Beauty Pie: The Novelty Retailer That Lets You Buy Luxury Makeup at Factory Prices

Have you ever wondered why you have to pay at least $20 for high-quality lipstick? The cosmetics industry has thrived for years on the theory that “You get what you pay for,” but is that really true? This marketing scheme is about to get some competition, thanks to Beauty Pie, the latest game-changing brand from Marcia Kilgore off Soap & Glory and Bliss fame.

Most beauty lovers are familiar with subscription services, which allow the subscriber to pay a monthly subscription for a box of full or trial-size products. The products are often a random assortment of items, loosely based on the customer’s beauty preferences. Some people enjoy the element of surprise that these boxes offer, as they never know what they’re going to get. This has made these type of subscription services a huge success in recent years.

In contrast though, many customers are put off by the lack of control over what comes in their box. They’d rather spend their money on a few select products that they actually need or want, rather than being surprised with products that might not work for their hair or skin.

Beauty Pie – Revolutionizing Subscription Services

Thankfully, Beauty Pie is nothing of the sort. More than anything, Beauty Pie is a beauty buyers’ club. It allows subscribers to buy luxury makeup at factory prices in exchange for a monthly pay of $10. This magical concept is made possible by bulk ordering capabilities and the fact that Beauty Pie is particularly focused on stripping back packaging to eliminate waste.

In addition to the lightweight plastic, the brand has also eliminated middlemen retailers. Interestingly enough, Beauty Pie is not like any other subscription service. In fact, this innovative initiative is more like a membership, given that the customer is completely in charge of what they receive.

The digital-only make-up brand has launched in December 2016 and has since made waves in the beauty industry. This marvelous business idea cuts out the middleman and allows customers to buy directly from the same factories that supply make-up to well-known luxury beauty brands. If you become a member of Beauty Pie, you can buy a lipstick for $4.32, mascara for $2.35 and foundation for just $6.66.

Beauty Addict’s Buyer’s Club

Beauty Pie seeks to democratize the industry and give the power back to the customer. According to Kilgore, it’s all about making mascara affordable again to the masses while also making beauty lovers question the price of their current beauty haul.

Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore explains it best: “With Beauty Pie, you are getting products you want and are selecting yourself. Having a membership is like having a backstage pass to shop straight off the manufacturing line from a variety of world-class cosmetic manufacturers.”

Buying Beauty Pie products is not reserved for members only. You don’t have to subscribe to the service to buy that foundation you really love. However, the difference between membership and non-membership prices is quite steep. A lipstick will cost members a mere $4.32, while non-members will pay $25.

Beauty Pie: How Does It Work?

Kilgore dreams of Beauty Pie becoming a flourishing online community that allows beauty enthusiasts to buy great formulas without having to make a hole in their budget. You must subscribe to the service for a minimum of three months, after which you can give up if you’re not happy.

What’s also impressive – in addition to the meager prices – is the fact that each product comes with a full breakdown of what you’re paying for. For instance, a very nice $25 lipstick is up for grabs for just $4.32: $2.03 goes on product and packaging, 8c on testing and safety, 17c on warehousing, plus VAT (Value Added Tax). Even with the extra post and the membership fees, the overall cost is surprisingly low.

Reviews so far have shown customers broadly impressed with what they received. In addition to the amazing lipsticks (matte or satin), there’s Liquid Luminizer ($3.41), which makes good pals with moisturizer or foundation for added glow. The Superbrow Precision Pencil ($2.59) is also a star product; you can barely distinguish it from your expensive favorite counterparts!

How Do Beauty Pie’s Products Compare to Others?

Keep in mind that a lot of expensive beauty brands manufacture their make-up products in the same factories as Beauty Pie. At the same time, the formulas can be quite similar, especially for lipsticks and mascaras which have about eight ingredients. To cut down the price, Beauty Pie is simply taking out the added extras, such as the heavy luxe-feeling packaging. The brand’s simplistic black and white packaging is appealing to the eye, although some people say there are plenty uncanny similarities to several renowned beauty companies.

