The Best Laptop Bags for Secure Carrying of Your Device Today

Laptops give us access to unlimited knowledge, information, and entertainment. That’s why it’s essential to secure the device with the best laptop bags.

Even the most robust laptops go through occasional wear and tear over time. That’s hard to control. However, what is undoubtedly in your control is the ability to reduce any anticipated damage or accident to the laptop. For instance, you might travel long distances or occasionally take the laptop out on errands. Every time, you need one of the best laptop bags to safely secure the laptop to avoid even so much as a scratch on your favorite device.

The best laptop bags are known to have a functional design and features to ensure the laptop is kept well in any weather and condition. Thereby, you don’t end up worried or anxious about the loss of a valuable laptop. We'll walk you through some of the best laptop bags on the market that you should consider investing in.

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Best Laptop Bags

The Best Laptop Bags for You to Try Today

Now, not all laptop bags might be a perfect fit for your computer. You have to take into consideration some things like the space inside the bag, the laptop size, the number of pockets, and also the usability and durability. We have selected some of the top laptop bags for you to secure your gadget. Read on to know more.

1. Bopai Laptop Bag

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If you are looking for a sleek, modern and stylish laptop bag that’s highly functional, then the Bopai laptop bag is what you need to watch. With its separate compartments, you can keep the laptop in the inside case and also neatly organize your daily essentials in the outer zip. Besides, there are side pockets on either side. One is to keep a water bottle, and the other is made to let your sunglasses sit in comfortably.

Also, there is an invisible card pocket in the left shoulder strap, making it easy to access your frequently used currencies quickly. Another advantage, is that your 15-inch laptop is best suited for this laptop case and remains safe in rain with the sturdy, water-resistant synthetic material that comprises the laptop bag.

There is also the USB charging port outside the bag, along with the cable. However, there is no power bank to go along with it. A security pocket safely guards your phone or any small article on the back, which is especially good for easy access when you’re traveling and don’t want to keep opening the main compartment.

2. Streeter Laptop Bag

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If you believe in working just a bit while on vacation, then this Streeter Commuter backpack is what you need for your laptop. Take it along with you for a 20% wider strap and shoulder protection. This reduces any stress on your shoulder and back. If you are traveling in hilly terrain, then the pocket design keeps your little items in good condition without any shock or negative impact.

Take it along with you for a hike, adventure sports or for a long ride on your cycle. The inner case makes for a comfortable stay for your laptop without having to adjust. And, if you have any light clothes to carry along, it can fit in the space. Besides, the anti-theft magnetic buckles are waterproof and keep your personal belongings safe.

The professional look is an add-on and gives a touch of glamour whenever you take it along. Thus it is even suitable for women. This is a great product to have for the price as compared to similar laptop bags of the same quality. If a professional trip is on your schedule sometime soon, then take time to consider this as a preferred choice.

3.  eBags Laptop Bag

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For those of us who are always on the move and love to have all things ready in our bag, then this eBags option is perfect. It reduces the stress of having to remove your belongings for every trip. Of course, that’s not to say that it's not for office goers or young college students. Rather, it is one of the best laptop bags for all your laptop needs.

Take along your 17-inch laptop smoothly placed in the bag with its separate compartment. And, if you have some printouts to go along with it, then you don’t have to cramp them in with the laptop. The separate tablet sleeve lets you keep the printouts separate from the laptop, thereby allowing the essential documents to be intact without any folds.

The internal organizer makes it easy to carry your passport, keys, pen, cable cord and wires. And, if you still have to take a few more things, there is easy access to a small pocket that has a removable adaptable garage. If you are worried if the best laptop bag works vertically or horizontally. then you’ll be delighted to know that it works well with the trolley handle pass through with hassle. Furthermore, the security is robust with the lock facility. All in all, it is adaptable and practical.

4.  Victorinox Laptop Bag

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As one who is used to rough usage of the best laptop bags, your search will always be for the most durable and long lasting bag. The Victorinox laptop bag is one such bag that will live up to its promise of being tough yet durable.

It is designed with a padded rear compartment perfect for a 17-inch laptop. And if you are a gadget lover, then there is a further advantage if you purchase this bag. Not only does it hold your laptop, but it also gives you adequate space to carry along an iPad, tablet, or eReader.

Additionally, if you suffer from shoulder pain from regular laptop travel, then the flexible shoulder bag is a blessing. With the padded back panel, it gives you the ideal comfort you’d expect from some of the best laptop bags in the market. We like how the four zippered pockets and organizational panel make it easy for you to carry along an umbrella or bottle.

5.  S​wissgear Laptop Bag

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Here’s one of the best laptop bags that is ergonomically, economically and functionally designed to be a class apart. This Swiss Gear laptop bag comes with a TSA friendly Scansmart laptop compartment. Your 15-inch laptop can comfortably settle in the computer sleeve without having to struggle.

With the built-in USB outlet for ready port charging, you are geared up with the right power bank (not included in the pack). The bag is a steal since it is large enough to fit a shoe compartment. And, the padded shoulder straps let you easily carry the laptop bag without any significant stress on your shoulders.

The functionality won’t disappoint you with a nice organization section. So, carry along your essentials, stack your bag with your daily gear, and get ready for a comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting laptop bag.

6. Nomatic Laptop Bag

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For those looking for better functionality than a standard laptop bag, you’ll be delighted to invest in the Nomatic laptop bag.  Not only does it work as a laptop bag, but can be extended as a suitcase as well. Easily transition from 20L capacity to 34L. Besides, it also gives you an added level of security with the exterior perimeter zipper and lockable zippers.

Feel free to carry documents and reports in the separate section for the laptop to make organization secure and comfortable. And, the outer water bottle pockets have magnetic straps that let one of the best laptop bags look sleek and classy whichever way you carry it. Along with it, the side pockets lend adequate space to take the phone, planner, notebook and your immediate essentials in a convenient manner.

If you are planning to carry along your 15-inch laptop or 12-inch tablet, then this is one of the laptop bags for men you should consider buying.

The best laptop bags are designed to lend you a helping hand in carrying all of your devices, documents, and accessories.

The best laptop bags let you choose some of the best funcitonality in the market. It not only keeps you well-organized, but also prepared for travel in a short time without any hassle.

Have you purchased a laptop bag recently? What was your experience? Share it with us in the comments! For those who are yet to decide on the best laptop bag for their laptop share this list with them!

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