3 Ideas for Your Own Luxury Home Theater

Cinemas will run an everlasting appeal to us, but we’re in essence domestic creatures. What we want most is to bring all the facilities and benefits of the contemporary world at our doorstep. Who has not dreamed of laying out a luxury home theater in the basement? Or quivered with anticipation at the thought of an HD ceiling tall screen and a 5.1 surround sound system blasting the latest Mad Max rock-infused soundtrack through the roof of your house?

There are many variables to consider when you’re planning for the full immersive movie experience in your home. Such a head-spinning endeavor will dig a hole in your pocket, but think long-term. You and your children are going to save a lot of money on popcorn and cinema tickets in the future.

You are already familiar with the most common accessories of a luxury home theater. Where we come in is the original, never-thought-of-it-before features that will infuse that extra sense of authenticity to your viewing experience.

3 Singular Ideas for a Luxury Home Theater Décor

Red Velvet Screen Curtains

Theater-designed seats with opulent out-thrust legs and a screen larger than life are a given, but what about that opening of curtains announcing the start of the show? You want that constant hum in the room to stop. What better way to hush your guests than awe them with a dramatic lift of the curtains?

This high-quality soft velvet set measures up to 12 feet in width and 8 feet in height. You can also order them custom-made if your requirements are others. You won’t receive the high-tech panel on a motorized track, but the fabric is a classic red velvet or silk of any other colors used mostly in stage curtains around the world.

The curtains will add a dose of Old Hollywood glam décor to your luxury home theater. For the most dramatic effect, take out the heavy cash.

Vladimir Kagan Super-Comfy Sofas

Vladimir Kagan Sectional Sofas luxury home theater

Take a seat! There’s plenty of them available. Vladimir Kagan sectionals are designed for the young, sophisticated movie-goers. In memory of the Russian creator, who passed away this year, we nominate his signature sofas as the best seating to accommodate in your luxury home theater.

Kagan designs hit the high fashion mark, in both space and functionality. In his own words, the sofas’ elegant, sleek curved frames draw the shapes of a sensual woman. He’s the designer who made furniture sexy, and tactility seductive.

Best of all, his sectionals curb and stream along the walls of a room without so much as an effort. They can fit a sizeable group without too much hassle.

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style 8 oz. Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine

What’s a theater movie experience without the popping sound of the machine churning out the fresh-smelling popcorn? A 48-inches wide high-definition display screen pales in comparison with the antique popcorn maker. Not only is the machine a jewel of the early times of carnivals, ball games, and movie going, but popcorn never tasted this flavorful and sweet.

The eight-ounce kettle operating on 640-watt will whip up a terrific treat while you plop down on your Kagan couch and just chill with your friend and family. The deal on Amazon also includes 50 free bags, measuring cups, and a popcorn scoop with every popper.

Closing Credits

The ideal luxury home theater is designed to seat the entire extended family and friends comfortably. The wondrous tech is usually cleverly disguised within the décor of the room. Nothing should be left at random to impede the view. If anyone dares to disturb your transcendental moment while your favorite movie scene is at play, you always have plenty of popcorn to throw in protest.

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