2019 Fashion Trends to Watch & Recommended Products You NEED Today

Isn’t it incredible to look back at how much fashion has changed over the past 10 years?

Staying on trend is important for many people, as it helps them to feel part of a community and not an outsider. They feel comfortable and respected knowing that they’re following the requirements of what it means to be ‘normal’. But, remember that fashion is a form of expression, so never lose the fun element to it. In this article, we’re looking at the key 2019 fashion trends to watch out for. We’ll also provide some recommended outfits accessories to help you achieve these looks.

A Bit About 2019 Fashion Trends

Before taking a look at the 2019 fashion trends, let's explore some more information about them. For instance, how does something become a trend? Why does fashion change? We've got these answers and more!

How Does a Fashion Trend Start?

Before we look at 2019 fashion trends, let’s investigate what actually makes something fashionable and now it all begins. Firstly, many of the styles and designs we wear today are influenced from the runway. You might not know this if you don’t follow runway looks, but it’s certainly the case.

However, fashion lovers choose to attend these events to get in the minds of fashion designs and explore what the new looks will be. This is the official start where a designer shares their notions and creations for the following year with the public. Presented by models, these are typically flamboyant designs which make fashion look out of this world. With no fear, it’s a world where people can gain inspiration and courage.

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, another way fashion trends begin is by looking at what other people are wearing in the street. Many of us are subconsciously aware of other people’s appearance, which means that when we see someone dressing differently, we automatically stare. Referred to as ‘street style’, this term is generally new and adventurous looks which make people turn their heads and admire.

Also, you can’t talk about fashion trends without contemplating how celebrities have an influence on what we wear. These are a huge driving force of what we deem to be influential and acceptable. As a result, many companies and designers reach out to celebrities to promote their fashion accessories and clothes to reach out to the public. Sometimes, celebrities have their own personal style which we love to replicate too. These aspects have all contributed to 2019 fashion trends.

Why Does Fashion Change?

Many of you might be wondering why fashion even needs to change in the first place. If you look through your wardrobe, you’ll find items in there which are no longer within society’s depiction of what looks trendy. Alternatively, if you look through what your parents used to wear, you’ll be amazed at the differences between now and then.

The main reason for why fashion changes is because people change. We’re influenced by music, politics, films, culture, TV, books and many other aspects. One of the best example here is The America's Top Model tv series. Each of these factors can change how we perceive the world. As fashion is a form of expression, naturally, these internal changes will adjust our perception of fashion too.

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Just by walking down the street, you might find that a certain colour stands out to you, whilst you may subconsciously replicate through fashion. Or perhaps a person’s hairstyle really resonates with you, and you want to use this to enhance your look. Fashion changes have been happening for years, and they’re not likely to stop any time soon.

However, this certainly isn’t a negative, because it constantly keeps us excited about what’s around the corner. When you look back at just one year ago, there are plenty of things which are different to 2019 fashion trends. This will also repeat next year, and the next and the next. If it didn’t, it’d show that the world lacks creativity and everyone wants to remain the same. Instead, change should be embraced.

2019 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

A new year, a new fashion trend. We’ve searched the Internet for the most common 2019 fashion trends to expect this year. It’s incredible to think where the inspiration for these new looks come from – with many stemming from fashion designers dressing celebrities. You’ll notice that there’s a large variety of tone throughout all of these trends. This makes us excited for what this year has in store for us all.

Here are some 2019 fashion trends we’re highly likely to see this year. Don’t forget to look at the recommended products we’ve provided. Feel free to add your own advice in the comments to inspire others too.

1. Bamboo Handbags

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Credit: Commons Wikimedia

Firstly, one of the most popular 2019 fashion trends we’re likely to see is the bamboo handbag. There’s something about the environmentally-friendly component and design of these handbags which makes you feel like you’re abroad. With an unusual and creative design, these are ideal for women who love to be different. Also, with so many different shapes and sizes, these are practical enough to fit every woman’s essentials into. It’s also worth pointing out that they lack a designer brand, which is great for finding a reasonably-priced design.

The main benefit of bamboo handbags is that they’re eco-friendly and conscious of the environment. As a result, they’re reusable and made from 100 percent natural materials. They’re also a great product to store your groceries when shopping, instead of using plastic bags. From a fashionable standpoint, bamboo handbags can be customized and designed to your liking. That means your bag can look completely different to someone else’s.

The reason bamboo handbags are likely to become a part of 2019 fashion trends is thanks to people make wiser choices about products which are environmentally-friendly. It’s become more popular and easier to obtain products – including fashion items – which are sourced from reusable and lightweight components. Easy to clean, and made of a sturdy construction, bamboo handbags are versatile and a guilt-free way of carrying around your essentials. If you want to get on this trend before other people do, here are some of our favourite bamboo handbags available on the Internet right now.

