The Best Lingerie Pieces for a Confidence Boost Right Now

Are you looking for a reminder of your own feminine charm?

Purchasing beautiful lingerie isn’t just for others, but to remind yourself of how beautiful and attractive you are. You’ll be surprised at how confident it can make you feel. Wearing the best lingerie pieces can give you a huge confidence boost – even though no-one else can see it. Let’s take a look at some things to consider and a handful of recommended products to purchase.

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The Best Lingerie Pieces for Any Occasion

Quality lingerie will make your clothes look better as well as make you feel good about yourself. It will also make your clothes hang better with no visible lines on the outside of your clothes. Often, with lingerie, you get what you pay for. The pricier options are often more durable and made from high-quality fabrics. We’ve narrowed down the long list of the best lingerie pieces and focused on our favourite selections.

1. ​Babydoll

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Choosing the best lingerie pieces means catering to your body, style and needs. This style of nightwear is recognized for being erotic and emphasizing sex appeal. Due to the short length, they expose your legs, but provide a loose fit between the upper thigh and belly button. With an array of different styles, some emphasize the chest area. However, you can always find a design which best suits you. With such a variety of styles, you can choose a modest or risqué look. Many are trimmed with lace, ruffles, fur, ribbons, sequins and more, though you can be as versatile as you wish. Typically made from lightweight materials such as linen, organic cotton, silk, nylon, chiffon and more, they’re comfortable and soft to the touch.

Consider your body shape when purchasing a bodysuit. Babydolls which are split down the middle hang free from the bust line. This creates an erotic effect. Those which hang free work to cover up your tummy if the fabric is opaque. Alternatively, mid-waist babydolls expose your lower body. Therefore, pick a pair of underwear which flatter your butt. If you have a small chest area, you can opt for a babydoll with no underwire. To boost your bust, opt for a style with ruffles and rushes in this area. Finally, sleeveless babydolls are more revealing as they show more skin. Halterneck styles can flatter wider shoulders, or you can choose a style with long sleeves to cover your arms.

Here are some of the best lingerie pieces for babydoll available on the internet.

Julianna Rae Babydoll

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This babydoll is beautifully elegant and luxurious. It also feels incredibly soft and sensual. Julianna Rae use a high thread count for their silk. As a result, it looks richer, fits perfectly and feels indulgent. Also, this is easy to care for and lasts longer than competitor brands. Woven exclusively for Julianna Rae, this features 100 percent natural mulberry silk. It weighs more than most lingerie silk for a richer finish and gorgeous drape. However, it’s also light enough to feel breathable and flow delicately. With proper care, this silk will age elegantly and make you feel beautiful each time you wear it.

This garment is beautiful, unique and radiating with character. Whether it’s the intricate lacing or unconventional embroidery, the fabric will drape effortlessly on your body. Julianna Rae is passionate about their designs and want to give you a confident sense of style with each of their best lingerie pieces. This garment provides room for you to move around and lounge whilst looking like it’s just skimming your body. Featuring non-binding elastics, it won’t cut into your skin or give you extra rolls.

Cosabella Women's Plus-Size Never Say Never Babydoll

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This Never Say Never babydoll is especially designed for plus-sized women and lends comfort and beauty to a fill figure. Exclusively made for sizes 12-22, it’s flattering and flirtatious at the same time. Cosabella founded in 1983 and has rapidly grown. By embracing challenges, they produce their own line of lingerie with manufacturing professionally done. Their unique colour-dyeing ability and garment creation led them to create some of the best lingerie pieces around in nearly 200 vibrant colours.

Their game-changing babydolls created an instant loyal fan base. Cosabella became an iconic brand for its American innovation and Italian artisanship. By always keeping the modern woman in mind, they aim to showcase everyone’s personal style through an array of colours and fabrics in their babydolls.

2. Laced Bras

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Bras are one of the staple pieces in lingerie. Choosing the right style and size bra is important when looking at some of the best lingerie pieces. A bra should raise your bust, as well as support it. Find the middle point between your shoulder and elbow. This is where your bra should stand out from your chest the most. Tighten the straps if it’s lower, but it shouldn’t cut into your shoulders or cause any discomfort. An underwire bra provides extra support. This type of bra is perfect if you want extra support. Alternatively, if you have a smaller bust, and want to increase your volume, opt for a padded bra with a lined cup. The lining in the cup adds size and is comfortable. This is an ideal choice if you intend to wear a tight outfit over the top.

For a bigger cleavage, you may wish to choose a push-up bra. The pads are placed at the bottom of the cups to push the breasts up for a more defined cleavage. In addition, they give a sexy effect which is ideal if you have a large chest size. You may wish to switch to a strapless bra for more practicality. These often have a plastic strip on the inside to prevent them from slipping off. If you choose the right bra size and high-quality material, they won’t slip off. There are plenty of bra styles to choose from. For example, a laced material is associated with sex appeal. They also feature statement details such as frills or even faux leather straps. With adjustable straps, they frame your breasts and show them off in a spectacular style.

