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The Best GPS Brands to Keep You On The Right Track Wherever You Drive

There are many great ways to install the best GPS brands into your auto.

But each device from the best GPS brands is made differently, even if their capabilities seem similar. There are some built for budget conscious drivers. These, however, might not have the free maps and other clever functions of more expensive models. Then there are the costly options with high quality materials and stunning visual displays. 

Regardless of how much you want to spend, there's probably a perfect option among the best GPS brands. We'll take a look at some of the leading contenders in the market. And you can judge their capabilities against your own demands or desires. We think you'll find the right match for your driving habits somewhere in the list below.

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Choosing the Best GPS Brands for Your Automotive Needs

There are plenty of companies vying for your business. But do you know which are the most reliable? How about the models with the most functions? Then take into consideration factors like size and ease of installation. The best GPS brands offer a wide range of features to make your commute safer and more enjoyable. Find out how in the reviews of some of our favorites below.

1. Magellan Roadmate RV 9490T-LMB

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We often think of the best GPS brands as existing in the realm of commuter vehicles. But these devices can aid in fleet vehicles and even among those who love recreational vehicles. And if you regularly travel by RV, here's an option that can make your outing much smoother. Plus, there is an option to switch from RV to car mode so you can use it no matter what you drive.

Start with a large seven inch touch screen display. The view is clear and hardware is immediately responsive to input from the user. Among the specific benefits for RV users is the option to customize your travel route. This will allow the GPS unit to identify types of roads and maneuvers that are hard to pull off in an RV. So you won't have to worry about U turns, dirt roads or other places that might be treacherous. Get specific information about places of interest and landmarks on your journey. Plus, stay clear of speed traps and other hazards with warnings when you speed and alerts for traffic cameras.

You'll also have access to some incredible features in addition to mere navigation. First of all, you can easily find the nearest location to park your RV. These selections will include RV parks, big box stores like Walmart, and places to dump your waste. Among the other options are weather forecasts and displays of the best fuel deals in the area. You can update the content in real time or do it before a trip for quicker access. There's much more that will probably come in handy as you're piloting your recreational vehicle. And it's as easy as a switch to transform it into car mode. Then you'll have all the information and insight you need to revolutionize your daily commute.

2. Garmin Drive & Traffic

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Want all the bells and whistles to be included in your next navigation unit? This device from Garmin might just have you covered. First of all, it is available in different sizes. So if you have a compact car or a crowded dash, pick the smaller dimensions. But in a large SUV or sedan, you might opt for the larger 6.95 inch display. And when you start to engage with the device, you'll see what really makes it shine.

Begin with the clear display, no matter which size screen you choose to purchase. And there are incredible maps of just about anywhere you'd hope to travel across North America. Find realistic looking features on the maps, including three dimensional architecture. Plus, you'll never get stuck in unexpected traffic again. There is a traffic update feature that gives you all the information about the road ahead. All the maps update for free. With built in Wi-Fi connectivity, you don't even need to hook your device up to a computer to refresh. The directions you'll receive are also easy to follow. Instead of relying only on street names that can be hard to read, listen for landmarks. 

And if you're interested in getting off the beaten path, there are options to spice up your trip a bit. One of our favorite features is a partnership between the History network and Garmin. This design will allow you to catch a glimpse of historical sites nearby. And in addition to national parks or other great destinations, you'll also get reviews. That comes from integration from services including Foursquare and TripAdvisor. Best of all, each of the features is easy to learn and simple to operate. Choose a voice activated command option to maintain a hands free operation as you drive. Whether you want to remain safe and on the right track or just want more fun on the road, check it out. Book a hotel or a restaurant reservation while you're at it. And if you hook up your smartphone, you can check texts and calls in real time.

3. TomTom Go 620

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TomTom also has a remarkable history of making great consumer GPS products. And if you've used this company's auto navigation products, you probably know how effective they are. But this one rises through the ranks to become one of the all time best GPS brands. It all starts with the maps, as with any great navigation unit.

In this case, you'll get free map updates for life. And that even includes maps worldwide, so you can travel internationally with no worries. Another free feature is live traffic updates available through your connected smart device. This product is also compatible with many apps and services that will really enhance your road trips. Use Siri or Google Now voice commands right there from your driver's seat. Plus, with your smartphone integrated, you can take or make calls without using your hands. Get other important texts and updates without missing a beat. Keep your eyes on the road where they belong, but you won't miss a thing while you're driving.

The smart features only get smarter from there. Cloud storage gives you access to the My Drive system. Among the clever options is a lane guidance alert that helps you stay in your lane while you drive. You'll also get updated information for your safety camera. The six inch screen also shows speed zones and limits to keep you safely traveling any roads. Easily install your GPS unit wherever you find it most convenient. The whole process is made even more user friendly with a magnetic mounting system. You can plan out your route before you ever set out on the road. Using your My Drive capabilities, you can put all the relevant info into your unit from your phone. Then when you get in the car and press the gas, your TomTom Go 620 will be ready for you.

4. ‚ÄčKenwood Excelon

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If you're shopping for the best GPS brands, chances are you want a great navigation unit. And all of the options on our list will provide just that. But maybe you want a little more to keep the ride entertaining. In that case, we recommend shopping a brand with a long history of excellent car audio performance.

This Kenwood option includes a lot more than just state of the art navigation. But you can certainly count on that, too. The screen is easy to use and displays with great clarity. Never struggle to figure out how to operate this system to find the right route for any trip. So if you crave some high tech assistance in the car with you, it's a great option.

Then there is the audio performance. Whether you're streaming content from your smartphone or tuned to the radio, it's all stunning. The clear, rich tones come through just as they were meant to. Ride in safety and style with this innovative device that turns the typical GPS device on its ear.

5. Garmin DriveSmart 61

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We'll end our list with another Garmin product, since it remains a clear industry leader. And this one is among the most advanced devices currently on the market. It's clear that Garmin is among the best GPS brands available. But the DriveSmart 61 provides some features you might not expect.

Let's start with the basics. You can easily install this product in virtually any automobile. And from the time you get it out of the box, it is just about ready to go. After a short setup time, you can get started exploring the capabilities. 

Naturally, the navigation and directions capabilities are among the best out there. And easy connectivity to you smartphone means hands free calls and texts keep you safer behind the wheel. Want some recommended restaurants nearby? Just ask and you'll find a list of helpful hints. Plus, it just plain looks good. The sleek, styling display is made of high quality products with expert construction. From minivan to luxury sedan, this product looks great and offers invaluable assistance on the road.

If you're looking for the best GPS brands, the number of options might seem overwhelming.

There are several great brands, and many incredible products coming out of each company. So sorting through the capabilities to pick the right one for you can take some research. But we've selected five top performers that we believe meet a wide range of needs and desires.

We hope our guide has helped narrow down your search. If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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