Vulpen Bamboo Handbag

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For an exceptionally-low price, this bamboo handbag is extremely versatile and stunning. Handmade, it’s created and designed with love to help everyone woman feel their best when they wear it. It’s also only made from natural, high-quality materials to ensure that it’s eco-friendly and sturdy enough to hold your daily essentials. Also, there’s something about this particular bamboo handbag which exudes the idea of a vacation. Head to somewhere warm and ditch your coat for a pair of shorts and sandals. This bamboo handbag will go perfectly for a summer vibe.

Available in an array of colours and styles, this bamboo handbag is the perfect addition to 2019 fashion trends. It also makes a great gift for a loved one to encourage an environmentally-friendly approach to shopping. At the same time, you’ll remain stylish whilst embodying a creative approach to fashion. We also love that this bag is the perfect size for your phone, purse, sunglasses and make-up essentials. There’s no particular size of handbag which is expected to become more preferred than others in 2019. Therefore, opt for a design and size which fits your lifestyle.

This must-have fashion accessory works well with a casual outfit and is also great if you’re travelling. Alternatively, use it to run daily errands and always ensure that you have your essentials to hand.

Women’s Bamboo Handbag

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

This design will become one of the most popular 2019 fashion trends for bamboo handbags. Exuding charisma and style, this is the perfect size and shape to store your essentials as you’re on the go. We also love that it offers so much versatility for when you’re at a special occasion or at a work event. It’s also a statement handbag which helps to spread a positive message about responsibly purchasing fashion items which respect the environment.

Elegant, and beautifully made, this bamboo handbag has a different approach and personality than the above item. With string handles, this is much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. As a result, you can shop, walk and travel with it for hours without feeling uncomfortable or irritated.

Although this handbag is built with the environment in mind, it’s still practical and consumer-friendly. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that your belongings will fall out or that they’re not protected as you travel around with them inside. It easily opens and safely closes again to ensure that your essentials don’t fall out each time you obtain them.

2. Silk Tops

Silk tops are likely to become of the most popular 2019 fashion trends. The end of 2018 saw an increase in the demand and hype for this type of top, and it’s all down to the material. Silk has been around for years, and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

This material is sexy and material. It can also be used in an array of garments, although we’re likely to see a higher demand of tops than dresses. As this material is lightweight and soft, it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin. We’re expected to see this fashion trend through the entire of 2019 – including summer and fall. How? Well, thanks to this intelligent material, it can keep your body cool on a hot day and warm on a cold day.

Although it might not seem like it, silk is actually relatively easy to care for and ensure it always remains beautiful and in shape. As a result, people will quite often pass down their silk garments to children to use as a timeless fabric. There’s also something about 2019 fashion trends which will celebrate the female figure and embrace more creativity and luxury in fashion. That means you don’t necessarily have to save your dress for a special occasion. Looking good is feeling good.

Finally, silk is one of the most versatile materials, meaning that it’s easy to style and suitable to wear for a variety of occasions. For a sophisticated, evening look, opt for a silk top with a splash of colour and match it with heels. To keep your look laid-back for a chilled Sunday afternoon, stick to pastel shades and flat shoes. Here are some recommended silk tops to get you prepared for 2019 fashion trends.

Fishers Finery Women's 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Camisole with Adjustable Straps

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Made from 100 percent silk, this top is luxurious to look at and soft to touch. Thanks to its smooth and soft feel, this is equally as comfortable on the skin. As a result, you can wear it for long periods of time without worrying about irritating your skin. However, let’s not dismiss how sturdy and strong this material is. Designed to last a long time, it doesn’t stretch, rip or tear – even if you constantly wear it. By keeping in shape, it’ll not only last a long time, but also provide a slim and sexy fit for every female body.

Sometimes, some silk tops can be hard to maintain for – depending on how well the silk is crafted. Thankfully, this particular silk is expertly designed to ensure it’s easy to care for. The most important aspect of this top is how sexy and luxurious it is. Wear it in the day with jeans for a smart-casual look. Alternatively, team it with a pair of killer heels to provide a sophisticated and stylish look. In the summer, you can ditch the jacket, and wear with a leather jacket towards the colder months.