Let’s take a look at some of the best bras to purchase.

Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra

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Feel beautiful-wearing lingerie, this gorgeous laced bra lifts and shapes your breasts. Soft, padded and nickel-free for optimum comfort. Wearing your perfect fit unleashes your best body. When you wear a perfect fit, you stand a little taller and feel more confident. Prima Donna bras are designed with style, comfort and style to make it one of the best-loved lingerie brands. Made from the finest materials, this lingerie collection features beautiful designs made to enhance and flatter natural curves. Made using the finest materials, this lingerie piece offers quality, luxury and attention to detail. As a result, women around the world started trusting their fit and support.

Hanky Panky Women's Signature Lace Padded Bralette

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This Hanky Panky bralette has a wide lace band below the cups. With adjustable shoulder straps, this is comfortable to wear all day, every day. Their garments are made from the best materials and chosen for their specific stretch qualities, softness and fit. Also, 100 percent of their fabrics and trims are knitted in the United States. In addition, their garments are constructed using the best methods available. For example, they use more threads and stitches per inch for a high-quality result.

We love how this bralette is sexy without trying too hard. Unlike many other lace bralettes, this is padded and provides additional support and a boost. The thin shoulder straps are comfortable and supportive which is a great asset for daily wear.

3. Bodysuits

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Bodysuits are one of the best lingerie pieces because they look sexy alone, but can also be used as layering together your wardrobe. Also, these are easier to fit than an underwired bra, not to mention they’re typically more comfortable than other lingerie pieces. If you have difficulty recognizing a bodysuit, they’re far more fitting then teddies or rompers. If they feature a built-in plunge bra with lace straps, they’ll often include a pretty lace overlay on the front. Its purpose is a very functional lingerie piece. It can also act as shapewear underwear. A bodysuit is meant to fit snuggly, and that doesn’t mean you have to be thin. One that’s too tight or doesn’t sit comfortably will be unflattering.

Ensure your bodysuit isn’t too tight as this is important for personal hygiene and means you have to constantly adjust it. You can wear a bodysuit with almost anything. This includes a pencil skirt, jeans, skinny pants or high-waisted bottoms. When you choose the right fit and colour combinations, this look is flattering for any body type. Combine with a biker jacket to embrace your edgy, sexy side. Alternatively wear alone with a pair of heels for a romantic look in the bedroom.  

A bodysuit is one of the best lingerie pieces because it screams that you’re not trying too hard. With a high-cut leg, they look great on all shapes and sizes. You can go as risqué as you want, or opt for a simple look to keep it low-key.

Xspice Women’s Bodysuit

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This unique lingerie design makes you more charming and elegant. It exaggerates your appeal and makes your body formed in all the right places. As a result, it creates a passionate night. Wearing lingerie which makes you feel glamorous will boost your confidence and self-worth. This particular bodysuit is made of high-quality floral lace mesh fabric and is thin, breathable and comfortable to wear. The bow decoration adds a little fun for a romantic night. Also, the length of the strap is easily adjusted to make the dress more comfortable and free from restrain. Show your perfect skin and curves with this open-back detail for a sexy and alluring approach.

The backless design adds the perfect finishing touch to this stretchy lengthy to help you easily move around. With no underwire or supportive features, it creates a smooth finish, which is also ideal to wear underneath clothes.

Le Mystere Women's Sophia Lace Convertible Bodysuit

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Le Mystere’s goal is to transform every woman’s life with the right lingerie. They offer the educational tools and array of sizes you need to achieve this mission. This brand also has the perfect fashion for every function. We love the above bodysuit which is perfect for lacy date-night looks and special occasions. The best lingerie pieces can truly transform your life, and this intimate apparel uses modern innovations to boost your confidence. With petal-soft microfibers, imported laces, memory foam cups and padded straps, this bodysuit is hand-crafted.

Designed to sit at the natural waist for a fit that smoothly glides over the hips, this creates a sexy silhouette. Featuring plush-lined decorative front shoulder straps, this lingerie is comfortable to move around in. Also, the four-stretch satin garters are detachable for additional comfort. With soft memory foam cups, you’ll feel supported and protected at all times. You may even wish to wear this crisscrossed for a different look.

4. Thongs

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Picking the right thong is important for the comfortability factor as well as practicality reasons. When choosing a size, treat thongs like pants. If they’re too tight, it’ll cut off your circulation. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it’ll sit above your waist line. You need to find the right balance which offers some movement, but not enough that you need to constantly adjust them. They’re one of the best lingerie pieces because they come in different styles and shapes. This includes low-rise, high-waist, hip huggers and g strings. To make the right decision for you, opt for ones which you feel most comfortable and confident in. Also, consider the fabric of your thongs. We recommend cotton mixed with nylon, lace, microfiber or lycra. Although they’re suitable for the bedroom, avoid sleeping in them as they can cause a yeast infection.

