Two High-End Additions to Apple Headphones Coming Next Year

You will be able to pump up the volume on your iPhone soon. With two new luxury Apple headphones set to be introduced in 2019, let the celebration ring loud.

After more than a decade on the market, iPhones continue to dominate the smartphone market. A combination of intuitive innovation and security measures make it a perennial favorite among luxury tech consumers. One common complaint, however, concerns a dearth of high-end headphone options. You can get some pretty nice after-market options, but Apple has not set the industry standard on its own. That all might change in the near future. Reports indicate the company has finalized two new high-end additions -- enter the new Apple headphones. 

What will be in the new lineup of Apple headphones?

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The Apple headphones expected to be introduced next year include new Air Pods. These will be considered an upscale alternative to the current versions. While consumers met the first Air Pods with mixed reviews, the new ones could sway opinions. They will demand a premium price over the standard Air Pods. But these Apple headphones promise to deliver on that additional cost.

They will provide improved noise cancellation and water resistance, according to sources. You can also count on being able to use your Air Pods further away from your Apple device. The current Air Pods cost about $159 per pair, though it is unclear how much the new models will cost. Insiders say this announcement could signal a launch of a larger line of Air Pods in the future.

If you prefer to wear your headphones over your ears, Apple has you covered there, too. The rumor mill says a pair will be another high end pair of Apple headphones in this segment. They will go up against some great existing products from major players in the luxury audio segment. But reports indicate the Apple offering is staged to compete favorably among all of them. And that would even include its acquisition, Beats headphones, which dominate the headphone market.

Expect other Apple audio additions in coming months -- specifically the Home Pod.

Apple fans have been waiting for the Home Pod since it was announced quite some time ago. The project aimed to really propel the company into a crowded high end audio market. Apple is now working with a company to develop all the needed components for a launch as early as 2019. 

The company is reportedly working with Inventec to finalize future orders. A spokesperson for that company said it "will try its best to secure new orders" for the Home Pod. As for the over the end headphones, Apple is considering a partnership with Primax Electronics owned company Tymphany. 

Apple continues to redefine the state of the art in personal luxury technology. 

Whether you are personally an Apple fan or not, you likely acknowledge the firm has made great advancements. Others often pioneer frontiers that Apple refines and redefines. The company was not the first to create a smart phone, for example. But its iPhone revolutionized the industry. And several generations later, it promises to do the same for how we listen to our smart phones. With the new Apple headphones set to be added as early as next year, iPhone owners can have it all. Or many of them are sure to feel like they do, at least.

Are you excited for these new releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Be sure to share this with the Apple lovers in your life!

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