Nicole Miller Womens Nico Layered Silk Tank Top

 2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

We’re excited to present this silk tank top to you, designed by Nicole Miller. This fashion designer and business woman’s signature style is always ensuring that women have a beautiful proportion to their body. As a result, her designs are sexy, whilst remaining classic. This particular top is luxurious and uses the high-quality fabric, silk to flatter the body and provide exceptional style to fashion. By embracing the neckline and flattering the waist, it’ll help women to feel more confident and happier about their body in this top.

The jewel neckline is one of our favourite aspects of this silk top, because it’s subtle whilst remaining elegant. The closer you get to the top, the more you appreciate the attention to detail and expert crafting. As silk tops will be one of the most popular 2019 fashion trends, this particular design and style is ideal for an evening look, or a sophisticated occasion. However, it still maintains a relaxed and chilled feel to keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

3. Sequin Jumpsuits

Unlike ordinary, plain jumpsuits, sequin ones have a party-look and take this type of clothing to the next level. Recent years have already show that jumpsuits are a popular go-to outfit for special occasions, or even to enhance your look without much effort.

However, 2019 is ready to vamp up the look with additional colours and sequins to make you look glamorous at any time. Fashion is an important element of who we are, but it doesn’t define everything about it. By slipping on a one-piece, this saves time and gives you more free time to focus on other areas of your life. Quick, easy and incredibly stylish, jumpsuits are a must-have for every woman.

Also, there are so many ways to style jumpsuits, so it’s no wonder they’re set to become one of the most popular 2019 fashion trends. Wear with a simple black jacket, heels or flats to suit the event you’re heading to, as well as the practicality behind it and overall look you’re trying to achieve. 2019 is also welcoming bolder and brighter colours to enable women to make a stronger statement with their clothes.

No matter your shape or size, there’s a jumpsuit to enhance every figure. Also, many come in a variety of lengths too – making them suitable for tall and petite women, as well as different times of the year. To get you prepared for 2019 fashion trends, we’ve found two stunning sequin jumpsuits which will enhance your look and give you that party-ready appearance all year-round.

Women’s Sparkly Jumpsuit

 2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

This particular sequin jumpsuit is made to stand out, rather than hide in the background. The beautiful arrangement of colours in this jumpsuit is definitely our favourite feature of it. As a result, it’ll brighten up any occasion and help you to feel ready to party at any time of the day or night.

Every woman who wears this will feel sexy and flattering, whilst not having too much on show. Designed for a snug fit, it’ll enhance your chest area and suck you in at the waist to give the appearance of an hour-glass figure. As soon as you put it on, people will be completely amazed at the transformation it offers.

Suitable for a party, special occasion, work event, and more, this jumpsuit is everything this garment is designed to be. Give yourself the opportunity to wear something before everyone else jumps on the trend. Backless and sleeveless, it’s flattering, and will have everyone’s eyes on at. However, at the same time, this jumpsuit is certainly glamorous and sophisticated to provide a classy feel. Available in an array of sizes, this jumpsuit will enhance all body shapes and sizes and feel you feel at your best.

To keep the overall look glamorous and with a matching theme, wear this with a pair of killer heels. However, keep the colour neutral, as you want all the attention on your jumpsuit. Finally, although you might consider sequins to be a scratchy and irritating material, this jumpsuit is comfortable to wear and touch, which encourages you to wear it over and over again.

Rhinestone See-Through Mesh Jumpsuit

 2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

Are you ready and excited to jump on 2019 fashion trends before everyone else does? If so, this killer cocktail jumpsuit is a great garment to help you get there. This is certainly for the daring or those who like to flaunt their figure and/or underwear, because it’s completely see-through.

Consequently, we don’t recommend this for the light-hearted, or if you don’t like all the attention on you. Easy to put on, the zipper closure ensures that you can quickly and comfortably put this on. Also, made from high-quality materials, it provides a stretchy feel without losing its shape. This means that you can dance and move freely in this jumpsuit all night long.

With many features to it, this jumpsuit is sexy and revealing. However, the round mock neck provides a comfortable feel which makes it suitable for colder conditions. Play around with your look by wearing flats and heels to mix up the overall vibe. You may even find that limiting your jewelry will actually benefit the look and not creating an overpowering appearance.

4. Oversized Puffer Jackets

The final stage of 2018 saw a huge obsession for oversized puffer jackets, and we fully expect this to continue as one of the top 2019 fashion trends. Fashion enthusiasts have decided that these oversized jackets need to make a re-appearance into the celebrity world and likes of everyday people. These 90’s-style jackets were all of the rage before going out of fashion. 

With the colder months upon us, there couldn’t be a more suitable time to recycle this fashion trend. For fashionable and practical reasons, these jackets are comfortable to wear and great for those lazy days. All of us have those times where we just want to wear thick, comfy clothing. But, what if that also meant you could be stylish and on-trend at the same time?

