The Best Fall Accessories to Update Your Wardrobe from Head to Toe

Fall is almost here and the leaves are beginning to drop from the tree.

But the cold weather doesn’t mean you have to only wear wooly jumpers and thick pants. Instead, update your wardrobe with some of the best fall accessories. Add these collections to your ensembles to easily revolutionize your style.

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The Best Fall Accessories Which Are Fashion-Forward

With the hot weather saying goodbye, we’re all welcoming colder mornings and darker evenings. But, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to get darker and boring. Instead of wrapping up for the sake of it, use the fall season as a chance to experiment with new textures, patterns and colours. Let’s take a look at some of the best fall accessories which are fashion-forward, inventive and exciting in many different ways.

1. Valentino by Mario Valentino Verra

best fall accessories, fall accessories, top fall accessories

Valentino is dedicated to bold innovation and artistry after the designer, Mario Valentino, developed his skills in creating Italian leather and elevating his products to an art form. This high-fashion designer brand is cherished by famous fashionistas and some of the best players in the fashion realm. To this current day, the brand is built and committed to creating the finest Italian leather crafts thanks to cutting-edge designs with stunning handbags. After Mario brought his visions to life, the brand’s bags continue to embrace the best in high-quality craftsmanship. By creating selected pieces of leather which are perfectly executed stitched, the designers set the standard for quality and fashion as we know it.

This particular bag makes one of the best fall accessories. Made from 100 percent leather with a cotton lining, it looks stunning whilst remaining comfortable to hold. With a clip closure, it easily opens and closes which is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. Finished with dual chain top handles, a top magnetic closure, it also features an embroidered logo accent which makes it stand out against other designer brands. The decorative tassel drop-interior features one center divider zip pocket for ultimate practicality.

2. Gucci Stamp Print Silk Scarf

best fall accessories, fall accessories, top fall accessories

Credit: Gucci

This Gucci scarf is presented in printed paper wrapped and decorated with stamped fonts and graphics. This is inspired by the 18th century book, “Decouverte de La Maison de Campagne D’Horace”. Presented on a silk twill scarf as a repetitive, hypnotic pattern which depicts the Gucci logo and phrases from the original design, it’ll stunning, but will also keep you warm during the cold weather. We love that this is made from silk because it’s a suitable material if you suffer from hot flashes in the face, neck and chest area. This light, breathable material helps to turn down the heat when you’re experiencing a hot flush. However, silk will also regulate your body temperature during cold nights. Its impressive moisture properties keep you dry and comfortable in a variety of climates. Silk fibers are naturally elastic and can stretch up to 20 percent of its size without breaking.

Founded in 1921, Gucci is constantly growing and developing. In 2015, the company transformed from an imperious designer label to a modern brand loves by millennials. With edge innovations and a maximalist look to their collections, they combine a wild array of inspirations from Greek sculpture to Renaissance fashion and even ‘80s street style. Gucci loves to combine two looks which are completely different but work well together. All packed in a retro-vintage, their fashion is creative and inspiring. For the scarf above, we suggest teaming it with some warm oranges and deep greens. We love that Gucci enables you to take fashion risks rather than playing it safe all the time.

3. Louis Vuitton Windsor Pearl Earrings Bow Gold

best fall accessories, fall accessories, top fall accessories

Credit: Louis Vuitton

These stunning Louis Vuitton pearl earrings make a strong statement with any outfit they’re teamed with. Decorated with gold colours and white pearls, they’re engraved in silver wings. Inspired by the Art Nouveau style, they’re one of the best fall accessories to update your wardrobe and instantly add class. Featuring a thin chain which falls delicately from the ear with a tiny leaf and Louis Vuitton circle at its tip, these earrings are the epitome of luxury. Founded in 1854 in Paris, Louis Vuitton expresses values, a rigorous spirit and a unique heritage. Its boldness and creations make it a high-demand brand around the world. With numerous fashion elements, leather goods, accessories and jewelry, you can’t go wrong with fall accessories from this luxury brand.

The brand leaves their mark with innovative designs which have easily made it legendary. The brand welcomes clients into a world which reflects its strong values and class. From looking at these earrings above, it’s evident to see that they’re inspired by the soul of travelling. Always boldly choosing designs, shapes and combining a variety of textures, Louis Vuitton never hides away from their values and vision. It’s one of the world’s most notable brands which isn’t going anyway anywhere soon. Although the brand is most known for its leather goods, they sell some of the best fall accessories around the world. Complete your cozy look with the Gucci scarf above for a glamorous style any time of the day or night.

