Armstrong’s Luxury Vinyl Tile Reviewed: Top Luxury Flooring

Most homeowners who want floor covering that doesn’t stretch their budget or requires too much effort to install look no further than the vinyl tiles. Think checkerboard pattern and it will give you an idea as to the widespread, trademark popularity of this synthetic floor material. However, seeing how this linoleum solution has somehow stepped out of fashion, what is there to replace it? Well, luxury vinyl tile flooring covers the problem.

When the Synthetic Doesn’t Do Battle with the Authentic Anymore

Synthetic is a shameful word to describe the things that adorn your house. Who doesn’t prefer the authentic materials, such as oak wood, marble, stone or porcelain to shape their home? Unfortunately, these options come at a heavier price. Not to mention their literal weight.

However, thanks to new embossing methods, luxury vinyl tile can masquerade as fancy rugged wood or textured, granular stone. Commercial designers seemed to have sensed the wind of change in the floor covering style, but domestic amateur decorators need to catch up to the new trend.

So what are the manufacturing processes that lead to such accurate replicates of real materials? First, there are the advanced photographic and printing technologies that come into the equation.

Five separate layers fuse together to form a luxury vinyl tile:

  • A durable vinyl backing.
  • A color layer.
  • A photographic film layer.
  • An aluminum oxide layer.
  • A protective top layer.

For a resilient, high-quality product, make sure the vinyl tiles add to a 40 mil layer. So, by now, one thing should be clear enough. We’re not talking your grandparents’ vinyl.

We’re talking easy to clean, durable engineered luxury vinyl tile that fools the eye and the feet alike into believing synthetic is authentic, and vinyl is luxury. And one manufacturer’s product that does this better than most is Armstrong’s luxury vinyl tile.

luxury vinyl tile from Armstrong

Armstrong’s Luxury Vinyl Tile

Armstrong has one of the most extensive collections of LVT products that feature slate, stone, and wood styles of flooring: Rossini Marble, Durango Bleached Sand, Genova Travertine, Walnut Cove Dark Chocolate, or the Limed Oak Chateau Gray. In total, your choice range expands to 181 different tiles.

Let’s review some of the newest.

  1. Highly rated in consumer feedback is the Alterna/> It provides such an accurate image of stone, you can’t tell is vinyl.

And yet, one thing gives it away. It’s warmer to the touch and more comfortable under foot than the real deal.

The Alterna also comes in diverse patterns and colors, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a perfect match for your home.

  1. The Vivero luxury vinyl tile flooring is the most durable from Armstrong. Until now, one major complaint against vinyl was the rapid wear and tear of the floor.

The Vivero can see a lot of traffic and heavy use without getting the otherwise visible scars of time. The dogs can play on it and it will not appear scratched. Its 100 % waterproof planks ensure that the floor remains fairly impervious to coffee spills or the accidental shower floods.

This resilience in wet environments is a plus the old vinyl floors couldn’t afford.

  1. Luxe Plank luxury vinyl tile flooring is the style to go for if you’re a hardwood cover enthusiast. The collection provides both traditional and exotic design that are quite the imitators of the real thing.

Needless to say, it’s quick and easy to install. Using a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it glues planks to each other, not the subfloor. This peel and stick property of vinyl can’t be highlighted enough.

Plus, the grout continues to look clean even after extensive usage.

More Pros than Cons

Of all the features presented above, we’ve saved the best to the last. These nearly real luxury vinyl tile flooring designs are cheaper than the real thing. Average prices are between $5 and $7 per square foot.

This is your cue to put aside the stigma vinyl has been carrying around for decades now. Luxury vinyl tile covering is one step ahead of all the misconceptions.

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