Before you take the plunge and purchase an oversized puffer jacket, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, ensure you research what material it’s made of – especially on the interior. Some of the cheaper puffer jackets are designed to look stylish, although don’t feature many other qualities. For example, the mesh material will make you just as cold as not wearing a jacket at all.

Ariana Grande is a huge lover of oversize puffer jackets, and she accessories them perfectly. When the weather permits it, she’ll wear the jacket over her shoulders to reveal some skin and show the top she’s wearing underneath. This keeps the look sexy and avoids any frumpy finishes. Here are some of our favourite oversized puffer jackets to keep you on trend, warm and comfortable.

2 MONCLER 1952 Down Coat

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

Credit: Moncler

This stunning creation is everything a puffer coat should be. The colder months are a time to cover up and keep warm. However, we believe that you should still feel sexy and luxurious whilst remaining practical and comfortable. This particular designer puffer coat by Moncler offers a high shine. As a result, it’s ideal for special occasions, rather than everyday use. On the shoulders, it features velvet on the interior to offer a comfortable fit each time you wear it. You also have many fashion options when wearing this. Team it with matching shiny shoes, or keep it simple with a neutral pair of flats.

To ensure that you’re accentuating your waist and not looking too frumpy in this puffer jacket, carefully consider the accessories you team it with. A belt around the waist will help to add some shape and define your figure, without making you look any bigger than what you are. Also, to make a statement look, opt for a bold colour to turn heads. For example, red and blue are popular go-to colours to stand out from the crowd. These also tend to be easy to style with pants, shoes and a handbag.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that this overall look only really works if you’re confident with what you’re wearing. Hold your head up high, wing your eyeliner and scrape your hair back to let everyone know you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Down-filled Hooded Puffer Coat

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

Credit: Burberry

Just because you’re wearing one of the most highly-anticipated 2019 fashion trends, doesn’t mean you can’t customize the look according to your tastes. Burberry is one of the most influential fashion designs around the world. They’re often one of the first brands to inspire change and encourage creativity.

Although this down-filled puffer coat isn’t oversized on the model, you can easily purchase a bigger size to be a part of 2019 fashion trends. Insulated with goose-down and filled with feathers, this coat provides a feminine silhouette. It also comes with a ring belt to help draw in the waist and create an hour-glass figure.

Burberry also considered practicality with this design. Therefore, it includes zip pockets to easily and securely store your essentials. Also, with a reliable zip closure, this won’t get trapped or caught in your underneath clothing. With a high-quality option such as this design by Burberry, you can effortlessly look stylish with very little accessories. Rather than wearing this particular design loosely over the shoulder, we recommend opting for length. Instead, consider what you’ll wear on the bottom-half of your outside, as this will be what’s most on show.

We recommend finalizing the look with a pair of retro sneakers with a high platform. Mix up the look with a pair of slim shorts – if the weather calls for it. If so, unzip the coat and wear a matching top. Alternatively, a pair of black jeans or a long skirt will work perfectly with this coat.

5. Animal Print

Animal prints aren’t a new trend in fashion, and they always seem to make a comeback. What is it that make people fall in love with this pattern in fashion? 2019 fashion trends are welcoming retro styles and designs from the past, and adding a unique twist on them. This style is a particularly great example of that statement. These prints are classic, luxurious and eye-catching. There’s no way you could wear a leopard-print dress and not have people looking and complimenting you. However, there are plenty of ways in which this style is done wrong.

Firstly, only buy from a trusted, high-end brand. These are made from high-quality materials are offer excellent attention to detail. If you want to look sophisticated and like you’ve just stepped off the runway, you’ll need to wear clothes from high-quality materials with prints which are carefully and expertly designed. From daytime to evening looks, it seems like animal prints are suitable for an array of occasions, preferences and even age. Although you might not have discovered it yet, there’s actually so much versatility with animal prints. For example, you can purchase the most creative designs, which are toned down in a neutral colour.

We’re not just seeing leopard print on the runway, but zebras, cheetahs and other animals too. With an eighties feel to these designs, many brands are taking it upon themselves to recreate retro looks. By combining these prints with suits and dresses, we’re seeing a side to animal prints we’ve never seen before. Here are some of our favourite animal print outfits and accessories to keep you on trend this year.

Steve Madden Women's Mallory Heeled Sandal

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

In typical Steve Madden style, these heeled sandals took the ordinary feel of an animal print, but with a twist. The rainbow effect and essence of bright colours within these patterns provide a unique twist of fashion. Thanks to the animal print across these sandals, this footwear captures a seductive feel. However, as they also feature a two-strapped silhouette, these are versatile and practical to wear for long periods of time. Especially designed with the consumer in mind, these shoes create a lean frame and accentuate your legs.