4. UGG Australia Women’s Carnagie Boots

best fall accessories, fall accessories, top fall accessories

Australian World War 1 pilots wore sheepskin boots to keep warm and prevent frostbite during unpressurized flights with high altitudes. The pilots named these as “flying uggs” (short for “ugly”). Little did they know that these would become a brand and confidently place itself in the fashion world as one of the best footwear brands in the world. Doug Otto soon stepped in to develop a niche in the footwear market. His company developed successful products and he saw potential in sheepskin boots. However, at this point, sheepskin and fleece were expensive materials to manufacture. But, he remained committed to the idea. In 1995, Deckers purchased the UGG boot design.

These UGG boots feature a functional rear D-ring construction and 7mm sheepskin cuff lining. Featuring sheepskin and nubuck, they’re comfortable to wear for hours without irritating your feet. Also, they’ll keep you warm and snug during the fall season.

With UGG being a special and popular brand, its prone to replicas. However, always examine the boots if you’re suspicious and don’t purchase them directly from UGG. If the stitching on the boot is uneven or some stitches are missing, your shoes could be a counterfeit. Also, the sole should feature a thick, but pliable sole so you can comfortably move around in them. On the positive side, these boots make the best fall accessories to not only look cozy, but keep you warm and healthy in cold weather conditions. Ensure you treat the exterior boot surface with a waterproof protector. Spray a coat on your boots and allow them to dry for at least one day. Lightly brush them with a suede brush in one direction. This will help to remove any stains and prevent damage.

5. Valentino Rockstud Leather Boots

best fall accessories, fall accessories, top fall accessories

Valentino’s studded leather boots are popular all year round, especially during fall. Their rockstud boots are a popular iconic accessory and worn by a variety of influential people – including Reese Witherspoon. Teamed with everything from shorts, to red carpet dresses to casual ripped jeans, they’re one of the best fall accessories you can purchase. Many assume their popularity is down to a killer combination of a timeless quality with an edge vibe which makes a subtle statement. The brand’s principal focuses on fashion to celebrate female forms. With the rising success of the ‘60’s full-length gowns and skirts, Valentino wanted to head in another direction against the latest trends. Featuring red being the signature colour, black and white garments complemented this bold shade perfectly.

With over 45 years in business, Valentino provides a brand which is well-known for the sophistication and elegance of its creations. The brand creates an upper-end of the fashion and luxury market. Also, they offer ready-to-wear designer collections and everyday ensembles no matter your lifestyle or preferences. Today, it’s a recognized brand which isn’t afraid to push fashion boundaries. Launching youthful, eccentric designs, it’s fashion-forward, contemporary and challenging all at the same time. But, the brand isn’t afraid to combine romantic and dreamy with edge and glamour. This fearless approach is what the brand is most recognized for. Update your footwear wardrobe with these stunning rock boots which will complete transform any outfit.

6. Rebel Tote

best fall accessories, fall accessories, top fall accessories

Credit: Jimmy Choo

This Rebel Tote bag comes in a grey suede which is practical, stunning and elegant all at the same time. The spacious interior features two large compartments and a central zipped pocket. Consequently, you can store your daily essentials, whilst the slip pocket safely stores your mini-essentials. It’s the perfect bag and one of the best fall accessories for the modern women who is constantly on the go. Priding themselves on being a fashion accessories brand, Jimmy Choo prides itself on their sense of glamour throughout all of their products - especially their bags. With a daring and playful spirit, no two of their accessories are the same.

Their fashionable design and exceptional craftsmanship produces a sophisticated appearance which lead to their immediate success. With a goal to create a global luxury brand, Jimmy Choo attracts clients and customers from all walks of life and all regions of the globe. To this current day, Jimmy Choo remains a complete luxury accessories brand. With shoes, perfume and bags at the core of their products, they never seize to amaze people with their creative and luxury results.

As soon as we saw this fall handbag, we instantly fell in love with its charisma. Not only is it the perfect size for your essentials, whilst remaining a practical size, its baby shade and texture makes it the perfect asset for fall fashion.

What Are Your Best Fall Accessories?

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the best fall accessories available on the Internet right now. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to shy away from high-shine fabrics. Catwalks are rocking vinyl, latex, plastic and leather like never before. Offer some vibrancy and a subversive edge to your wardrobe with bold colours too.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it to spread the word with other fashion addicts. We’d also love to hear about some of the best fall accessories you own or admire. Share your thoughts and fashion tips in the comments to keep this conversation ongoing.

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