The Best Home Safe Brands to Consider When Shopping for Security

When you are looking to strengthen your security with a home safe, you want to make sure you are getting a quality product from a quality brand.

The best home safe brands are not typically household names, unlike the best computer brands, car brands, or other more commonly used products. When it comes to security and safety, brands tend to let their equipment speak for themselves. Another reason you might not immediately recognize the names of the best home safe brands is because the business is changing. In decades past, word-of-mouth referrals or some shopkeeper would be your main source of information. Now, with the internet and cheaper shipping options, the whole world is at your disposal.

So, if you are looking to do some research on the best home safe brands before you beef up your home security, we’ve got your back. Look for our product guide about the best home safes you can find, and our explainer about why you might need one for your home. What’s interesting, is that some of these brands aren’t known, primarily, for making safes. This likely means that the best home safe brands are the ones that have the ability to market and sell these products. Whether or not they purchase safes from a third-party manufacturer or produce them on their own isn’t always readily clear. Yet, based on reviews from experts and actual customers, these are the home safe brands people are happiest with.

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The Best Home Safe Brands for Security

Once you've decided to take the plunge and purchase a safe, you'll find many options at your disposal. Carefully consider the following brands for an investment that will last a lifetime.

1. Adir Office

Adair Office is not primarily a safe company, but rather one that manufacturers and sells a wide variety of office products. From suggestion boxes to hanging file racks to bookshelves, you can outfit your office entirely from Adir Office products if you wanted to.

While they’ve been around for some time, the company began when the founders tried to outfit their first office. Shocked at how expensive it was, they discovered there wasn’t much competition amongst office supply manufacturers. So, their business model is to introduce quality products at a low price point, and one of the markets they’ve identified are home and office safes.

What makes them one of the best home safe brands is that all of their products are meticulously engineered by their research and development staff. Their safes are tested repeatedly, and thus they are able to deliver a reliable product. They have locations in Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. They also have two locations in New York, and you can find their products through online retailers.

2. Amazon Basics

When it comes to quality, proven home safe manufacturers, it might seem strange to include a brand that didn’t exist more than a decade ago and from a website that got its start selling books. Yet, in the past ten years, Amazon went from being primarily a media sales company to permanently altering the way consumers buy goods. Because of their variety of products and services, they are effectively driving the decline of the entire retail shopping industry.

One way they are continuing to innovate is by creating their own versions of best-selling products. What makes Amazon Basics one of the best home safe brands is that it’s backed by the powerhouse that is At best, they are innovating and designing magnificent products. At worst, they are copying the best products on the market and putting their own name on it. Either way, you are sure to get a workable, affordable product with a warranty and refund guarantee.

3. Barska

This is another one of the best home safe brands whose business is not primarily making safes. The company got its start in Pomona, California with a focus on optics for outdoor use, like binoculars, rifle scopes, and others. As they’ve grown, they’ve expanded their business to include lights, tactical gear, metal detectors, and safes.

The products are designed by Barska and third-party manufacturers make the components using their specifications. This allows them to quickly adapt their products, implementing new technology or circumventing supply issues.

Their products are used in over 40 different countries, and you can find them in brick-and-mortar or online-only stores. They offer a variety of safe options, including some that use biometric data for the locking mechanism. From small lockboxes to giant vaults, they likely have a safe to meet your needs.

4. Langria

Even though it’s not quite the same as a conversation piece coffee table nor a delightful breakfast nook, a home safe is a home furnishing. So, it makes sense that Langria, a company that wants to outfit your entire home with their products, also makes home safes.

Like most modern furniture companies, their goal is to provide high-quality items at a low price point. However, they also wanted to give their customers plenty of options that won’t make the style of the house look like a cluttered mess.

While they don’t offer an extensive variety of options, what they do have makes them one of the best home safe brands. If your needs don’t extend beyond something as simple as a case with a lock or a safe deposit box about the size of a microwave, Langria offers a quality, affordable option.

5. SentrySafe

Finally, we’ve come to a brand that focuses just on home safes and other similar products. Their origins date back to 1930, today they are affiliated with Master Lock, one of the reasons they are one of the best home safe brands on the market. An American company, they currently boast that their products are sold in more than 54 countries.

Along with home safes, Sentry Safe makes a number of other security products. They have fireproof items, such as filing cabinets and chests that can withstand blazing temperatures. They also make security storage containers of various sizes. If you want your safe to come from a company that focuses just on these sort of products, this is a brand you should consider.

6. Stalwart

Stalwart is one of the best home safe brands, but it just a small piece of a much larger brand empire. Owned by Trademark Global, LLC, a corporation out of Lorain, Ohio, this is a brand used for tools, work lights, and cargo management as well. Essentially, this company is a corporation that finds products for both traditional retail stores like JC Penny and e-commerce retailers like Amazon or Wayfair.

To that end, they offer a unique variety of home safe products. They sell traditional home safes, including one in bright colors in case you want your home safe to pop. They also offer lock boxes and biometric safes, and even a tricky lock-box that looks like a very boring book. You can find their products at most major big box stores or major e-commerce retailers.

7. Steelwater

If you’ve heard of Steelwater, you likely know them not as one of the best home safe brands but rather one of the premiere makers of gun safes. Safes specifically designed for firearms are best used just for that purpose. However, with 22 years of experience in the field, it only makes sense that they would branch out.

They offer home and office safes, including wall safes that can be used for either handguns or other important items. Unlike many of these other companies, they also handle sales directly. This allows them to invest more time and resources in making their products, while still keeping the price competitive.

They do partner with some e-commerce sites, like Amazon, but they are only facilitating the sale. If you want a more personal transactional experience, Steelwater might be for you.

8. Slypnos

While experience is desirable in a brand, especially for something as important as a safe, it’s not everything. Some people prefer brands that are just starting out, either because they like to get in on the ground floor or simply for adventure’s sake.

For these shoppers, Slypnos is perfect. An e-commerce company based out of China, Shenzen Yufeng E-commerce Co., Ltd, they also want to help create some competition in the office supply field.

And, just like Adir Office, they also offer a line of safes, security deposit boxes, and fire-proof cabinets. Their desks and cabinets evoke a minimalist style, making them not just one of the best home safe brands but one you should consider for designing your office. They only offer one option at the moment, a small safe suitable for jewels, cash, or important documents. Still, the brand is only a little more than a year old, so more options should be forthcoming. 

The best home safe brands don’t have to be storied vaultmakers from 100 years ago, and the field of competition is very diverse.

Some brands spend tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars promoting themselves and their products. When it comes to a niche market like home safes, however, mostly brands prefer to let the products speak for themselves. With no trade press shows or cable news panel segments about “safe futures,” all they can rely on is their work. Word-of-mouth and, today, user reviews online are some of the only “press” they get. Thus, they are determined to make sure that as many customers as possible have positive experiences with their products or the company. 

What do you think? Did we miss any of the best home safe brands? Share your thoughts, reactions, and experiences in the comments below. If you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to share it on social media, so your friends can get in on the conversation.

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