Last-Minute Auto Gifts Car Enthusiasts Actually Want for Christmas

The holidays always seem so far away, and then the next thing you know it’s Christmas Eve and you’ve not done any shopping.

There are people out there who do their holiday shopping very early in the year, even before Black Friday. However, some of us don’t get a head-start on our shopping, and we end up waiting until it’s almost too late. Of course, how in trouble you are depends on the sort of gifts you have to buy. If you’re picking up the hottest fashion gifts, you might be in some trouble. But if you are shopping for a car aficionado, you are in luck. There are plenty of things you can get quickly that they will absolutely love. So, if you need last-minute auto gifts for car lovers, check out our numerous guides for products or services any would be happy to have.

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Auto Gifts for the Car Lovers in Your Life

Don't show up empty handed! Even if you've delayed shopping until the last minute, these auto gifts are a welcome addition to any vehicle.

1. Dash Cams

auto gifts, last-minute gifts for car lovers

Whether it’s for security or insurance purposes, dash cams are a vital tool for anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the road. They have a number of uses. Of course, they can be used to record the drive itself. If you are a parent and want to check up on your kids’ driving, this is a great tool for that. You can also add dash cam’s to the rear of your vehicle in order to give yourself a wider, better view when backing up your car. Most luxury cars come with built-in back-up cameras. Yet, if your car-lover wants high resolution and a wide field of view, a new camera will be the ideal deal. You can see the different types available and even click right over to purchase them in our list of the best dash cams on the market.

2. Comfort Gifts

last-minute gifts for car lovers

Credit: Jayson Trevino, Flickr

If you got on a lot of road trips or if your car-lover spends a lot of time in the car, then get them a gift that helps them stay comfortable. Even in the most comfortable vehicles on the road, a long drive can lead to stiff necks or backs. However, if stopping and resting isn’t an option because there is a schedule, that’s where your gift comes in. For stiff necks, look into getting a supportive travel pillow. Instead of napping on it, you can use it to add extra support for the neck. Though, if you get too comfy, you might get too tired to drive. Take a look at our list of the ten best travel pillows to find one that meets your needs.

The strain on your back and neck over long drives is actually very similar to a phenomenon called “tech neck.” Thankfully, the products that exist to help that ailment can work here, too. Check out our guide for products to help beat tech-neck to find a phone-mount for the dash and seat cushions. Of course, if you’re going to add a massaging seat cushion, why not also add heat? Look on our list of the best heated seat cushions available. With these, your car aficionado will be riding in comfort and style. 

3. Car Navigation System and Audio Upgrades

last-minute gifts for car lovers

Maybe your car-lover drives an older-model dream car, or their ride doesn’t have reliable navigation. Instead of tying up your phone (and your data plan) with doing the job of the navigation system. Just like they used to do in the 1980s and 1990s with tape decks and CD players, you can find a great after-market system. Check out our master list of the best navigation systems on the market to see what features would work best for your favorite driver. Of course, if you’re going to upgrade the car navigation system, why stop there?

If you really want to treat your car-lover, then upgrade the audio system as well. Car fans are very sensitive about their rides, and the audio system is a very important part of it. Since these are last-minute auto gifts for car lovers, you might want to invest in a gift card for an audio shop or just slip something in a card. Then you and your car-lover can look over our list of the best car audio brands to find the system that will take their sound to the next level.

4. Service Packages

last-minute gifts for car lovers

For many car aficionados, a big part of their love of automobiles is working on them. Maybe they just change the oil or rotate the tires, or they could tackle bigger projects like rebuilding the engine. If that’s the case for your car-lover, skip to the next item. Yet, if the person you are shopping for loves driving more than doing maintenance, a service package might be the best gift you can give them. Chances are your car-lover already has a mechanic he or she trusts. See what packages they offer, so they know that trusted hands are taking car of their precious car. Most packages include the basics like oil and filter changes but see if you can go more comprehensive. Read through our guide about winterizing your car so you can get a service package that will take care of all of it.

5. Gift Cards for Auto Stores and Sites

last-minute gifts for car lovers

As mentioned above, some car aficionados like to tinker inside the machine as much as they like taking it out on the road. A gift card to their preferred suppliers makes great last-minute auto gifts for car lovers. Perhaps you know where they like to get their stuff, but if you don’t, we have your back. Check through our guide for the best the online retailers for tires, car parts, and so on. These are top-of-the-line places that surely have what your favorite tinkerer needs. It’s a quick gift that will be appreciated much more than you might think, especially if they’ve been waiting to order a specific part for their favorite ride.

6. An Emergency Car Kit

last-minute gifts for car lovers

While most of the auto gifts on our list are fun, emergency car kits are both great last-minute auto gifts for car lovers and also something that will keep them safe. When out on the road, anything can happen. Weather can hit all of a sudden, forcing a motorist to shelter in their car. Maybe they break down on a dark road and need flares. Most of the time in these situations, motorists would be out-of-luck. Yet, if you go through our guide for how to assemble a great emergency car kit, you can build on for the car lover in your life. This way, when that person is out zipping around back roads on long drives, you know they have what they need if anything bad happens. This is as much a gift for you as it for them, giving you the gift of peace of mind.

With Christmas just around the car, these last-minute auto gifts for car lovers can help you deliver a happy surprise when you exchange presents.

When you leave your shopping to the last-minute, you can make big mistakes when it comes to buying auto gifts. You go for anything because you need it quickly, instead of getting something they will love. Luckily for those who shop for car aficionados, we’ve got plenty of guides you can look through to find something quickly that will be used and enjoyed. The real magic of giving auto gifts isn’t just having something to unwrap, it’s getting a gift from a person that reveals they know you well. For the car lovers out there, these gifts would make their holiday special because they will feel special themselves, thanks to you.

What do you think? Did we miss any categories of last-minute auto gifts for car lovers? Tell us your thoughts, experiences, and reactions in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media, so your friends can get in on the discussion.

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