The Best Connected Cars You Need to Test Drive Before Your Next Purchase

It’s difficult to live without internet connectivity these days. And, with emerging technology, there's no reason to be without it in your car. The best connected cars combine the best of driving and internet connectivity.

It’s not every day that you make up your mind to purchase a car. Of course, you’ll want the best. But with many vehicles in the market, do you go for the functionality, price, or the brand? Maybe the answer is a bit of all three. But, are they going to be relevant in a few years? Perhaps not. That’s why you need to look at the best connected cars that are rapidly making their presence felt in the market.

And, it’s not just the internet connectivity that’s getting the attention of customers. The best connected cars are coming with digital transformation right inside your automobile. It makes your vehicle purchase a complete experience even as you enjoy a smooth and luxurious ride. Before your next purchase, check our list of the best connected cars for you.

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The Best Connected Cars for A Luxurious Ride

In recent times, most car brands have some version of the best connected cars you can have. But we'll give you a glimpse into some of the best options you can own.

1. Tesla

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If you are in the market for connected cars, the first name you must consider is Tesla. Not because Tesla has some of the best innovations, but rather because you can expect continual upgrades. While in-car connectivity has been around for awhile, you'll find updates that allow you to interact with traffic and maps. 

As of now, a premium package on internet connectivity is present in the Model S and Model X which goes up to $100/year. Additionally, Model 3 cars will also get access to the premium package. Some of the features of the premium package include a premium audio system with better power, twelve-way power adjustable seats, two rear USB ports, premium seating, and cabin materials, a tinted glass roof, and a central console with covered storage. Furthermore, you also get live traffic visualizations with satellite view maps and over-the-air updates through cellular data.

2. Audi

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Audi Connect is an available data connection module inbuilt in the car. It provides in-car internet access with the help of the SIM card in the Bluetooth. This means you can access all online information like traffic updates, weather forecasts, news, maps and live streaming all from the digital system. Besides, the MMI Navigation Plus lets you make an informed decision on the route, traffic, best path, road obstructions, and accidents on the way. Thus, you are well-protected in time and resources on your way while driving.

That’s not all. When in your Audi, you can connect up to eight mobile devices and check your emails, social media, online apps while on the road.  Audi is taking connected cars to the next level by associating with Google and Nvidia for a powered Artifical Intelligence experience. And, in the next two years, autonomous cars will be a reality thanks to their efforts.

3. BMW

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As a regular traveler, you might be on the road more often than any other place. In such cases, your car is your home and takes up most of the time and space. Therefore having a connected system is a blessing. One such service is BMW Connected+ where the services connect your smartphone and vehicles. It connects the dots when navigating from one place to another by giving you directions, updates on the gasoline level, and the best place to load it.

If you are running late, the navigation system syncs with your contacts to let the concerned party know you are running behind. And, if you need to connect with others from your smartphone, you can compare it to the navigation system and drive safely without having to take your eyes off the road.

Another advantage of owning a BMW connected car is that it is one of the best connected cars with a BMW ID. Even if you don’t own one, but have created a BMW ID, then you can navigate the BMW car by logging into your ID and letting the BMW function as per your preference. And if you are looking for more features, you can also conduct the business audio meeting through Skype and send emails using Microsoft Access right in your car with the infotainment system.

4. General Motors    

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​General Motors

General Motors has 12M connected cars that give uninterrupted access to the customer. With the use of OnStar, customers get alerts on probable issues that might arise. Another reason GM has some of the best connected cars is that it interactively uses IoT to communicate to other cars and protect the drivers from issues. So, connect your GM car with Wi-Fi and improve performance with various connectivity solutions.

With access to fleet telematics, you get to run on optimal efficiency. Thus, this lets you make efficient use of resources, reduce idle time, andrun on cost-effective systems.

And, there are many other advantages you get to avail. Some include stolen vehicle assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote access from the mobile app. In case you do come across technical issues, there is a real-time resolution that lets you connect with customer representatives quickly in emergencies.

5. Jaguar

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Jaguar has taken connected car functionality to the next level with Jaguar Connect and Connect Pro. It comes with Remote Premium that lets you control your car remotely. Besides this, you also get the chance to protect and keep your car safe. Along with the access to Touch Pro, Connect Pro has InControl Apps and a Wi-Fi hotspot that gives you access to data in the car. You can even create a schedule and follow it through the infotainment.

