that makes the fringe the defining feature. While short and chopped up, this cropped haircut looks similar to the Caesar, which has its roots in ancient Roman culture. Guys who tend to shy away from classic cuts may find this one more to their liking, especially if they want to draw attention to their eyes or cover part of the forehead. The coolest French crop hairstyles feature a taper fade and are styled to achieve a textured finish for a fuller look. This clean cut is ideal for guys who have thick wavy or straight hair. 


The quiff has been a favorite among men and adolescent boys for years, and its popularity continues to grow. It comes in numerous variations, but they all share one common feature – a longer piece of upswept hair in the very front near the forehead paired with shorter locks everywhere else. The additional volume at the top gives the illusion of a slightly elongated face, so this style is perfect for guys who have round or square faces, but at the end of the day, it looks phenomenal on everyone.

Faux Hawk

If a traditional mohawk is a bit too much, but you aren’t ready for a classic corporate cut, the faux hawk offers a perfect balance. Rather than shaving the sides and back of your head and spiking the hair on top straight up, this cut involves a less aggressive taper fade or undercut that produces less contrast. The hair on top can be as spiky or textured as you’d like, and you can pair it with a beard, goatee, stubble, or shaven face. For a cool mohawk-inspired style, the drop fade can be combined with a spiky textured faux hawk for a bold fashion statement.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a cool and low-maintenance style that requires little to no effort to achieve. As a military-inspired look, the crew cut can be the perfect choice for busy men who can’t or don’t want to invest time styling their hair. This is a close-cropped cut that is slightly longer on top than on the sides, and while many crew cuts look similar, slight variations in the length of the hair and the rate at which it tapers can produce different results.

Buzz Cut

The classic buzz cut is the perfect short haircut for guys who want the only style simpler to maintain than a military-like crew cut. It’s an extremely short and masculine style that requires virtually zero maintenance and highlights your facial features. Depending on the color and texture of your hair, you can vary the length of the buzz to create a look that best suits your personality. A line up can immediately add an air of professionalism suitable for the boardroom.

Slick Back

If you’re going for a polished appearance, the slick back is both glamorous and sexy at the same time. Looking your best doesn’t have to be difficult; just grow the hair on top of your head slightly longer than the hair on the sides and back, apply high-hold gel to damp hair, comb it all straight back, then blow-dry. If you like the textured look, make sure you use a fine-tooth comb on wet hair, then don’t touch your hair until it dries.

Side Part

There’s something about a side part that’s both playful and professional, and it works well for straight and wavy hair of various lengths. If you want a more professional, clean-cut look, go for shorter locks. For an edgy, more rugged look, feel free to grow your tresses a little longer. You can create a hard part for a crisp and polished effect, or you can make the part less prominent for a boyish and flirty style.

Bro Flow

If you have medium-length or long hair – or even if you’re in the process of growing out your locks – the bro flow is a phenomenal choice. The goal with this cut is to work with your hair’s natural texture by brushing it back and letting it fall where it may. This cut works best for guys who have straight or wavy hair since the curls can be a bit unruly, and it pairs wonderfully with a clean-shaven face, a full beard, or anything in between.

Comb Over

When done correctly, the comb over is clean and sophisticated, especially on guys who have thinning hair. Just grow the top sections of hair longer than the sides and back, create a deep part, and comb all the hair over to one side. You can make it your own by pairing it with a fade, though this is completely optional. The wet-look comb over is a popular trend that involves slicking down damp with a high-shine gel, then allowing it to dry.

Messy Hair

Messy hairstyles are a stylish and versatile look for guys who want a casually cool finish. The style works well with short, medium, and long lengths, whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. From slightly tousled beach waves to multidirectional texture and side-swept variations of the classic quiff, there’s a bedhead look to suit almost every occasion. From rugged and manly to flirtatious and breezy, there are countless ways to make this style your own.

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