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Amazon Combats Porch Thieves With Amazon Key In-Car Delivery

Amazon just announced they will be offering in-car delivery options for their Amazon Prime customers.

Amazon - the largest internet retailer in the world - has added yet another delivery method for its customers. This tech giant's new program is called Amazon Key In-Car Delivery and the name is as self explanatory as it sounds. This newest option means that packages will be delivered straight to the trunk, or back seat, of your car. The victims of now-notorious door-step package thieves can rejoice -- your packages are no longer sitting ducks!

Delivery Options

Currently, Amazon provides a variety of delivery options for consumers who purchase products through their online website. Since Amazon Prime’s inception, they have offered choices such as: standard shipping, 2 day shipping, and same day shipping. Yes, these shipping time-frames work great. But when it comes to the actual delivery on that day, many Americans face the same issue - porch thieves.

To combat the issue, Amazon thought of a few new tactics to help make sure your packages remain safe. One of those tactics included providing us with Amazon lockers (pictured above) at places like convenience stores and apartment buildings. You can even find some at select Whole Foods stores due to Amazon's recent purchase of the company.

Taking Things a Step Further

Lockers did supply reliable delivery for customers, but Amazon wanted to take it a step further. They wanted to provide not only safe deliveries, but also easy ones. For this reason, they came out with a new program called Amazon Key last year -- a system that included In-Home Delivery where packages were dropped off safely inside your front door. Wanting to expand that program, they decided to add Amazon Key In-Car Delivery.

Unlike their Key In-Home Delivery, Amazon Key In-Car Delivery allows customers to get their packages delivered safely and in a less intrusive way. Sure, having your package sitting right at your front door inside your home is very simple. However, many individuals (including myself) don’t like the idea of a complete stranger having access to their home when they're not there.

Even though they supply a camera for you to watch the delivery in real time, it has been said that any computer within WiFi range can disable the camera system or freeze it so you won’t see what’s really going on. Thus, this is exactly why the Amazon Key In-Car Delivery system is more appealing than In-Home Delivery. Not to mention, you won’t have to spend $250 to buy the camera and smart lock that In-Home Delivery requires.

About Amazon Key In-Car Delivery


Launched Tuesday April 24th, Amazon Key In-Car Delivery will be up and running for customers to use as they please. The program is available in 37 cities nationwide and is free for Prime members only. Don’t jump the gun too quick though! Amazon started this method with GM and Volvo only. So if you don’t own a Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC or Volvo, unfortunately you won’t be able to use this alternative just yet.

Besides the brand, the vehicle also has to be a 2015 year model or newer and equipped with current OnStar or OnCall capability. That is what gives Amazon delivery drivers the ability to unlock and lock your vehicle while you’re not there. Not to worry though! They won't have access to your actual account info. Your account simply links to Amazon's cloud and then the driver presses a button to unlock and lock the vehicle. 


Let’s not get confused though. Amazon Key In-Car Delivery wasn’t created to chase you around while you’re out and about driving all across town. Although that would be nice, it would be too difficult for drivers and isn’t the case here. Rather, deliveries must be within a certain radius of an address used for Amazon deliveries, like work or home, where the delivery will be brought to your stationary vehicle.

Since drivers unlock and lock your vehicle through the Amazon Key app, places where satellite signals are hard to reach will not work for Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. Other areas such as garages and gated environments are a no-go as well due to their non-accessible nature. Driveways, parking garages, parking lots, and streets, however, will allow them to get the job done.

Another aspect to mention about Amazon Key In-Car Delivery is that you can block access to the driver for any reason at all -- doesn’t matter why or when. Additionally, if you’re not at the location listed due to a sudden change in plans, you can select what the driver should do if you’re not there. Those options include reattempt delivery to car tomorrow, deliver to your home, a locker, etc.


As far as the parcels go, there are a few restrictions on what you can and cannot get delivered to your car. Boxes that weigh over 50 lbs and exceed a size of 26 x 21 x 16 are not eligible for Amazon Key In-Car Delivery. Among those weight and size restrictions, other limitations for this type of delivery include packages of high value ($1,300+), deliveries requiring a signature, and 3rd party seller items.

However, when it comes to general products inside the parcels, there are no particular restrictions. However, common sense will play a role in this depending on where you’re located. An example would be if you live in Arizona and want to order chocolate during the summer. Chances are, you won’t choose delivery to your vehicle (or even outside your home when you’re not there) because it will melt. Hence, customers will handle these decisions on their own.

How it works

To use Amazon Key In-Car Delivery, customers must first download the Amazon Key App and link their Amazon account with their GM or Volvo service account. The app will then ask you to enter in certain info like the make, model, and color of your car. After you complete setting up the app, you’re ready to shop. At checkout, all you have to do is select the Amazon Key In-Car Delivery option for same-day, 2 day, or standard shipping.

On delivery day, you will be given a 4 hour window as well as receive an app notification once the driver is on their way. All you have to do from there is grant Amazon Key permission for the delivery and the driver locates your vehicle through their GPS system. Then the driver unlocks your car through an encrypted authentication process, scans the package, puts the parcel in your trunk or back seat, and re-locks the car.

Once the driver completes the drop off and re-locks the car, you will receive another notification. This notification lets you know the delivery is officially completed and will also show you exactly when the car was opened and closed. Basically, the entire process provides you with real time updates of what is going on to make sure that you’re in the loop -- every step of the way.

Would you use Amazon Key In-Car Delivery yourself?

Amazon is an innovative company constantly thinking of new ways to provide their customers with the best client centric experience. Among these new delivery options, they are even in the works testing out drone delivery for their customers. And if that isn’t enough for you, this powerhouse will also be adding new services to their site including house cleaning, dog walking and new car shopping with Fiat.

Overall, Amazon Key In-Car Delivery sounds like a pretty great alternative for those who want to make sure their packages won’t get stolen from their front door. I mean, if you use Amazon Prime you’re already giving up access to things like your address, social, credit card number, etc. So why not let them drop off a package in your car to make your life a little easier?

We want to know if you would use Amazon Key In-Car Delivery service when ordering a package through Amazon. If so, why would you make that decision? If not, what is your reasoning behind it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and share with friends and family so they can get the inside scoop on safe deliveries too!

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