The Best GPS Cases To Protect Against Accidental Damage Right Now

GPS Navigation Systems can slip, fall, or get damaged accidentally. 

There are times when you wish you were more careful with your GPS navigation system. A slight slip of the hand and your GPS could be partially or fully damaged, never to function the same way again. As it is an integral part of your daily routine, you need to protect the device with the best GPS cases.

If you are a regular user of the GPS, then you know it needs even more care while in use. The best GPS cases can protect your gadget from mishaps. Check out our list of some of the best GPS cases for your navigation system today.

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The ​Top ​GPS Cases for​ Your GPS

These cool GPS cases are designed to protect your trusty directional gadget from any damage. No matter which brand you currently own, there is something for everyone.

1. RiderMount ​Sunshade

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

Moving to new places is tough if you don’t have a GPS navigation system.  It's a trusted and helpful tool for finding your way around. But, it's not just about maintaining it, but that it survives in any weather. That’s the reason you need a well-mounted RiderMount waterproof sunshade to keep your GPS firmly in place.

It comes with a built-in sunshade to view the navigation system even in bright light. Another advantage is that in the event of rain or snow, the waterproof zip is ideal. Of course, with the sunshade on top, connecting a cable might be difficult hence the cable port at the bottom. The handlebar is strong and steady. It also comes with a swivel ball.

2. Garmin ​Universal Carrying Case

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

This Garmin carrying case is perfect for when you need to take your GPS along in your backpack. It is made of premium material, which means that if you have many things in your bag, the navigation system won't become dented or dinged. Thus, if you are worried that a sharp object might hurt the buttons or interface, then the Garmin case is an ideal fit.

This gadget comes with scratch-resistance tokeep the outer surface intact. For a GPS that is about five or six inches, this is one of the best GPS cases. If you want a quick look or access to the GPS, then you can use the comfortable velcro strap to secure it.

3. Polar ​Gift Box Bundle

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

If you are busy shopping for a suitable gift for someone special, this Polar M600 gift box bundle is ideal. It comes with the GPS Sports watch protective band, hard carrying case, and car and wall charger adapters. Because there is a heart rate monitor to track fitness goals, it goes well to carry the hard case with wherever you go.

With the waterproof fitness tracker, you can carry on your work without any interruption. Also, the hard case lends a classic look without being over the top. Not only does it give a protective covering, it also keeps the gift bundle amazingly new and clean at all times.

And if you are gifting it to someone you know, it comes with the assurance of excellent quality, high performance, and a sleek look. You'll also receive a black box with a red bow, making it the perfect gifting case.

4. TomTom ​Case

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

If you are on the lookout for a GPS Navigation System along with the case, then you must explore this TomTom product. It is one of the best GPS cases that comes with some of the best features and map navigation functions. Additionally, it has free lifetime map updates.

If you wish to keep any six-inch device, this can be a good substitute case. And since most GPS devices come in that size, it is one of the best GPS cases to carry along on most journeys. Besides, the GPS comes along with one-hour of autonomous operation, making it a stress-free trip.

5. AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

For those who like to shop gadgets and accessories, this is one offer you must consider. The Amazon Basics Universal Travel case comes in a pack of ten. So, if you plan to buy for the whole family, this is a cost-effective solution.

It comes with a robust outside cover and a durable exterior to keep electronics safe inside. The interior is made of soft cotton jersey fabric for that comfortable movement. And this also ensures the devices don’t get scratched even if many devices are together. Once you open it, there are many slots to keep several devices secure.

Being small, it is travel-friendly and can be carried comfortably without any hassle.  If you would rather carry small accessories in one of the best GPS cases rather than in the pocket, then be sure to check this Amazon Basics case.

6. Rand McNally

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

If you drive trucks or heavy vehicles, then a GPS is your companion for long journeys. It guides, monitors, and also lets you carefully navigate the road. However, among all things, it has to be secure. ​

This can be done when you have a strong protective GPS case like the Rand McNally case. As one of the best GPS cases, it comes with a divider where you can neatly place the GPS.

