6 Guys Try Leggings For the First Time

All that glitters may not be gold… but these epic 24-carat-gold-man meggings (AKA leggings for men) we received from UK-based company, Kapow Meggings, definitely are.

Leggings for men is a bold fashion statement. Therefore, I decided to put the leggings to the ultimate test by having six, totally different men, from various walks of life, see just how they felt about these crazy pants. Here’s what happened:

The Brotherhood of the Traveling 24 Carat Gold Meggings

Surprisingly enough, the pants were a hit!

man wearing meggings“My first impression is, they’re snug, but of course that’s the point! As soon as I started walking around, I felt empowered, as if the pants were some superhero costume. Honestly, they were comfortable.” -Andrew

man wearing gold leggings“Overall, I would rate these Meggings a 7/10, even though they were a just a little too small for me, they were extremely comfortable. They made me feel like the most beautiful boy in the whole world. The flashiness of the pants brought out the color in my eyes and I definitely got some stares walking around the office. Overall, I would buy another pair.” -Jon

man in gold leggings

“Surprisingly comfortable and remarkably flashy. These pants definitely make you the center of attention, yet feel as if you’re wearing nothing. I definitely can’t wait to try some more.”-Nick

man in gold leggings“The meggings are quite comfortable. I would suggest getting a size up from your usual fit, as they are on the small size. I wouldn’t wear them on a daily basis, as they’re not practical. Also, after you sit in them for a while, you start to sweat. I would wear them as a costume, or for a special occasion, but wouldn’t be likely to purchase.” -Chuck

gold man leggings“I felt like these pants didn’t leave much to the imagination… but they’re actually pretty comfortable. I probably would suggest getting them in a larger size than you normally wear, however.” -Derek

man wearing gold meggings“Wearing these pants are truly the highlight of my day. After I wore them, going back to normal pants was kind of a letdown.” -Ethan

The general consensus was, although the pants are totally crazy, they were pretty comfortable. If you’re not sure your legs belong on an Oscar award, Kapow offers a wide variety of other patterns, too! If you’re a UK resident, you can order them for £24.99 with free returns and exchanges. In the US, they are about $27.

But you can score 20% off all orders with the code: LUX20  (Valid until 12/21/16)

But the real question remains…

Who wore it best?







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    July 20, 2017 at 1:20 am

    Fantastic! I love the look of them! The pink and Captain America shirts work so well with them!

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