A synthetic fabric is breathable and offers an additional dryness factor. Cotton thongs cause women the most trouble as they hold moisture without allowing room for evaporation. This is what causes irritation and rubbing. Also, observe the crotch area before purchasing the thong. Ensure it’s thin as opposed to layered. Extra fabric can cause stiffening and not move with your body the way it naturally should. The thinner the material, the more comfortable and hygienic it’ll be.

Finally, understand the practicality of thongs. Though it’s sometimes to turn up the heat in the bedroom, many women like to wear thongs to avoid panty lines in skirts, dresses and pants. Also, consider the colour and pattern of your thongs. You don’t want people to see it through your clothes, so pick a colour which is invisible through your clothes. Alternatively, opt with a matching set to wear as just lingerie.

Here are some suggested thongs to purchase.

CharmLeaks Women’s Sexy Lingerie Underwear Lace Thong

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Made from 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex, these elastic waist lace briefs are comfortable and sexy. With a low-rise fit, they’re practical and virtually invisible underneath clothes. CharmLeaks always strives to provide women with stylish and charming lingerie. These lace panties feature a sexy lace back styling, and come in an array of assorted colours to match your lingerie and clothes. We also love the invisible seamless bikini underwear which is comfortable and practical. The luxuriously soft fabric and flat seam construction reduces chafing and increases comfort.

Skarlett Blue Women's Goddess Chikini Briefs

best lingerie pieces, lingerie pieces

Skarlett Blue don’t compromise sexy for comfort. Instead, they create lingerie which matches the outer you. Designed by women in NYC, they set out to create lingerie you can wear every day, because every day should feel like a special occasion. With 92 percent nylon and 8 percent spandex, these are practical and comfortable. This pack of 3 cheeky lace panties are finished with a tiny bow. With no visible panty line, these are by far a necessity for your wardrobe. As there’s no back, these are the best seamless underwear options for underneath.

Thongs have a sexy reputation because they show more skin than other underwear. Rather than coming up your bum, it helps you to explore learning your body. Whilst it’s common for some thongs to become uncomfortable, many women also wear them for comfort. You can easily move around for your daily activities, whilst feeling sexy for any bedroom action.  

5. Suspender Belt

best lingerie pieces, lingerie pieces

Credit: Wikipedia

Finally, one of our best lingerie pieces is the suspender belt. Modern style thin suspender belts typically sit above the hips. On the other hand, vintage styles sit on the waistline snugly without being too tight or lose. When it sits on the waist, your hips prevent it from slipping and keep it in place. However, its position all depends on what best suits you. With many options on how to wear a suspender belt (including underneath or on top of your underwear), it gives a smoother line when it’s worn on top of your knickers. A good quality belt will come with a choice of hook and eye fastenings to prevent rubbing and showing through your clothes.

Aside from a sexual appeal, suspender belts are a luxury undergarment designed in silk and lace to give a polished finish to your attire. The suspender is clasped from the bottom of the garter belt to the top of your stockings, securing itself around the upper thigh. It’s one of the best lingerie pieces because you can wear it anywhere. Rather than a one-off occasion, suspenders can be worn underneath a smart pencil skirt or trousers as a small indulgence. Wearing them underneath your jeans adds to a sensationally glamorous appeal.

Nancies Lingerie 10 Garter Belt with Lace

 best lingerie pieces, lingerie pieces

This Nancies suspender belt has a lace front panel and all-nylon side panels along with three hooks and eyes on each side. This 16mm waistband is soft backed for additional comfort and the 19mm wide straps with metal clasps provide a luxury finish.  

What Katie Did Maitresse Black Narrow Suspender Belt

 best lingerie pieces, lingerie pieces

Made from 100 percent polyester, this seductive little garter belt in satin is ideal for special occasions. Designed to give a smooth line under clothing, it’s luxurious and glamorous at the same time. With six adjustable metal garter clips, it’ll keep your stockings secure all day. Also, the hook and eye fastening at the back is a great detail which not only looks good, but is practical too. Mix and match with other black satin from other collections.

Wearing stockings is easy when you’ve found the perfect suspender belt for you. All of What Katie Did’s suspender belts are designed to feel as good as they look. With all-day comfort in mind, they’re practical whilst remaining stylish. In sized 8-26, you’ll find what you’re looking for from this amazing product.

What Are Some of Your Best Lingerie Pieces?

After reading through some of the best lingerie pieces, we hope you understand the advantages of choosing each one. How does wearing a great lingerie set make you feel? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experience, so be sure to comment to keep this conversation going.

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