The InControl App lets you discover music from Spotify. Moreover, it will help keep track of your keys and other essentials with the help of your smartphone. You also have the option to refer to audiobooks.

6. Lexus

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Lexus vehicles come with the Enform AppSuite2.0 that gives access to mobile applications with the help of voice command. There are many other features like navigation, assistance on destination, and GPS link. On Standard 2018 vehicles of LC, LCh, LS, and LSh, you get access to information on a person or place you wish to go or meet. With the assistance of an agent, you can get the information sent to your navigation system.

And, it also comes with the cloud-based map updates. With this, you get an option to choose alternate routes if the condition is unfavorable. The GPS Scout Link app on a compatible smartphone lets you keep track of traffic and also navigate your route.

7. Lincoln

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Self-driving cars are no longer a dream and will probably be a common occurrence shortly. Embedded connectivity with access using the smartphone can be done using the MyLincoln Mobile app. Also, an integrated modem lets the driver control the car, its remote access, and locking and unlocking of the connected car.

It is also supported with a 360-degree camera that helps in low-speed parking. Another innovation is the ability of the car to detect vehicles or pedestrians and take action before any untoward accident. And this is especially useful if the driver is too late to react, causing discomfort or issues.

8. Mazda

best connected cars, connected car, top connected cars, what is the best connected car


One of the best connected cars is the Mazda with an Apple CarPlay that integrates with iPhone and Android Auto. Another great feature is the Mazda Connect Infotainment with a 7-inch touchscreen display. It is kept at strategic places that are easy to access without any hassle. Another advantage is the G-Vectoring Control that gives more control to the driver to make the driver confident on the road.

Because the attention to detail makes the entire experience worthwhile, Mazda is going for greater driver control with enhanced look and feel. Not only can the functions be voice controlled, it is designed to adapt to different situations to minimize any visual or manual intervention with driving.

​9. Rolls-Royce

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The autonomous motor car by Rolls-Royce is its foray into future travel. One such attempt of the best-connected cars is the integration with iPhone apps in the car. A Rolls-Royce Connect works with iPhone that is contracted.

Some services that you can avail include Google Local Search, access to web radio and also sync Google Maps and Local Search to the Rolls-Royce navigation system. Additionally, its Vision Next 100 is a driverless car with zero emission model and luxurious interiors supported by access to a virtual assistant named Eleanor who serves as a concierge.

​10. Volvo

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With the Volvo on Call app, you get remote access from your smartphone or tablet. You get to access data from the cloud, schedule calls, and contact the Volvo dealership. And, you also have the Volvo in-car delivery that lets you shop from the comfort of your car.

So, if you are on the road and in urgent need of goods, then this is an excellent service to use without having to move out of the car. Volvo is also attempting to give you remote access from anywhere in the world all from your phone. Sharing the key and even car sharing is on the agenda sometime soon. And, such a service will be accessible from anywhere in the world wherever you might be based

​11. Volkswagen

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As part of the attempt to have IoT up and running in the next two years across all its cars, Volkswagen has partnered with Microsoft to make it a reality. And some of the features that will drive car development include telematics, secure data connection, and connection with other cars. With ridesharing going big, the next wave is electric cars and connected cars powered by artificial intelligence.

The self-driving machines will have minimal interruption to manage all the systems. It will likely contain a few to control the entire car mechanism rather than small blocks of individual processes for Volkswagen cars.

​12. Renault

best connected cars, connected car, top connected cars, what is the best connected car


R&Go is Renault’s connected car app that works for small cars and light commercial vehicles too. What sets the app apart is the in-depth navigation, easy access, and real-time dashboard to connect with the smartphone.

Some of the new Renault cars do have R-Link, and they will work well with Google and Apple. If you are switching between R-Link and Google or Apple apps, you will be able to do so without a complicated process. And you can activate this switch by using the voice control. Besides, if you are using the My Renault app regularly, then you can also access R-Link with the My Renault app thereby making it simple and easy to use the in-built digital system with ease.

While the best connected cars have made a mark among customers, others are on their way to being a reality in the next few years.

Each of the major brands are entering into the connected car space. While it may be too early to know how it pans out, the prospects look bright.

Have you used a connected car recently? What has been your experience? Share it with us in the comments.

For those looking for an exciting connected car experience make sure to share this list with them before their next purchase.

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