Furthermore, it protects the surface from wear and tear. Because it comes with a hard case, it protects the internal system. Also, the interiors have internal pockets for storage. When on the road, the carabiner clip lets you easily carry the case even in rough conditions. This makes for easy portability for a device that is compatible with most Rand McNally devices.

7. Garmin ​Carrying Case

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

A Garmin GPS goes well with an equally well-suited Garmin case. If you do possess the Garmin GPS 4 inch navigation system, then this case is ideal. It comes with durable leather to prevent scratches. With the elastic side-panels, you get one of the most compact and best GPS cases for your system.

Besides, if you plan to carry along some extra accessories, there is a slot to fit in small items. It could be an SD card or anything you need along with the Garmin navigation system.

8. ​​Day Tripper ​GPS Bag

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

For a feminine look and one of the best GPS cases, the Day Tripper is an ideal choice. It is a small, sleek bag which comes with a zipper. Despite its seemingly small size, it can carry your GPS case conveniently and has space to store headphones or other small items. The short handle lets you carry the bag easily.

If you don’t like carrying heavy and bulky bags, then the Day Tripper makes for a good companion on your journey. Take along all your accessories in this stylish, yet classy, case. It also makes a beautiful gift for others to cherish.

​9. ​GPS Carrying Case

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

An all-in-one travel case makes for one of the best GPS cases.  If you have multiple devices for your car, then this is something you should try out.

It comes with a large enough case to hold GPS systems, chargers, cables, and small items. Because it is shock-proof and water-resistant, it can be taken along for all weather conditions. 

A six or seven inch GPS will most likely fit in neatly. You will not have to struggle with it. Even on long journeys, the internal straps hold the device in place. And with little effort of choosing the best GPS cases, you don’t have to worry about scratches or damages.

​10. ​​Tuff-luv 3 in 1 Combo

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

The Tuffluv silicon skin case is what you need for your navigation system. Go on hikes, rides, or try new terrains without worrying about the road. The sturdy skin case wraps around the bike navigation system without any gaps, leaving it tight and secure.

Best of all, it does not interfere with other Bluetooth devices you might have. All you have to do is mount it on the handlebar, and it will comfortably align as you move. With the key, it aligns to any angle. ​

Moreover, this device also comes with a lifetime warranty. It securely keeps the GPS in place. Even the free LCD screen protects the screen against daily usage and scratches.

​11. ​TOPEPOP GPS Carrying Case

best GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

If you are used to be on the road for days together, you need one of the best GPS cases to carry along. Another all-purpose GPS carrying case is the Topepop carrying case. While it looks heavy-duty, it is lightweight. At the same time, it is stable and secure. You'll find two-zips for smooth movement. 

Because this case comes with a spacious interior, you can fit other small items with it too. And the individual compartments give enough room to keep the devices separately.

Also, the cleaning cloth that comes along with this pack makes for a right combination for tidying up when on the road. Besides, the material is shockproof, moisture proof, waterproof, and anti-static, which makes it great for carrying in any condition.

​12. ​HOLACA ​Silicone Case GPS cases, top GPS cases, cool GPS cases

When you have a portable GPS navigation system, then you need an equally good product from the best GPS cases. Iit’s for this reason that Holaca comes with a protective waterproof silicone case. It is ideally for Samsung SmartThings tracker. However, if you do have a similarly small GPS device, you might want to check if this is suitable.

The silicone case does not allow water to enter. Even still, the signal strength does not get weak when in the bag. Another advantage of the silicon case is that dust or dirt does not settle on it, keeping it clean for long periods of time.

These are some of the best GPS cases to secure your navigation system today.

They promise to keep your GPS systems of every size in good condition. While you might have different needs, we hope these best GPS cases will let you navigate your way through any terrain.

Do you use any of the best GPS cases for your systems? Share your experience with us in the comments! And, do share this list with your family and friends to make the best choice!

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