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Find the Best GPS Holder to Match Your Needs & Your Car’s Style Today

It's easier than ever to find a great GPS navigation device for your car.

Whether it's the app on your smartphone or a dedicated third party product, it can revolutionize your drive. But what about displaying it in your car. Aside from a costly professional dashboard installation, you could find the best GPS holder for your auto.

Whatever it is you choose to use when you're in the driver's seat, installation is essential. You want to make sure it's as flexible as you require while remaining rigidly in place. Look for a design that will keep your navigation unit secure no matter what the journey brings. From speed bumps to sudden stops, don't waste your money on something that will send your device flying.

You might be picturing a standard and unflattering base to secure your navigation unit. But manufacturers are ahead of the curve and making some of the most clever products imaginable. Whether you want to securely place your unit on the dash or in a cup holder, the choices are numerous. And we've taken the initiative to narrow down the field to some of the highest quality contenders. The choices below all perform their tasks as described. Plus, each one secures your GPS device in a slightly different way. So find the one that will work seamlessly with your interior. Then you can purchase the best GPS holder for you and your passengers.

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The Best GPS Holder for Autos of All Types

If you frequently travel in new places or just want to stay connected on the road, GPS navigation is essential. And there are plenty of ways to tap into that capability while behind the wheel these days. But you also need to consider safety and convenience. That's where the best GPS holder for your situation will serve an important function. You'll be able to keep your device in just the right spot to view and reach it when necessary. 

No matter what you drive, chances are the right navigation system can boost your commute. These devices can make the drive safer, more entertaining, or both. And many of the most powerful features are available for free in the standard smartphone. Then there are some seriously clever devices that can provide so much more functionality. But either way, you'll still need to find the best GPS holder to make it all work correctly. So keep reading for some of the industry's top contenders. We'll let you know exactly what makes each one stand out from the pack.

1. Flexible Steel Seat Rail or Floor Mount

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We'll start our list of the best GPS holder styles with a very secure model. This one features a goose neck extension that will hook to your front passenger seat belt. All it takes is three small holes for the screws to keep this item in place. And your GPS navigation unit will fit securely in the base for easy access. Make sure your device is compatible with the holder. But if it is, you'll have plenty of options for making it your own.

One of our favorite features of this mount is the fact that it can end with a display wherever you want it. Though it is designed to be secured to the belt, you can affix the goose neck to adjust in any direction. Or if you prefer to drill, you can make the base almost anywhere you want. The extender is a foot and a half long, so there's plenty of room to work with. A final option includes adding a suction cup that will display your GPS from the interior of the windshield. However you situate it, you'll find your navigation device is snugly and securely displayed where you need it.

2. Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

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Prefer to use just your smartphone's GPS capabilities? Well, as it turns out you're in luck. A wide range of companies are producing some great options. One of our favorites among the best GPS holder brands is this cup holder mount. For starters, you'll have a long, adjustable neck like in our previous entry. 

But you might find the installation much easier. In fact, all you need to do is insert the base into a standard cup holder and then twist to tighten it. It can fit in almost any opening -- from under 2 inches to more than 4 inches. So chances are whatever cup holders your car has will fit this product. Of course, it will depend on how your interior console is designed. But if you can find an unobstructed path from your cup holder to the proper display of your GPS, give it a shot. We think it's a simple, effective and elegant solution for your navigation display.

3. Windshield Dashboard Car Mount

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Here's a very popular and quite easy to understand option. And of many drivers, the simplest option might be the best GPS holder on the market. This one works with the Tom Tom navigation system, so make sure yours is compatible before purchasing. But it does fit your device, you'll have easy access to it after installing this strong suction cup.

And there are other options, too. You can similarly affix this mount to a dashboard base that uses friction to adhere. Additional options include using a mount to your car's air vent or cup holder. There's even an option that allows you to install it into your lighter socket with a helpful adapter.

4. Car Air Vent Phone Holder Mount

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There are several great options for those drivers who want to mount a GPS unit to their car air vents. And this is one of our top rated choices in that segment. For starters, it is very simple to operate. Simply find the place you'd like to install and clip the base to your vent with sturdy accessories. 

From there, you can adjust the display to show exactly where you want to see it. And since almost any vehicle will have vents in a convenient location, it works in many circumstances. After it's attached, you can even have the option to swivel the best GPS holder with air vent clips. Your unit will be close to your hands and line of vision to decrease possible distractions. And with a display up front and in the center, it's a great way to make your ride a breeze.

5. GPS Lighter Socket Mount with Power Dongle

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Some of the options on our list attempt to be a universal fit for your navigation device. But the best GPS holder for you might be more specialized. And of those options, here's one that can fit directly into your lighter socket. It will really depend on where these outlets are located in your particular vehicle. But if you have one in a handy place, you can attach your navigation unit directly.

That way you'll not only have a conveniently placed product, it will be hooked up to plenty of power. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a second input. That means you'll still be able to use your power port for another electronic product while you're driving. Of course, you won't have the most secure setup available. Since the entire mount is as small as a lighter socket, it can be hard to have the same sturdy base. But if you don't mind a little sway, it might be the most appropriate place to hook up your unit.

6. Weighted Friction Dash Mount

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Some cars have bigger dashboards than others. And if you've got plenty of room to use, this is a seriously worthwhile option. For starters, it's ridiculously easy to install and operate. Just pick a convenient spot on the dash and you'll be ready to get started. The weighted base will keep it firmly planted where you place it. Plus, the friction created by the materials used will further resist movement even in frantic traffic.

Another great reason to consider this type of base is to cut down on potential view obstruction. As a matter of fact, some jurisdictions have made suction cup mounted holders illegal on windshields. So keep your navigation device handy and displayed conveniently at all times. And find out why this might be the best GPS holder you can get for your vehicle.

A variety of options await anyone shopping for the best GPS holder to install in a vehicle.

And just as each type of automobile is different, there are corresponding models to assist. Whether you want to drill a few holes for a permanent solution or quickly install in a cup holder, you're in luck. We've found the designs we believe offer the most innovative and useful solutions to a common automotive issue.

We hope our guide has helped make shopping for the best GPS holder a bit easier. If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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