If you choose to purchase these shoes, we recommend going all the way. Don’t stick to neutral colours and everyday accessories. Instead, take your fashion up a gear with sequins, glitter, patterns and colour. Thanks to the mellow rainbow colour, these Steve Madden shoes aren’t too overwhelming to wear with other colours. Also, with no straps at the back, you’d imagine these would be difficult to walk in. However, thanks to the well-crafted sole, these are easy and comfortable to move around in. Ideal for the warmer months, these shoes will keep you cool and provide a summery feel.

Anne Klein Women's Animal Print Tie Front Sleeveless Blouse

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

This animal print sleeveless blouse is ideal for many different styles, goals and ages. Thanks to the blouse design, it’s suitable to wear in the office, and mature women will love how it fits and makes them feel. We’re seeing animal prints as one of the top 2019 fashion trends because it provides people with an edge.

There is something controversial about this print which helps women to feel as though they’re pushing the fashion boundaries. This kind of print enables people to open up and show another side to them which isn’t as angelic and dainty. Instead, it’s rough and ready.

Many celebrities are also toying with animal print throughout their overall looks. With so many different prints and colours to choose from, there’s a style and item waiting for everyone to get their hands on. However, if you’re new to animal prints and want to ease yourself into it, then this particular blouse is a great way to do that.  Once you’re comfortable wearing this, you can then push your boundaries by revealing more skin, and playing around with different styles and colours.

6. Feather Accessories

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

Finally, one of the most highly-anticipated 2019 fashion trends is feather accessories. This includes an array of styles and items, including jewelry, hair accessories, handbags, keyrings and everything in-between. It seems that feather has become the new fur, and we’re heavily excited to see what this year brings.

2019 is certainly a year which is embracing people’s unique characteristics and encouraging more people to have fun with fashion. For example, why wear studded, diamond earrings, when you can show another side to your personality? Feather has different textures and patterns which is perfect for adding another dimension to your overall look.

Furthermore, another of the popular 2019 fashion trends is a hippie-inspired look. As a result, we’re seeing this combined with feather earrings, and hair accessories. By presenting a care-free spirit, you show the world that you’re a spiritual person and encourage a positive persona. Here are some of our favourite feather accessories to get you on board with this trend.

Handmade Natural Feather Earrings

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

Inspired by nature, these feather earrings are handmade and beautiful. They droop down at the perfect length to amplify your look, whilst not overpowering your face. In fact, many people love to wear long earrings because they emphasize the face and can actually make you appear slimmer.

With delicate elements of blue and white, mixed with different shades of brown, these earrings are spiritual, positive and stunning. Super light and comfortable to wear, these are ideal for adding a light look to your style without adding any discomfort. Also, for such a reasonable price, these earrings are a great way to mix up your look without fearing that it’ll cost a fortune. Plus, with an array of colours to choose from, there’s a pair to suit everyone’s style and preferences.

Bohemia Dreamcatcher Pendant Long Feather & Arrow Necklace

2019 fashion trends, spring fashion 2017, spring fashion, spring clothes 2017, fashion trends, winter fashion trends, spring fashion trends, summer fashion trends, fall fashion trends

Another way to adapt your style for 2019 fashion trends is to wear feather necklaces. Not only are they a quirky design which isn’t what everyone is used to wearing, but they have many benefits to them also. Specifically, feathers are extremely sacred and a symbolism of positivity and freedom. As a result, feather jewelry has become increasingly popular amongst female jewelry. It’s also a perfect example of something you can wear during the day or night. By exuding femininity, this particular type of jewelry is unique and creative.

Also, by featuring a dream catcher on this necklace, it helps to keep bad dreams away. Many people believe that good dreams slip through the center of the dream catcher and are then captured by the soft feathers. Consequently, it helps you to only focus on the good and not feel like there are bad elements in your life which you have no control over.

Which 2019 Fashion Trends Are You Most Excited For?

We hope you enjoyed reading the most popular 2019 fashion trends to step onto the scene this year. With so many exciting ways to reinvent your look and wardrobe, we suggest that everyone has a look into the recommended products above. Each of these are the perfect component to fashion trends which are set to come.

Which of these 2019 fashion trends are you most excited for? Or, perhaps you’ve heard about some more interesting looks which are expected to make an appearance this year.

Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts, so share your opinions and/or advice in the comments. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share it across your social media to inspire others.

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