This Audi Virtual Cockpit Combines Technology and Style

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Credit: Pixabay, PIRO4D

While everyone else on the road is looking at the smooth lines of your new Audi or Volkswagen, you'll be enthralled with the technological feats on display with the all-new Audi virtual cockpit.

The Audi virtual cockpit is a futuristic marvel available now in select models. Volkswagen, which owns the luxury auto brand, also includes the innovative display as an optional feature.

Technology has long been a big part of the automotive industry, but the Audi virtual cockpit sets the bar even higher. No matter which model you choose, you can fully customize the content displayed on your dashboard. In addition to standard information like speed and fuel levels, you can see maps, phone calls, playlists and just about anything else. And you can control the whole system with your voice.

Source: Auto Week

Credit: YouTube, UK Audi


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