Environmentally Conscious

The enormous price difference isn’t enough to convince you? Kilgore also appeals to eco-friendly customers who care about the environmental footprint of their beauty products. The Beauty Pie team is also working toward developing packaging that is recyclable. That way, fewer beauty products end up as waste in local landfills.

Kilgore said that, “When you first pick up your Beauty Pie products, you will notice how lightweight they feel. That’s on purpose. We haven’t added the usual heavy over-the-top ornate caps or false-bottomed plastic jars. We have made it part of our mission to always make sure that our packaging is as ecologically conscious as possible and are always working to make changes and advancements as well.”

What’s the Catch?

It sounds too good to be true? Don’t worry, the only downsides of Beauty Pie can be easily fixed as the brand grows. For example, the lipsticks do have great color pay-off and the foundation does offer good coverage. However, they are currently in a limited amount of shades. No doubt, the options will expand with time. In fact, Beauty Pie has promised to release hundreds of new makeup products this year, as well as a skin care section sometime in April.

Soon, there will be an inexpensive foundation for every skin tone, as well as lipstick and eye-shadow formulas that perfectly mimic the ones worn by celebrities on the red carpet.

Admittedly, label lovers are not likely to be enticed by Beauty Pie’s offer. In spite of the fact that they have a long way to go in terms of shade range, there is little not to love about the idea behind this brand. Beauty Pie certainly has the power to shake up the beauty industry.

Since Beauty Pie’s cosmetics are fragrance and cruelty free, this means they have a scent that some may associate as smelling “cheap” or just a little off, since we’re not used to smelling the products that are in our cosmetics. They’re nothing to be concerned over, it just might catch you by surprise when you first start to use them. They are much healthier for you, and better for the environment and people who make them.

Wrapping It Up

The bottom line is this: Is Beauty Pie worth it for the average consumer? Let us answer the question by presenting you with the two options. On one hand, locking down a membership (total of a minimum of $30) makes you eligible to purchase up to $100 per month. That is, you can have your pick of products from the online store at retail value.

On the other hand, non-members can only buy Beauty Pie’s products at non-premium prices. They range from around $19 to about $44 – per beauty item. All in all, Beauty Pie seems like a pretty enticing deal, and every beauty enthusiast should definitely take a look.

You’ll find below a short preview of what you can browse on Beauty Pie’s website. Fair warning: Some of these prices are so insane you will most likely want to subscribe instantly!

Bio-Infusion Breathable Primer

No-one should have to build their daily look on a weak foundation. Which is why Beauty Pie offers you this professional standard makeup primer. It works great on dry skin as something multi-dimensional – this formula will make every face base look brilliant!

  • Premium Price: $32.00
  • Non-member Price: $3.31

Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer

There are so many highlighter options out there that some of us might feel overwhelmed. This formula is one of the best liquid highlighters available, given the way it melts seamlessly into your skin. Works best if paired with the gorgeous Beauty Pie strobing powder which amplifies cheekbone angles.

  • Premium Price: $28.00
  • Non-member Price: $2.89

Flash False Lash Mascara

If you’ve been looking for a life-changing mascara, this is your chance. The fabulous false lash effect adds volume, as well as giving you a lash-multiplying effect. Each mascara formula undergoes a super-selective search. All are inbound from Italy.

  • Premium Price: $24.00
  • Non-member Price: $2.25

FutureLipstick Matte

Finding the perfect lipstick color can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a nude lipstick, red lipstick or matte lipstick, you can find it all in the Beauty Pie current color collection. The matte offer is incredibly hydrating and light, with instant pure color laydown on your lips. It’s also extremely smooth and moisturizing, with a formula that instantly delivers superlight, luxurious pigment. Mwah!

  • Premium Price: $25.00
  • Non-member Price: $2.46

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